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In today's CMU Daily:
- Police chase Bobby Brown
- Beyonce dominates at Billboard awards
- Darkness to play T in the Park
- Reports released on shooting at Spector's home
- BRMC to tour with CTC
- Claudia to get own BBC show
- Rising school girl star signs to EMI
- Insiders question Beckham's management decision
- Duran Duran announce UK dates
- Mani to guest with OCS following bassist's departure
- Love's debut solo album due for radio play
- Live Review: Muse At Brighton Centre
- Kelly says Ozzy is recovering
- Celeb wedding update
- Robbie plans to reinvent himself
- Westlife want to be around forever 
- Timberlake on quitting - and just how rubbish Nsync were



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Bobby Brown is in trouble with police again - though this time he won't be able to turn to wife Whitney Houston for comfort. Police are looking for Brown in LA after he allegedly hit Houston during a domestic argument this weekend.

Corporal Kurtis Young of Fulton County Police Department yesterday told reporters they were called to Brown's home on Sunday night after Houston reported a domestic dispute. "Ms Houston called and stated her address and asked for someone to be sent out, but did not identify herself. She wasn't hysterical or anything, she was very calm." 

Houston told police she and Brown had an argument that escalated into a physical confrontation in which Brown hit the singer on the left side of her face leaving her with a bruised cheek and a cut on the inside of her upper lip. It seems Brown then left the family home and caught a flight to LA before police arrived on the scene. It is unclear whether the West Coast trip was pre-planned, but police there have now been told the singer is required for questioning.

Young added that because the incident under investigation is classified as an alleged act of domestic violence, officials could file charges against Brown whether or not Houston chooses to file charges herself.

Brown has had a number of run ins with authorities in recent years of course. Most recently he served seven days in DeKalb County Jail in August for a probation violation from a 1996 drunk-driving conviction. 


Beyone managed to upstage 50 Cent at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas yesterday, though hip hop and R&B dominated. 

Beyonce ended a hugely successful year as a solo artist by taking four awards - New Female Artist Of The Year, New R&B Artist, Hot 100 Female Artist and a special Hot 100 Award For Most Weeks At Number One. Accepting the awards Beyonce told the audience: "This is amazing. This has been an incredible year."

R Kelly, despite a year hindered by those child pornography charges that are still to be heard in court, also took home four awards - Hot 100 Producer, R&B Producer, Hot 100 Songwriter and R&B Songwriter.

50 Cent had to make do with three awards: Top Artist, R&B Artist and Rap Artist.

In addition to the usual list of categories, Billboard added an award for Download Sales this year. The first such award went to OutKast for 'Hey Ya'.

Finally Sting was given the Century Award For Creative Achievement in recognition of the 100 million albums and singles he has sold with The Police and as a solo artist.

The Billboard Music Awards are based on collected sales and airplay figures over the last twelve months. 


The Darkness have revealed they will be playing at T in the Park next year. The band opened up the main stage at the Scottish music fest this year - a moment which Scottish bassist Frankie Poullain heralds as the peak of his year. Speaking to the crowd during an Edinburgh gig frontman Justin Hawkins said "Watch out in the papers tomorrow for news about T in the Park, we might be involved." At the end of his set he shouted: "See you at T in the Park!"

Confirming the Darkness are on the bill, T in the Park's Geoff Ellis told reporters: "Just like after Oasis played in the King Tut's Tent in 1994, this year over 50,000 people have been claiming that they watched the Darkness open T in the Park in 2003 before they were famous!"


Police reports regarding the shooting of actress Lana Clarkson at the home of Phil Spector earlier this year have been released after author Carlton Smith lobbied the courts to make them public. The report of what police found on arriving at the house shortly after the shooting is very vivid - Clarkson was found slumped in a chair in Spector's hilltop mansion, her broken teeth scattered around the foyer and stairway, and a blood-spattered .38-caliber Colt revolver under her left leg.

According to a statement by Adriano Desouza, the driver who called police to the house shortly after the shooting, he drove Spector and Clarkson from the House of Blues club where Clarkson worked to the legendary producer's mansion. Ten minutes after being dropped off, Spector came out and retrieved a brown leather briefcase from the limousine. Desouza sat in the limousine for about 90 minutes before hearing a single gunshot. Spector then came out of a rear door with a gun in his hand and said: "I think I just shot her."

Records say police found Spector standing near the body with his hands in his pockets. When he refused to show his hands, police used a stun gun to subdue him and place him in custody. In all, the court papers say, 10 guns were recovered from the mansion. 

Spector claims Clarkson shot herself on the night. Spector's attorney, Robert Shapiro, yesterday told reporters that scientific evidence "clearly and unequivocally is consistent with a self-inflicted wound that was not the result of any action on the part of Phil Spector." 


The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will go on tour next Feb supported by the Cooper Temple Clause. Dates as follows:

6 Feb: London Brixton Academy 
7 Feb: Brighton Dome 
9 Feb: Cambridge Corn Exchange 
10 Feb: Southampton Guildhall 
11 Feb: Liverpool University Academy 
12 Feb: Glasgow Carling Academy 
13, 14 Feb: Leeds Blank Canvas 


Liquid News presenter Claudia Winkleman will get her own show on the BBC's youth channel BBC 3 next year when the celebrity news show is axed. No details on what form the show will take, just that it will be given a prominent slot. The channel's controller also indicated co-host Paddy O'Connell will get another vehicle on the station. He told reporters yesterday: "What I wanted to do was to take the best bits of Liquid News, which include Paddy O'Connell and Claudia Winkleman".


Erin Rocha, the 16 year old school girl who has a hit on her hands after her independently released single got Radio 2 support, has signed a deal with EMI imprint Liberty.

Rocha was discovered by independent label Flying Spark's manager Ian Brown when she filled in for some session singers while on work experience at a Hampshire recording studio. Interest in her debut single led to a bidding war between the majors. Brown says they went with the EMI deal - a one album contract with minimum promotional obligations and a second album option - because it will allow the singer to carry on with her A-level studies.

Brown told the Daily Telegraph: "We've had an amazing amount of interest from labels. We could have gone for a £3 million accumulating deal, but we decided on a more modest offer from EMI that guaranteed a contract that meant Erin would not end up a pop casualty."

Her father, Manuel, added: "We liked the EMI approach. There is no insistence on her doing any gigs or tour. I know that's where the money is. But this way, she is able to keep her feet on the ground. I want her to be happy. She loves school, and she loves singing. Now she can eventually choose whatever she likes best."

Erin will undertake UK tours during half term and a European tour during the summer holidays.


So why did David Beckham spend a reported £2 million buying himself out of a management deal with sports agency SFX? Insiders reckon Beckham wants more control over his affairs so he can use his global fame to help the missus' struggling music career.

Victoria, whose solo music career post-Spice Girls has been dogged by poor record sales, recently re-signed to Simon Fuller's 19 Management. Industry insiders reckon Fuller wants to use the popularity of the Beckhams as a couple to help boost her music career, especially in Japan and America. Following the split from SFX, Fuller's 19 should have more access to Victoria's greatest asset for her marketing activity.

Some are questioning the footballer's decision to split from the Clear Channel owned sports agency that help transform Beckham from the Man United player whose sending off in the 1998 World Cup was blamed for England going out of the competition into arguably the most popular footballer in the world, and the most profitable sports brand in history. 

Despite Fuller's undeniable management expertise and David Beckham's global profile, many music critics say Victoria is in need of some decent music if she is to gain global popularity.


Following those comeback gigs in London the original Duran Duran line up have announced a series of shows around the UK, dates which will launch the band's 2004 world tour. Dates as follows:

13 Apr: Wembley Arena
15 Apr: Glasgow SECC
17 Apr: Manchester Evening News Arena
19 Apr: Birmingham NEC


Ocean Colour Scene yesterday confirmed bassist Damon Minchella has left the band. Rumours began as to Minchella's role in OCS after he was absent from a number of gigs on their recent tour. Although there is no news on a replacement for Minchella, management announced that Primal Scream's Mani will fill in when the band support Sterophonics at Cardiff Millennium Stadium on 20 Dec. 

The band's manager Chris Cradock announced the news via the band's official website yesterday: "As some of you are aware, for the last four gigs in Ireland, Damon was missing from the line up, the reason being that after the gig at Castlebar he decided that he no longer wanted to be a part of Ocean Colour Scene , evidently this was not a hasty decision but something he had been considering for some time. He returned home the next day and the lads continued the tour without him. Fourteen years is a long time, but OCS goes 'Marching On'. As you know we are supporting Stereophonics at and Mani has agreed to replace Damon for this gig, that will be one to see."


Courtney Love's first solo single will start to get radio play next week in the build up to the Spring release of her debut solo album 'America's Sweetheart', which is due for release in the US on 9 Feb. The debut single is called 'Mono'.

Elsewhere in Courtney news, the singer has been released from rehab where she has been since her arrest and drug overdose last month. She will now look to re-secure custody of daughter Frances Bean.


LIVE REVIEW: Muse at Brighton Centre on 4 Dec
The Brighton Centre is a venue as soulless and unlovely as Wembley Arena, although the fact that it's packed out tonight means it is at least slightly cosy. Muse's intro is dramatic, with drummer Dom Howard banging out the beats of 'Apocalypse Please', as the stage is blasted in white light. Then the tiny figure of Matt Bellamy runs on stage and takes his place at his silver Starship Enterprise-eque keyboard booth decorated with coloured illuminations. During Muse's last arena tour video screens were used so the audience could actually see what is going on on stage, but this was dispensed with for the early part of this show - instead the backdrop is of their number one album 'Absolution'. During 'Space Dementia' (from 'Origin of Symmetry') the huge screens show a film of stars and planets rushing past and shots of Matt's fingers dancing over the keyboard. But what we really want to see is close ups of Bellamy's guitar playing which we do finally get towards the end of the set. With three albums under their belts Muse can boast a juicy set list. Early single 'Sunburn' impresses along with interim single 'Deadstar' and the ever wondrous 'Plug In Baby'. The encore highlights the band's diversity, the balletic, graceful 'Black Out' is followed by the furious shrieking guitars of 'Stockholm Syndrome'. Part of me is still surprised that a band like Muse are as successful as they are, not that I don't think they're hugely talented but amongst today's homogonous chart music they stick out like a sore if elfin thumb and they manage to irritate the hell out of a lot of people. Muse are one of the few band's who sound like they're making music for the twenty first century; cracking tunes, original and complex music and in Matt Bellamy they have a frontman who is perhaps surprisingly effective. JW


Kelly Osbourne yesterday told reporters that father Ozzy is conscious and joking again after his quad bike accident earlier this week. The singer is still in intensive care and cannot speak after undergoing emergency surgery, but Kelly told reporters: "I want to say that he's stable. He woke up today - he couldn't talk because of the tube in his mouth, but he was able to mouth words. He told us that he loved us. He has been complaining about the nurses, so we know he's all right. He gave me the 'thumbs-up' and stuck his tongue out at me."

Asked what she knew about the accident itself, Kelly said all she knew was: "That he was on a quad bike. He was in a field and there was grass covering a hole and the bike went in the hole and fell on top of him. But I don't know 100% if that's exactly what happened."

When asked how Sharon Osbourne was bearing up, Kelly said she was: "As well as can be expected."


Officials in California yesterday confirmed Gwyneth Paltrow has married Coldplay's Chris Martin. A spokesman said: "The only thing that I can say is that they are married but we cannot say the date or where it happened." Paltrow's agent Stephen Huvane said the couple had no comment to make. 

Elsewhere in celeb wedding news, the management of Elvis Costello have confirmed the singer married jazz artist Diana Krall at a ceremony held at Elton John's mansion in Surrey last weekend. Word is the wedding's 150 guests, which included Paul McCartney and Canada's consul general to New York, Pamela Wallin, were sworn to secrecy. 


Robbie Williams has told reporters he plans to go away and reinvent himself after his current world tour ends in Australia this week. According to the Australian Herald Sun the singer said: "I see these next three gigs as a full stop to a certain part of my career. Whatever I do next will be different, to say the least. This is the end of 15 years as a boy band member and as Robbie Williams the singer / songwriter-cum-cabaret artist. I've got a lot of time to go away and sit down and think about what I do next and what I want next. I'm 30 in February, it's natural you take stock of what you are, who you are, what you want and what you don't want anymore. It's going to be interesting for me to see if my ego can take a back seat and perhaps do things on a slightly smaller scale."

Elsewhere in Robbie news, a man who fell from a railing while dancing at one of Williams' Oz concerts was yesterday in a critical condition. The 23-year-old is believed to have been standing on a railing on the tier of seating at Melbourne's Telstra Dome when he slipped. A police spokeswoman said he fell several feet into the crowd below adding: "He landed on a female fan, who was not physically injured but was treated for shock." The man was treated at the scene by first aid volunteers before being taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital with head injuries.


Westlife member Mark Feehily has told MTV that the band's gruelling schedule almost forced them to split up. He told the station: "We knew that we had to change how we worked or give up our careers. Now our tour manager makes sure that we have at least one day off every two or three weeks, it may not sound a lot, but it's more than we used to get. But none of us like to take time off because we love what we do so much."

Sending fear down everyone's spines, Feehily went on to say the band now hope to be around for a very very long time: "We want to be like the Bee Gees - around forever. In music terms we want to become more than just an act that people like for a few years and then tire of."


Talking of quitting the pop lifestyle, Justin Timberlake has said he has seriously considered quitting his pop music career because the public scrutiny is so hard to handle. He told Rolling Stone magazine: "I've said before that I don't want to do it any more and that it's just not worth it. People have said 'Well, that's the price you pay. And I say 'Really? Somebody forgot to send me that bill'."

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror has reported Timberlake is unlikely to go back into the studio with his old band 'Nsync. The paper reports Timberlake as saying: "Do I think what I've done is ten times better than anything 'Nsync has ever done? Yes I do. But I'm a cocky bastard."

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