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In today's CMU Daily:
- Napster boss hits out at copyright bodies
- Warner confirm cohen appointment
- Radiohead top NME award nominations
- Single Review: Clouddead - Dead Dogs Two 
- SMG boss quits
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour
- Lydon next to do jungle challenge
- Maroon 5 on that raunchy video
- Ofcom to rejig ITV franchise dates
- George Michael makes new track available online
- Sony set for profitable year
- Jury selected in P Diddy court case
- Jacko judge seals off some evidence from the public
- Barfly announce passport programme
- DVD Review: Various Artists Zen TV: A Ninja Tune Videos
- Drowning Pool confirm new front man
- Metallica to headline Download
- Darkness record out the swearing
- Weiland forced back into rehab
- Madonna's heart belongs to France 


A rather clever virus infiltrated the UnLimited server yesterday and although we spotted it within about ten minutes it had already started sending itself to people listed in some of the UnLimited team's address books. It did not get passed the firewall on the CMU Daily server so it will only have sent itself to you if your email is one of our team's address books. 

If you were sent the virus you would have received an email from an UnLimited team member late yesterday afternoon containing a random message (most likely making reference to a "meeting last week" or to a "legal partnership/course") and an attachment. Please ignore this message, do not open the attachment and delete the email asap.

You should only be affected if you have opened the attachment. If you think you have been infected the virus is called W32.Bugbear.B@mm so it may be worth doing a 'find file' on that name. 

If you are infected go to the following website to get the clean tool: venc/data/w32.bugbear.b@mm.removal.tool.html

Symantec are the company who make Norton Utilities so are a reliable source of virus help.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

As we took our servers down on discovering the virus we were unable to send out this week's CMU Weekly, or make it available online. Therefore this week's Weekly will go live later on today.


It's seems it is all the copyright people's fault. Following comments from iTune's Eddy Cue at MIDEM this weekend that the complexities of dealing with different rights holders in different countries meant Apple's download service may not arrive in Europe until the end of 2004, Napster boss Chris Gorog has been more explicit.

Also speaking at MIDEM, he yesterday said that copyright bodies are delaying the launch of his company's service in Europe, and in doing so are prolonging the dominance of illegal file sharing networks. 

Gorog: "As each day passes that Napster isn't operating in Europe, substantial amounts of money are lost to pirates because there is no legal alternative available. We would like to debut with more than half a million tracks in Europe... but we are months away from a resolution." Gorog urged Europe's copyright bodies to work as hard as possible to speed up the arrival of serious legit download players for the benefit of everyone in the industry.


Lots of all round back slapping yesterday as the top guard of Warner Music lined up to confirm the appointment of former Island Def Jam boss Lyor Cohen to the top job at the Bronfman-owned major. 

Announcing the deal Edgar Bronfman Jr said: "Lyor Cohen's role in revolutionizing, transforming and challenging the music industry over the past two decades cannot be overestimated, and I am very pleased that he will be joining Roger and me at Warner Music Group to lead the Company's recorded music operations in the US. As one of the most respected executives in the business, Lyor's in-depth experience and proven track record will play an invaluable role in WMG's efforts to become the world's greatest independent music company, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for all of us with this great team."

Cohen added: "This has probably been the most difficult decision I've ever had to make in my professional life. I've spent the last 20 years building Def Jam into one of the most important teenage brands in history. I am very grateful to the people and artists at Def Jam and the Island Def Jam Music Group. I'm going to miss the leadership and camaraderie of Doug Morris and his team at Universal. I'm looking forward to this new challenge, working closely with Edgar Bronfman Jr, Roger Ames and the great executives and artists at Warner Music Group." Admitting his Warner deal included an equity stake he added: "If they are successful, I will be successful... I was presented with an extraordinary opportunity to continue growing my career."

Current Warner chairman Roger Ames added his support to Cohen, telling reporters: "Having known and worked with Lyor for more than two decades, I'm delighted that he will be joining Warner Music Group. Lyor has been a driving force behind some of the industry's most successful artists, and his pioneering spirit is a welcome addition at WMG." 

It remains unclear what Cohen's appointment means for Ames' role at Warner - whether Cohen will report to Ames, or the two will sit side by side with the latter perhaps taking a Europe focus, remains to be seen.


Good ole Radiohead lead the way nominations wise for this year's NME Music Awards (what we all used to call the Brats). They take five nominations in all - including Best British Band and Album. Both The Darkness and The White Stripes get four nominations apiece, while The Libertines and Kings Of Leon are up for three awards.

The nominations have been compiled based on reader votes - with the NME reporting a record 25,000+ submissions this year. Readers can now vote for their favourites among the short lists at The winners will be announced at an event in London on 12 Feb.

Full nominations list is at the bottom of today's Daily. 


SINGLE REVIEW: Clouddead - Dead Dogs Two (Ninja/Big Dada)
This is a wonderfully odd single indeed, and one we probably won't hear the like of for quite some time. It's essentially a pastoral, cute little pop song, albeit one that's been refracted through The Looking Glass and come out the other side all, like, psychedelic and stuff. Through a hallucinogenic cloud of colours, you can make out traces of laidback Americana, warped hip hop, some woozy synths and - don't run off just yet tune fans - even a proper chorus, like what pop songs have and that.Think Beck chilling out to Boards Of Canada (who are on remix duties on the CD) whilst tripping his nuts off on acid, or Grandaddy, Plaid and Saint Etienne all duelling in a room filled with helium. Does that make it any clearer? Probably not but, come on, I bet you're intrigued aren't you? Quietly beguiling and slyly seductive, 'Dead Dogs Two' is a quaint little treasure. MS
Release date: 26 Jan
Press contact: Hermana [CP, RP, NP] Ninja IH [CR, RR, NR]


Don Cruickshank, the boss of the Scottish Media Group - who own Virgin Radio and various media concerns in Scotland - has announced he will step down after the company's AGM in June. A statement from the company said: "SMG confirms that it has initiated a recruitment process to secure Don's successor and has appointed search consultants, Whitehead Mann. It is anticipated that a successor will be identified before the Group's AGM."


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have announced another albeit short UK tour - hurrah (and rumour has it they will play the Carling Weekend at the end of August too). Dates as follows: 

11 Apr: Glasgow Barrowlands
12 Apr: Birmingham Carling Academy 
13 Apr: Manchester Academy 
15 Apr: London Forum


John Lydon will today undergo a so-called 'Bushtucker Challenge' on the 'I'm A Celeb...' show. He got the most votes in the viewer poll that decides who should undergo the ordeal - the whole group's food allowance depends on Lydon's success in the challenge. 

Insiders are now wondering if Lydon will stick the jungle ordeal to the end, or if his fellow celebs will drive him insane. Word has it one Timmy Mallett is waiting in the wings should Lydon, or one of the other celebs, quit before the end of the week.


Maroon 5's singer Adam Levine has been talking about the video to next US single 'This Love' which sees him cavorting with his topless girlfriend Kelly McGee. "It was surprisingly not weird and surprisingly not sexual. It was totally comfortable. I didn't get horny or anything, which was weird since I shot it with my girlfriend."

On the single itself Levine is optimistic of success in the States after positive radio reaction: "I have very high hopes. I want it to be the #1 song in the country. That's a lofty goal, but I really think it has the potential to do that."

Maroon 5's current single in the UK - 'Harder To Breathe' - went in at number 13 in this week's singles chart.


OfCom has announced it is considering unifying the dates the sixteen 'channel 3' licences come up for renewal. The ITV Network actually consists of sixteen separate franchises which until relatively recently were all owned by independent companies. Now of course all the England and Wales franchises are run by one ITV company, with SMG running the Scottish networks leaving only Ulster and the Channel Islands in the hands of independents. Because of history each franchise comes up for renewal at a different time. OfCom hopes to rejig things so everything comes up at the same time - allowing the ITV company to put in one big bid. If all the companies involved agree the new deadline will be the end of the year with deals finalised June 2005. Whether some independent players could come in and try to compete for some of the recently merged ITV's franchises - putting some localness back into ITV - is not clear. 


George Michael fans can download his next single now - even though a proper release date is yet to be confirmed. The track, 'Amazing', was serviced to radio over the weekend and fans can hear a 30-second preview online and then download it for £2. No word yet on when the CD release will arrive in the shops. 


Sony Music boss Howard Stringer told that World Economic Forum in Switzerland this weekend that he is confident his company will be profitable in the current financial year - which ends in March. Stringer told reporters the company's improving fortunes were down to the growth of legit downloading and an increase in sales: "It's clear that the impact of piracy is diminished by legitimate downloading. It also seems that lawsuits have made an impact...Sales have improved and loss of revenue has improved."


Jury selection began yesterday for the court case against P Diddy/Sean Combs in which the hip hop mogul's former chauffeur claims he was forced - by Diddy and a bodyguard - to speed away from the scene of a 1999 nightclub shooting. 

Lawyers for Wardel Fenderson said their client "was afraid that if he stopped the car, he was going to be hurt by somebody in the car, and if he didn't, he was going to be hurt by the police" - he is suing for $3 million in damages.

Both Combs and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were inside Club New York on 27 Dec when the shooting in question took place - and there is a chance both could be called to testify in the case. Diddy's people, meanwhile, claim Fenderson is trying to cash in on Combs' celebrity status. 


Elsewhere in US legal dealings, the judge hearing Jacko's child molestation case has prevented the public from seeing 82 pages of the documents relating to the case ruling they contain "sensitive information" that would violate the privacy of all parties involved if made public. 

Responding to media calls for the documents to be made public, Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville said to do so would "complicate the process of selecting an unbiased jury." 


The Barfly people yesterday confirmed the details of their Passport Back To The Bars programme which will see established acts playing intimate venues across the UK in aid of charities Shelter and Warchild.

The events will take place at the venues in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and York in the week following 1 Mar. Tickets for each gig will be given away via a text message competition - the profits from that promotion will go to the charities.

Artists lined up to perform include David Gray, The Darkness, Craig David, Sugababes, Blazin' Squad, Lemar, Atomic Kitten, The Cure, Travis, Pet Shop Boys, Starsailor, Big Brovaz, Amy Winehouse, Badly Drawn Boy, Ash, Elbow, Super Furry Animals, Supergrass, Divine Comedy, Spiritualized and Gary Numan. Each artist will play one gig at a venue of their choosing.

Announcing the programme Channelfly's Stephen Budd told reporters: "Everybody has been really generous with their time and effort. MTV, for instance, has put a huge amount of effort into creating a TV ad. And lots of other people have given their time free."

Full details of the promotion are at


DVD REVIEW: Various Artists - Zen TV: Ninja Tune Videos (Ninja Tune)
Not even those with MTV will have been exposed to many or any of Ninja Tune's music videos. But those who have, in recent years, procured enhanced CDs or attended Antenna at London's NFT will have bourne witness to the wonder of Ninja Tune music videos. Zen TV features a massive 35 videos from artists including Coldcut, Amon Tobin, Neotropic, The Herbaliser, Cinematic Orchestra, Kid Koala, Jaga Jazzist, and of course Mr Scruff - whose iconic 'Stick Men' have infiltrated crockery and screensavers the world over. Ninja Tune videos often favour animation, and are predominantly of a more cut'n'paste nature which, of course, is reflected in the music they accompany. More than so many bitch'n'ho corporate gangsta MTV-fodder videos, Ninja's commissions have narrative and humour, as well as distinctive individual styles. This little compilation doesn't have to be for the die-hard fan, nor for the industry bod; just get it and stick it on when your mates come over, look and listen and be warmed from the eyes and earlobes inwards. JG
Release date: 26 Jan
Press Contact: Ninja IH [all] 


Drowning Pool have named their new vocalist, who will take over singing duties for the band following the death of former frontman Dave Williams, who died suddenly during the band's stint on the 2002 Ozzfest tour. The band, complete with new frontman, will release new album 'Desensitized' in April.

In a statement guitarist CJ Pierce told reporters: "We are extremely excited about working with Jason, and recording all of the material for the next record. Our fans will definitely not be disappointed." 


The Download Festival will be back again this summer with Metallica and Machine Head confirmed as headliners. This year a Glasgow Download Festival on 2 Jun will precede the main event at Donnington on 6 Jun. The rest of the line up - and exact venue details for the Scottish event - are yet to be confirmed.


The Darkness have been talking about a little re-recording they have done on debut album 'Permission to Land' to ensure distribution in more mainstream American stores. Apparently certain US stores didn't approve of the swear words - so in one song "fuck" becomes "duck" while, in another, the hugely offensive word "arse" becomes "arm".

According to the Daily Star Justin Hawkins commented said: "For Black Shuck, where I sing, 'That dog don't give a fuck!', I've changed it to 'duck'! I've got away with it too! You can either take the nonsensical approach to it all, or you can try doing something that still makes some sense. I prefer the nonsensical approach".


Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland has been ordered to return to a live-in drug detoxification centre in California after he quit the scheme after a month. Weiland agreed to undergo the rehab scheme after being found guilty of heroin possession last October. A California Superior Court judge learned on Friday that he had walked out after only a month of the scheme, so ordered him to return. He must now stay in residence at the scheme until June otherwise face arrest. 


More Madonna / Spears kissing - though this time on the cheek. Madonna kissed Britney on the cheek when she picked up an award for Lifetime Achievement at an awards event organised by French radio station NRJ to coincide with MIDEM. 

Attempting to woo the local crowd, the Daily Express says Madonna said: "My ambition may be American, and I may have married a Brit, but my heart belongs to France."


Best Single: Seven Nation Army - White Stripes; There There - Radiohead; I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness; Dont Look Back In To The Sun - The Libertines; Hey Ya! - OutKast 

Best International Band: The Strokes; Kings Of Leon; White Stripes; Queens Of The Stone Age; Foo Fighters 

Best New Band: Jet; Kings Of Leon; Funeral For A Friend; The Thrills; Franz Ferdinand 

Best TV Show: The Office; Bo Selecta!; Little Britain; Gonzo; The Osbournes 

Best Live Band: Muse; Radiohead; Queens Of The Stone Age; The Libertines; The Darkness 

Best Solo Artist: Ryan Adams, Har Mar Superstar, Justin Timberlake, Damien Rice, Pink 

Best Radio Show: Zane Lowe, Radio 1; Chris Moyles, Radio 1; Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant, XFM; Colin Murray & Edith Bowman, Radio 1; Steve Lamacq, Radio 1

Best Album: Elephant - The White Stripes; Absolution - Muse; Hail To The Thief - Radiohead; Room On Fire - The Strokes; Youth And Young Manhood - Kings Of Leon 

Best Live Event: Glastonbury; The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festival; V Festival; T In The Park 

Best Video: Time Is Running Out - Muse; Hardest Button To Button - The White Stripes; There There - Radiohead; Go With The Flow - Queens Of The Stone Age; I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness 

Best UK Band: Radiohead; The Darkness; Coldplay; Muse; The Libertines

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