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In tody's CMU Daily:
- IFPI upbeat but hardline on state of illegal downloading
- Tong launches mobile radio show
- Abba singer plans covers album
- Glastonbury ticket info
- Single Review: Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need A Song 
- Black Music Congress events
- Von Bondies want to get past the Jack White bust up
- Other Jacko legal battle postponed
- Fatboy takes Big Beach Boutique to Brazil
- Avril works with folk singer on new songs
- Coke go for smaller name in new ad approach
- INXS make live tracks available via download service
- Recruitment news: Rough Trade
- Live review: the White Stripes at Alexandra Palace 
- Universal buy up early Bob Marley tracks
- Single Review: Busted - Who's David
- Pepsi ad includes pop diva Queen cover
- Fame Academy may be evicted from house
- J Lo and Affleck no longer engaged
- Gates not worried about Jordan gossiping in the jungle



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: One Starry Night presents One Starry Night in Brazil at Neighbourhood 
Formerly Subterrania, this completely renovated club - with solid bars and friendly staff - is quickly gaining support. Ben Watts' new night promises to take you on a quality ride through all forms of Braziliance courtesy of Honest Jon's DJ Harv and Mr Bongo's Gavin Smith. Expect Latin house, carnival, bossa, and all manner of things groovy in the world of Latin. Also appearing early in the night will be Jazzinho Sonica - Guida da Palma's brilliant Latin outfit, as she performs live with her 7 piece outfit, showcasing tracks from their excellent recent album. PV

Sat 24 Jan, Neighbourhood, 12 Acklam Road, London W10 - 8pm - 2am - 
£8 before midnight £10 thereafter

Put your club night up for the tip -

CHRIS' MEDIA CHOICE: Fantasy Festival Session with Bobby Gillespie on BBC 6Music
Having let Radiohead manage their programming over Christmas, the BBC's digital music station is putting another musical legend in charge this weekend. Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie has been allowed to raid the BBC's live music archives to put together his 'fantasy music festival' line up - you will be able to hear those sessions throughout the weekend on the station. Aside from the genius of the idea and the credentials of the curator, we're promised live tracks from Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, the Buzzcocks, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Public Image Ltd and Joy Division. So get your Freeview set tuned in, log your internet onto or go out an buy yourself a digital radio set today. CC

Sat 24 and Sun 25 Jan, BBC 6Music


The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry was up beat in its assessment of the illegal download situation yesterday, though that up beat mood had a lot to do with its two predications for 2004 - that legitimate download services are about the take off big time, and that more hardline legal action will be taken against those who continue to illegally share their music.

In a new report the IFPI says its campaign to inform people that online song-swapping was illegal was working, and that as the legitimate download sector starts to grow it felt confident the number of people downloading tracks illegally would decline significantly. 

IFPI boss Jay Berman told reporters: "We believe that the music industry's internet strategy is now turning the corner, and that in 2004 there will be, for the first time, a substantial migration of consumers from unauthorised free services to legitimate alternatives."

However Berman confirmed that the IFPI was considering tough legal action akin to that undertaken by the Recording Industry Association of America in a bid to stop illegal downloading, especially in Europe, Asia and Canada. It was unclear if that action would look to target individual downloaders in line with the RIAA's most recent litigation campaign, or whether legal action will concentrate on stopping the company's behind the P2P networks from allowing their services to be used unchecked. 


A new (albeit quite small) step was made in the world of web radio this week with the launch of a new mini-radio show hosted by DJ Pete Tong which can be accessed via your mobile phone - assuming you're on the 3 Network. The six minute weekly guide to dance music can be downloaded via the 3G mobile internet service and stored on your phone. It is downloaded in three segments, each costing 50p. Listeners get clips of the 'hottest album of the week', previews of upcoming singles and news about club nights and fashion. The show officially launches next month but a pilot version is already available via 3's portal.

As a step forward it is small because of the size of the show, the fact it is available via the minority phone network, and because the download cost may prove prohibitive. However the concept is very interesting - if radio stations broadcasting over the web can now be received around your house via the home-wifi products launched by Mircosoft and AOL earlier this month, and on the move via your mobile, then - access costs permitting - web radio could really start to compete with digital radio. This is exciting because the web radio sector is unregulated giving truly independent stations a much more level playing field against the radio majors. 


Following news that former Abba singer Agnetha Faeltskog was to return to the music scene after nearly two decades of shunning the limelight, Warner Music Scandinvania have confirmed her first release will be a cover version of the minor Cilla Black hit 'If I Ever Thought You'd Change Your Mind'. It will come off an album of cover versions performed by Faeltskog going under the title of 'My Colouring Book'. Both single and album should be out in the Spring.


Ticket arrangements for this year's Glastonbury Festival have been put on the festival's official website. Following last year's 24 hour sell out and the plethora of touts selling tickets this year each ticket sale will be limited to two per person and tickets will carry the bookers name to try and stop reselling. Tickets go on sale via phone and web on 1 Apr - they cost £112 plus booking fee. 


Rapper Rakim was injured in a car cash in Connecticut on Wednesday after his car collided with another vehicle. Word is the rapper smashed his head against his windscreen and suffered a swollen knee, scratches to the face and back injuries. Reports suggest the injuries are not too serious and the MC should make a full recovery.


SINGLE REVIEW: Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need A Song (Universal/Island)
Sleazy multi-instrumentalist and all-round good bloke Hawksley Workman - Canada's best kept musical secret, although not for much longer - has sensibly released one of the standout tracks from recent album 'Lover/Fighter'. With its post-modern sounding title, pristine production and U2-sized chorus and guitar riffs, it offers Hawksley a real chance of some commercial success here, although with the British record-buying public being so notoriously stupid, I wouldn't bank on it, sadly. Of the accompanying B-sides, 'Addicted' is a bit of a riot - akin to Tom Waits fighting over blues records with Ed Harcourt in Syd Barrett's garden shed (and that's meant as praise, by the way), whilst his six minute cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', whilst invested with sincerity (and no doubt better than Paul Young's version) is a bit of a desecration really. A late night smoky lounge jazz rendition just seems wrong, somehow. MS
Release date: 19 Jan
Press contact: Wild [CP, CR] Island IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


The Black Music Congress have announced three interesting lectures due to take place over the next few months at City University in London looking at the affect of white artists dominating traditional 'black music' genres, questioning the lack of women, especially from ethnic minorities, working in the music industry, and tackling that long running question - what should we be calling that category of music we clumsily refer to as 'black' or 'urban music'? All events are free but it is advisable to book tickets - to do so email the keywords for the talks you are interested in to

Events as follows:

31 Jan, 3pm: Are white artists like Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Christiana Aguilera appropriating black music? keywords: booking race

13 Mar, 3pm: Are the sisters really doing it for themselves? keywords: booking gender

27 May, 3pm: Is it black music or urban music? keywords: booking genre


Jason Stollsteimer of the Von Bondies has spoken to Radio 1 about that altercation with Jack White last month which left him badly beat and White facing prosecution. 

Speaking to Radio 1 Stollsteimer says he wants to put the incident behind him: "It was kind of a bit of a worry but we're just kind of putting that behind us and we're moving on. I don't want to think about that. We're all so excited about our new record." 


A legal battle between Universal Music and Michael Jackson was put on hold yesterday because apparently Jacko's legal people are a bit busy just now dealing with some other legal challenge the details of which escape me. 

Jackson is suing the Universal Music Group over the release of music he made for the Motown label, both with the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist. The case relates to a 1980 agreement in which Jackson gave up his rights to royalties to his Motown back catalogue. Jackson claims that agreement did not relate to music recorded for Motown but not actually released until after the agreement. He now wants royalty payments for previously unreleased material which has subsequently been included on compilation albums. 

As part of the long running legal battle Universal's lawyers had hoped to question Jackson this week, but his attorneys said they and their client would be unavailable. A new hearing date has now been set for 9 Mar.

The judge hearing the case has already dismissed two of Jackson's claims against Universal. The major is pushing for the other eight claims to also be dismissed. Jackson's people, meanwhile, are demanding to see Universal account records for the period when the compilations in question were released. 


While plans for a scaled down Big Beach Boutique event are being discussed in Brighton, a very much scaled up carbon copy event is being planned for Rio De Janeiro. Interested in staging versions of the Beach Party around the world for sometime now, Norman Cook has confirmed that he will stage a Big Beach Boutique event on Rio's Flamengo Beach on 7 Mar. That particular beach is capable of hosting a crowd of anywhere between 200,000 and 500,000 making for quite a party. Cook himself will headline with support from Jon Carter and Brazilian duo Marky and Patife.


There might be a few surprises on Avril Lavigne's second album given the news that the singer has teamed up with Canadian folk singer Chantal Kreviazuk to write some songs. Avril told one music website: "We're like best friends and we'd go get a chai tea latte and write a song together every night for two weeks in a row. We had so much fun because I didn't tell my manager or record company."


Far from the days of sponsoring the pop world's premiere league, and in contrast to Pepsi's upcoming ad campaign featuring Britney, Pink and Beyonce, Coke have announced their new TV ad for the UK centres on Basement Jaxx's vocalist Sharlene Hector - hardly the most recognisable of music names. The ad, which airs for the first time today, follows Hector walking through the streets handing out bottles of Coca-Cola Classic, whilst singing a version of Nina Simone's 'I Wish'.

Talking about the campaign Coke's Marketing Director, Julia Goldin, told reporters: "It was important to us to work with someone who lives the values of the campaign, which is about a consistency of emotion."


An Aussie download service is launching with a special promotion for INXS fans. Customers of the BigPond download service can download up to 16 rare and previously unreleased live tracks from the band's 25 year career. Each track costs $AUD1.49 for BigPond members or $1.89 for non-BigPond members. Word is the band are planning to run similar promotions with download sites in other countries later this year. 


Rough Trade records are looking for a Production Manager to oversee mastering, artwork, packaging, manufacturing, stock control, promo stock, archive and production/release schedules. Candidates need an understanding of how the distribution and sales systems operate (including 3mv, Pinnacle, Sanctuary and International), the call-off procedure, the CIN chart rules and new technology in the music space. Interested parties should call the label on 020 8960 9888 for more info.


LIVE REVIEW: The White Stripes at Alexandra Palace on 20 Jan
Seismologists should really take an interest in White Stripes gigs, because their thunderous stage presence has enough power to shift tectonic plates and awake the kraken. While Meg White thrashed at her drums as if beating an unruly ginger stepchild, Jack's fingers acted like miniature anacondas wringing every last drop of drama from each inspired note. This primal performance was met with adulation by the crowd (and what a crowd - a curious hybrid of children, candy striped acolytes, old rockers and Topman bedecked Yates's regulars) - the euphoria that resulted derived from the passion and the craftsmanship - cheap trickery and pyrotechnics aren't needed here, especially when this thrilling and gobsmacking performance reaches its pinnacle at the finale with a soaring rendition of 'Seven Nation Army'. An earth shattering appearance, and that's a scientific fact. TO


Universal have bought the rights to 211 songs recorded by Bob Marley before he found global fame and they plan to release them on a series of box sets and compilations. The tracks were owned by reggae label JAD and were recorded between 1967 and 1972. The catalogue includes at least six previously unreleased songs.

Talking about the tracks a Universal spokesman said: "Bob Marley's early repertoire has been ruthlessly exploited by a variety of backstreet record labels. With an official release fans will get an insight into a young Marley who had street attitude, was influenced by the US civil rights movement and was at the cutting edge of music".

The first release will be a 71-track, three-CD set, which will hit shops in March.


SINGLE REVIEW: Busted - 'Who's David' (Universal)
I didn't want to be horrible about Busted. No, really, I didn't. I mean they've never done me a bad turn and their power pop thing can even be mildly entertaining at times. Then again, some round here have given them enough support so I don't suppose we owe them any favours. And, you see, 'Who's David' is execrable. Singer man whinges on about how he thinks his lass is the village bike in a peculiarly banal, unannunciated fashion which makes one word in five intelligible. And this is the stuff triple platinum-selling albums are made of. Jesus wept. LA
Release date: 16 Feb 
Contact: Universal IH [all] 


More on that Pepsi ad featuring Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink taking part in a gladiator-esque battle. Word is the ad's soundtrack is a cover of Queen's 'We Will Rock You' recorded by the three pop divas with the remaining members of Queen.

Commenting on the track Brian May has told reporters: "It was fantastic that they wanted to use 'We Will Rock You' as the track. It was a big thrill - Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink singing a Queen track, I got to play guitar and Roger Taylor got to play drums. It couldn't have been more fun."


There's a high chance it may be the producers rather than the contestants who are evicted from the next series of Fame Academy. Word is opposition is mounting in the area around the house where the reality TV show is filmed - so much so producers Endemol may not get planning permission to film another series of the show there. Apparently complaints from neighbours and concerns that the Grade II listed property is being damaged are both conspiring against the TV company's planning application. 

A spokesman for the council responsible for the large house in the London suburb of Highgate said that Endemol had acted "reasonably responsibly" but added: "The building is meant for residential use and Camden council would really like to find a permanent use which would safeguard its future as a listed building."

A spokesman for Endemol said: "We have been working very closely with the local authorities from the start and we will continue to do so in addressing any concerns raised. We are confident we will reach a conclusion satisfactory to all parties."


In case you care, a spokesman for Jennifer Lopez has confirmed her engagement to Ben Affleck has been called off. As you'll recall the couple's marriage plans were cancelled last minute last summer - but until now the official line was the two stars were still together. But yesterday J Lo's publicist told reporters: "I am confirming the reports that Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck. At this difficult time, we ask that you respect her privacy."


Gareth Gates has spoke to the Daily Record about rumours Jordan is planning on using her time in the jungle on the next series of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' to dish the dirt on her fling with the pop idol. As you'll recall, Gates had a fling with Jordan not long after launching his pop career - but he initially denied the relationship after the model told all to the papers. But those denials later changed to an admission that they did have a brief liaison. Ever since Jordan has been threatening to 'reveal more' about their time together. 

On the possibility of Jordan spilling the beans on the reality show Gates said: "I've said everything that needs to be said and I'm sure she has, so I'm not that worried. I probably won't be tuning in though.'' Asked whether he would vote Jordan off the show he added - ''Yeah, vote her out.''

Presumably Gates doesn't have much to worry about - ITV bosses won't want to piss off the 19 Group so are pretty likely to edit out anything too close to the line.

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