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In today's CMU Daily:
- White defends himself over Stollsteimer bust up
- Jacko attorney appoints LA PR
- Stills make 4-track demo available online
- Neptunes Williams launches fashion line
- Freeview selling well pre-christmas
- Eminem gets injuction to stop racist rap being released
- GfK radio research shows talk radio on the up
- Timberlake denies racism allegations
- IFPI say consumer litigation against downloaders in Europe inevitable
- World Idol judges not impressed with will
- Groove Armada plan mix album
- Pretty Girls make graves cancel gigs after flu bout
- R Kelly makes donation after charity gig fails to make profit
- Festive timewaster


A spokesman for Jack White has defended the White Stripes singer following that incident with Von Bondies member Jason Stollsteimer in a Detroit club last weekend. As previously reported, the two singers got into an altercation that let to Jack thumping Jason in the face. White claims he acted in self defence - either way he gave Stollsteimer quite a beating (as the picture published by NME yesterday at shows).

A statement issued on behalf of the White Stripes yesterday said: "Jack White was involved in a bar room altercation over the weekend in Detroit. Jack White defended himself as any normal person would have under the circumstances." Police are yet to decide if any charges will be made over the incident.


With those charges against Michael Jackson expected later today, the Santa Barbara district attorney leading the anti-Jacko campaign, Thomas Sneddon, has confirmed that he has hired LA based PR firm Tellem to handle the anticipated high media interest in the case. Actual charges against Jacko have been delayed because Sneddon argued he needed to prepare a website and PR team to manage media enquiries. More on the PR firm at


Montreal's The Stills have made a 4-track demo version of their new single 'Lola Stars and Stripes' available for free download from The track comes with something of a romantic story. The 4-track recorder used for the track was acquired by the band after a friend was caught short of cash while on holiday in Europe. The friend called band member Tim Fletcher and told him to go to his house, to take anything he wanted, and to wire him $100 in cash to help him out of his current situation. Fletcher took the 4-track player, and on that all the early Stills material was made. 

The Stills have also confirmed a series of UK dates for Feb, as follows: 

10 Feb: Brixton Academy (NME show with Ryan Adams)
11 Feb: Nottingham Liars Club 
13 Feb: Wolverhampton Little Civic 
14 Feb: Glasgow Stereo 
15 Feb: Manchester Night & Day 
16 Feb: Buckinghamshire Uni 
17 Feb: Leeds Joseph Wells 
18 Feb: London 100 Club


What is it with hip hop stars and clothing lines? The Neptune's Pharrell Williams is following P Diddy, Jay Z and 50 Cent in launching his own clothing range in association with Reebok.

Announcing his fashion plans Williams told reporters: "I've always wanted to do more than music, and now I'll be able to explore the world of fashion by designing my style of clothes and sneakers".


The BBC are getting increasingly optimistic about the growth of their Freeview terrestrial digital TV system following the news that some 100,000 Freeview set top boxes are being sold every week in the lead up to Christmas. They reckon Freeview will be in 3 million homes by the New Year, and that they will reach the 4 million mark in early 2004. 


The Eminem / Source magazine feud continues...

First, The Source mag's Benzino planned to release that racist Eminem rap that surfaced last month on a cover mount CD with much of the magazine dedicated to discussing the track. As previously reported the rap, which bad mouths black women, was made by Marshall Mathers when he was an angry teenager. 

Now representatives of Eminem have won a court injunction banning The Source from including the track on their CD. An Interscope spokesman yesterday confirmed: "The court has granted an injunction stopping the magazine from releasing the song."

Back at the Source, VP content Tracii McGregor says she is consulting with the magazine's attorneys to see what they will do next, but adds that the magazine is still being produced to its original schedule. By that reckoning the magazine would hit streets officially on 12 Jan but, given the Christmas break, would actually be produced and available in New York by next week.


The latest set of unofficial radio listening figures from GfK Media are out. GfK work for TalkSport owners the Wireless Group who reckon the official RAJAR figures misrepresent their own ratings. GfK's research provides good news for speech radio. Their figures show Radio 4 as the nation's most popular radio station (Radio 2 is most popular in the RAJARS). Meanwhile in London GfK's stats double the listening figures TalkSport and BBC London receive compared to the RAJARS, while Chrysalis' LBC has 162% more listeners in GfK's survey. 

Nick North, director of GfK Media, said: "What we're seeing here is predictable. By its nature, a recall survey will disadvantage stations with a 'dip in, dip out' pattern of listening." 

As previously reported, GfK's research uses electronic devices to measure radio listening - RAJAR use a hand written diary system.


A spokesman for Justin Timberlake has denied accusations by a former 'Nsync tour manager that the singer and his band mates regularly made racist comments against black members of their stage crew. 

The accusations have been made as part of a unfair dismissal lawsuit being brought against the boyband and their management by Ibrahim Duarte. He is seeking $10 million compensation on the grounds he was fired for racist reasons.

In the lawsuit Duart alleges all five members of the boyband used racial slurs and derogatory language towards him and other black members employed by the group, including their sound engineer and choreographer. He says Lance Bass was embarrassed by being seen with black crew members and made them travel on a different tour bus. He also claims that Timberlake once used the "n" word with him when he yelled, "You niggas ain't shit."

Duart, who has worked in the music industry for 25 years, worked for 'Nsync between Jan 1999 and Dec 2000. However his claims of racism may be undermined in court because of a different lawsuit for $155,000 brought by Duart against 'Nsync last year over fees he felt he was owed after parting company with the band. In that case, handled by a different attorney, no allegations of racism were made.

Although no formal statement has been issued by 'Nsync or their management, a spokesperson for Justin Timberlake yesterday told the BBC that there was no truth in the allegations made against the singer.


Illegal downloaders beware - according to the Guardian, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry may be spearheading a legal campaign against individual downloaders in Europe that mirrors that run in the States by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Since the RIAA began its high profile legal action against individual downloaders in America earlier this year, figures suggest use of the flagship P2P network Kazaa there has halved. In Europe, where local industry associations have shied away from mounting their own legal attacks, use of Kazaa continues to grow. Latest figures suggest 9.35 million Europeans now use Kazaa, compared to 8.24 million Americans. 

IFPI chairman Jason Berman has reportedly said legal action against individual consumers in Europe was now "an inevitability" and that that action could begin early in the New Year. Whether that action would be led by the IFPI or the various national industry associations within Europe is not clear.


A judge on World Idol - the latest Pop Idol spin off in which finalists from 11 countries will compete for an overall global title - has told Will Young he should have singing lessons. Young has performed his rendition of 'Light My Fire' on a pre-recorded show which will air around the world over Christmas. 

Following his performance Elias Rhabani, judge for the Arabic region, said: "Maybe you'll become one of the most famous people in the world if you practise. Maybe you should have singing lessons." Canadian judge Zack Werner meanwhile criticised Will, telling him: "It sounds like the Bee Gees do The Doors. I hate it." But Simon Cowell said "You've made me proud to be British". Given how many Christmas lists in the UK seem to include Young's second album he needn't worry - having received the judge's criticism he simply said "Thank you for your comments".

Elsewhere in World Idol news, producers have confirmed Elton John will perform on the grand final edition of the show on 1 Jan. The show's executive producer Richard Holloway told reporters: "I am sure he is an idol and inspiration to many of those contestants participating in the show. His appearance underlines the magnitude of 'World Idol' and will be a major highlight to what promises to be an unmissable final show." Elton appeared on Pop Idol earlier this year on the edition where contestants had to perform one of his tracks.


Groove Armada will release a mix compilation in the New Year via their own label Ragbull. The compo - 'Doin After Dark' - will be the first in a series, though its not clear whether mixing duties will always be undertaken by the Groove Armanda boys themselves. Word is the album will be "a blend of basement house, MC and percussion."

Ragbull was set up by Groove Armada with ex-Nuphonic man Jools Butterfield. They have released a number of 12"s via the label - 'Doin After Dark' will be the first album release.


Pretty Girls Make Graves have had to cancel a number of UK dates because singer Andrea Zollo is suffering the flu. Both the band's Nottingham and Manchester dates have been cancelled - though the band hope Zollo will be well enough for tonight's London date. 


R Kelly has donated $50,000 out of his own pocket to the Texas Military Family Foundation after the fund raising gig he staged for them earlier this year failed to make any profits. As previously reported a spokesman for the charity last month told reporters they were yet to see a cent from the event, while MTV reported the concert had made a loss. The charity yesterday confirmed they'd now received a donation from Kelly, telling reporters: "It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank Mr. Kelly for his contribution, and I am sure that the troops and their families that we support would want us to thank Mr. Kelly on their behalf."


If you're looking for something to waste a good few hours on as the Christmas break approaches you could do worse than Xfm's 'spot the album cover' competition. We found it helped us put off some real work for a good 50 minutes. See how many you can spot at

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