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In today's CMU Daily:
- Ryan Adams on that fall
- Ultra opening to WMC
- Jamelia talks about being a victim of domestic violence
- Brown arrested for pushing over wife
- Single Review: Cinnamon - Cakes And Pies
- VH1 viewers would back Timberlake at Grammys
- RHCP mega-quick sell out
- MIDEM attendance up
- Love's court hearing postponed again
- Fierce Panda plan anniversary compo
- Album Review: Weevil - Drunk Upon Light 
- LA Reid talking to both Warner and Universal
- Vote for the best animated videos
- Ash tour
- ATP announce 2004 line ups
- Beyonce and Keys co-headline
- GfK survey brings bad news for Radio 1 and Capital
- Elvis fans hit out at tape cut up
- Faith Evans arrested for drug possession
- Jacko news
- Zoo Weekly already in hot water


More on the specifics of the injuries suffered by Ryan Adams when he fell at that gig in Liverpool last week. Word is Adams fell nearly six feet into the orchestra pit at Liverpool's Royal Court theatre, badly fracturing his wrist, injuring his leg and cutting his lip. Doctors say it will take at least six weeks for his bones to recover and he could lose up to 20% of the movement in his wrist.

Talking to NME this week Adams said: "I heard the noise but I didn't feel the pain. The sound of my wrist breaking off my arm was really loud. It popped. People heard it. I think you could hear the break. I remember thinking 'OK, my neck is fine', then making sure my back was OK. Then people came to help me. Then I looked at my arm and went 'Oh shit!"

"The ER people had to cut off all my bracelets. Blood was coming out of my skin even though there was no cut. It was trickling through my pores. That was when I almost fainted. Some people couldn't look at it."

Adams initially received treatment at Royal Liverpool Hospital, before being taken to London to see a specialist. He recommended the singer return to New York to recover. All of Adam's forthcoming European dates have had to be cancelled because of the accident.

On the long term effects Adams continued: "The guess now is that I could lose up to 20 per cent of the mobility in my wrist. That's the percentage I won't be able to bend it any more. My fingers and hand will be fine but I'll have to re-train my wrist. We'll see about guitar but it might make me a great piano player!"


America's largest dance music festival - Ultra - is this year doubling up as the official launch party of the Miami Winter Music Conference. Delegates to WMC will get free entry to the eleven stage 14 hour extravaganza, with tickets available to the general public for $55. 

An immense line up includes: The Chemical Brothers, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Sasha & John Digweed, Erick Morillo, Way Out West (live), Bad Boy Bill, Richie Hawtin, Junkie XL (live), Pete Tong, Junior Vazquez, Dimitri from Amsterdam, D:Fuse, Infusion (live), Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, The Rapture (live), LCD Soundsystem, 2 Many Djs, Adam Freeland, Jekyll & Hyde (live), Storm, Simply Jeff, Goldie, DJ Craze.

Ultra takes place on 6 Mar - full details at 


Brit nominee Jamelia has been talking to The Sun about being a victim of domestic violence. She has admitted to the paper that she was abused by a violent former partner, and that her song 'Thank You' relates to that experience.

Jamelia: "I'm thankful to him for putting me in that situation because now I'm stronger and I'd never be in that situation again. When I used to watch the Little Mo and Trevor scenario in EastEnders, I cried. But I was way too scared to hit him back. I still haven't got over it. My mum had a similar relationship with my dad. She always said, 'If a man hits you, get out'."


Talking of domestic violence - James Brown was arrested yesterday after he allegedly pushed his wife to the floor during an argument. The soul legend was charged with criminal domestic violence against 33 year old Tomi Rae Brown and will remain in jail until a court hearing this morning. Brown's people are yet to comment.


SINGLE REVIEW: Cinnamon - Cakes And Pies (Lewis Recordings)
"You will be singing this song (even if you hate it!)," says the press release. Well, quite. Cinnamon are a mongrel band - two Japanese lasses and a Canadian fella, based in California. Perhaps their new-found sunny climes have influenced this piece of silly bedroom-fi. 'Cakes And Pies' has a cheap drum machine, crappy synths, off-key pigeon-child vocals and lyrics about fattening foodstuffs. It has none of the wit or grace of Shonen Knife, nor the musical competence of any number of electronic pop wizards. In fact, it has more in common with a nursery rhyme. SO HOW COME WE CAN'T STOP SINGING IT THEN? And where does all this charm come from? And why can't we wait to hear it pumping on a club PA? Somehow, this is a good record. Don't ask. DR
Released: 23 Feb
Press contact: Rap And Soul Promotion


If it were down to VH1 viewers Justin Timberlake, Eminem and 50 Cent would all be doing well at this year's Grammys. The TV network surveyed a sample of US viewers as to which of the Grammy nominations they would vote for in each of the key categories.

In the category of Best Album they chose Justin Timberlake - though if you exclude all female votes OutKast's 'Speakerboxx/The Love Below' would be given the title! Timberlake took 26% of the overall vote, with OutKast getting 19%.

On song of the year Eminem was voted joint winner getting 22% of the vote for 'Lose Yourself'. However if you discount the male vote on that one, co-winner Luther Vandross' 'Dance With My Father' actually comes out top. 

Full results of the VH1 poll as follows:

Album of the Year
1. Justin Timberlake - Justified (26%); 2. OutKast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (19%); 3. Missy Elliott - Under Construction (13%) 4. Evanescence - Fallen (11%) 5. The White Stripes - Elephant (6%)

Record of the Year
1. Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z - Crazy In Love (30%); 2. OutKast - Hey Ya! (14%); 3. The Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake - Where Is The Love (14%); 4. Eminem - Lose Yourself - (14%); 5. Coldplay - Clocks (7%)

Song of the Year
1.) Eminem - Lose Yourself (writers: J. Bass M. Mathers & L. Resto)(22%); 2.) Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father (writers: Richard Marx & Luther Vandross)(22%); 3.) Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (writer: Linda Perry) (21%); 4.) Avril Lavigne - I'm With You (writers: Avril Lavigne & The Matrix songwriters)(9%) 5.) Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart (writers: Jorge Calderon & Warren Zevon)(4%)

Best New Artist of the Year
1. 50 Cent (44%); 2.) Evanescence (14%); 3. Sean Paul (10%);4. Heather Headley (3%); 5. Fountains Of Wayne - 2%

The real Grammys are awarded on 9 Feb.


Another mega-fast sell out in the live sector. Organisers of the up coming Red Hot Chili Peppers gigs in the UK have confirmed a quarter of a million tickets were sold in the four hours after they went on sale last weekend. The band's Manchester, Edinburgh and two London dates all sold out within hours of tickets going on sale. 


Stat fans may be interested to know attendance at this year's MIDEM conference in Cannes was up 2.4% as of Tuesday - with the number of companies registering up from 4000 to 4172 but the number of companies exhibiting down from 2136 to 2118. Organisers reckon the increase in delegates is down to the cut in registration price, the slight fall in exhibitors is a result of smaller companies sharing stands to cut costs because of continuing tough market conditions.

Technology was an important theme throughout this year's conference - with everyone seeming to think mobile phones are going to play an important role in the music industry in the next few years - though nobody was really sure exactly how. More on that in next week's CMU Weekly.


An already postponed court hearing into those drug possession charges against Courtney Love has again been postponed, because Judge Elden S Fox reckoned "additional investigation" on the case was needed following a meeting with the former singer. The court hearing will now take place on 11 Feb - hopefully before Love begins a busy promotion and touring schedule to promote new album 'America's Sweetheart'.

As previously reported at length, Love was arrested for drug possession when she was found acting erratically outside an ex-boyfriends home. Hours after her arrest she took an overdose - causing authorities to question whether her daughter, Frances Bean, should be left in her care. 


Fierce Panda - the label that specialises in releasing the debuts of brand new acts who are then snapped up by bigger labels - is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a special compilation of tracks it has released over the years. The all star line up is as follows:

Ash - Punkboy 
Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz 
The Bluetones - No. 11 
Placebo - Bruise Pristine 
Kenickie - Come Out 2nite 
3 Colours Red - This Is My Hollywood
Embrace - All You Good Good People 
Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Diamonds Are Forever 
Idlewild - Chandelier 
Seafood - Porchlight 
Coldplay - Brothers & Sisters 
Hundred Reasons - Cerebra 
Bright Eyes - Arienette 
Easyworld - Hundredweight 
The Music -Take The Long Road And Walk It 
Polyphonic Spree - Soldier Girl 
Winnebago Deal - Manhunt 
Six By Seven - Bochum (Light Up My Life) 
Death Cab For Cutie - Tiny Vessels
Keane - This Is The Last Time


ALBUM REVIEW: Weevil - Drunk Upon Light (Wichita)
Too much indie/electronica sounds clumsy, contrived and lacks the tunefulness and musicality of successful crossover (whatever happened to Custom Blue?). Weevil make great songs with lovely melodies and lovely words, and they craft them from guitars and bass, and programmed drums and synthesizers. It's lovely. The album sweeps through the tracks with earnest melancholy and a sentimental edge, and is in places quite breathtaking. There aren't enough people who know how to do this, but the duo Johnny and Tom don't lose any soul in the machines. Many may describe 'Drunk Upon Light' as a grower, but for those little lonely hearts, this will capture so much of the eccentric love and feeling of missing people, and loving them more besides. JG
Release date: 8 Apr
Press Contact: Hermana [CP, RP, NP] Wichita IH [CR, RR, NR]


More gossip on the major label front - though more of the same really. Despite there being a general consensus that former Arista boss LA Reid is talking to Edgar Bronfman Jr about a top job at his newly acquired Warner Music - there is equal consensus that Reid is more likely to take the top job at Island Def Jam, which was made available after Lyor Cohen announced he was moving to head up Warner's US operations last week. Apparently New York superattorney Allen Grubman is negotiating for Reid, and is no doubt playing one major off the other as we speak.


A selection of animated music videos are among the pieces of animation up for voting in the public choice strand of the forthcoming British Animation Awards. Those videos, along with animated adverts and short films, will now be screened in three night programmes at sixteen cinemas across the UK. People are encouraged to attend the viewings and then to cast their votes - the winners will be announced at the British Animation Awards at The Shaw Theatre, Bloomsbury in London on 19 Mar. 

Announcing the public choice strand the Award's director - Jayne Pilling - told reporters: "This year we have a fabulous selection of nominations across the three categories Music Video, Advert and Short Film. These are animations, which will take audiences through a vast array of different emotions, fantastic countries and amazing scenarios. The British Animation Industry really is the best in the world and we are delighted that all these cinema's will be supporting us in our endeavour to take examples of the crème of British animation across the UK."

More details of the nominated work and where/when the screenings are at


Ash will be previewing songs from their forthcoming new album at a series of small venue shows last month - so book your tickets now - dates as follows:

22 Feb: Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes 
23 Feb: TJs, Newport
24 Feb: Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
26 Feb: Sugarmill, Stoke
27 Feb: The Mill, Preston
29 Feb: Middlesbrough Town Hall
1 Mar: Oxford Zodiac


The people behind the rather excellent All Tomorrow's Parties have announced details of this year's UK events. Celebrating its fifth year, ATP 2004 will take place over two weekends, both at the Camber Sands holiday park in East Sussex. As always the programme of the festival has been put together by a curator. This being the fifth anniversary five curators have been involved each programming a day - some return to the job having curated past ATP events. The festival's founders Barry Hogan and Helen Cottage will curate a sixth day.

Curators and line up highlights include:

Friday 26 Mar curated by Mogwai: Cat Power, Isis, Kid606, Trans Am, Part Chimp, Todd, James Orr, Complex, Envy

Saturday 27 Mar curated by Tortoise: Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, Broadcast, Mike Watt's Secondmen, + Mike Watt's Tom &Jerry show, Azita

Sunday 28 Mar curated by Shellac: Melt Banana, McLusky, Atombombpocketknife, French Toast, The Dishes, Uzeda

Friday 2 Apr curated by Stephen Malkmus: Modest Mouse, The Shins, Miighty Flashlight, Cass McCombs, Deerhoof, Firey Furnaces, Trad Osch Gras Stenar Band

Saturday 3 Apr curated by Sonic Youth: Erase Errata, Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, Fuck, Black Dice, Double Leopards, Saccharine Trust, Charalambides, Angelblood

Sunday 4 Apr curated by Foundation: The Tindersticks, Love featuring Arthur Lee, Cat Power, The Notwist, Har Mar Superstar, Jackie-o Motherf**ker, Bardo Pond, Threnody Ensemble, Arab Strap

As always the £110 per weekend ticket includes a chalet and access to all the facilities at the holiday park. Full details at

A limited number of press tickets are available for ATP, available at £30.00 per weekend or £15.00 per day (not including accommodation). Press tickets should be booked via Hermana PR - payment will need to be with ATP by 5 Mar. 


Following the success of the Elton John/Bill Joel and Christina Aguilera/Justin Timberlake co-headline tours of recent years, one of the big live events of 2004 is sure to be a month-long Beyoncé / Alicia Keys US tour planned for the Spring. The two artists will be touring to promote their most recent albums - 'The Diary of Alicia Keys' and 'Dangerously in Love' respectively. Rumour has it that some dates may also include a performance by Missy Elliott, sure to make it one of the hottest bills of the year. 


With the next round of RAJAR radio listening figures released later today, TalkSport's Kelvin MacKenzie has released the latest set of research undertaken by his research firm GfK. As previously reported (again at length!) MacKenzie commissions the rival radio listening research because of his high profile contempt for the RAJAR system of hand written diaries (GfK use electronic devices which track what sample group listeners are listening to).

According to GfK, Radio 1 lost a million listeners in the last quarter of 2004 - more bad news for the struggling BBC station, though bosses there are sure to point out that that period represented the 'slow down' of the station's old schedule, ahead of its relaunch earlier this month. In the survey Radio 1 comes out as the nation's third most listened to station - after Radio 4 and Radio 2. 

The GfK research is also bad news for Capital - showing arch rival Heart continues to gain ground in the battle for London listeners. Capital too will point to up coming schedule revamps - but that Heart can now claim to have a higher average audience share than Capital, and is getting close to equalling it in terms of overall number of listeners, will keep Capital's investors nervous. That said the GfK figures will only have any real impact if they become adopted by the advertising industry.

Conveniently TalkSport comes out very well in the GfK survey - it scores 6.7 million listeners compared to the 1.9 million the most recent RAJAR survey said it got - that makes it the leading national commercial radio station, 


Elvis fans don't seem too impressed by a scheme being run by a company called Master Tape Collection. They had what seems to have been a genuine master tape from a 1954 Elvis recording which featured the track 'That's All Right'. Despite representatives from Elvis' estate verifying that it seemed to be genuine, the owners of the tape decided rather than selling it as a whole item they would cut it up into two-inch pieces and sell them for £370 a shot - complete with a certificate confirming it is a piece of original Elvis tape! 

They argue that due to water damage the tape was too fragile to be played more than a couple of times - so the cut up idea seemed like a viable route to go. Master Tape Collection's Michael Esposito: "What we decided to do is share the tape. This will never be played again because it will never hold up. It's in such bad shape. It's very brittle." 

But a number of key Elvis fans weren't convinced. Veteran rock critic Dave Marsh, who wrote the book Elvis, called the destruction of the tape "outrageous" telling the New York Times: "If they were cutting up something that was purported to be the original copy of the Declaration of Independence or an original copy of Moby-Dick, we wouldn't even be asking, 'What's the big deal?'. They're destroying something forever that in the future could have real value."

Jim Henke, chief curator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, added: "If indeed it is the original master tape to 'That's All Right', I think it's a disaster. To destroy something that's such an important historic artefact is destroying a key part of American culture."


Singer Faith Evans and her husband/manager/producer Todd Russaw were both arrested Tuesday night after police in an Atlanta suburb discovered them in possession of marijuana and cocaine. 

The couple were pulled over while driving through the suburb because their car's temporary tag was missing an expiration date. Officers smelt burnt marijuana and undertook the search. The couple spent the night at the Fulton County Jail before appearing in court yesterday where they were charged with possession of cocaine and less than one ounce of marijuana (Evans was also charged with an improper tag violation). 

The couple could now face time in prison because cocaine possession is a felony in the state of Georgia. They are due back in court on 4 Feb.


A judge has denied the father of the boy at the centre of the latest Michael Jackson child abuse case permission to see the child. The boy's father - who was barred from seeing his three children for two years after a nasty divorce from their mother - said he wanted to see his son because he heard he was in ill health again because of the stresses of the Jacko case. He said he also wanted to try to determine if Jackson had in fact molested his son.

But California Superior Court Judge Richard E. Denner denied the request, though he did grant a second hearing on 24 Feb at which the father's attorney can present additional evidence showing why he should be allowed to have contact with this son. 

Elsewhere in Jacko news, R Kelly has been told by a judge that he shouldn't mix with Jackson at next month's Grammys. Kelly has to get the court's permission to go to the awards bash because he is himself awaiting trial on child pornography charges. Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan granted the singer permission to attend the awards, but added that he should not mix with Jackson - the judge's comments were made despite the fact Jackson is not nominated for any Grammys this year, and has made no indication he will attend the event. Kelly, who is nominated for two awards at the Grammys, has worked as producer on two Jacko projects - 'You Are Not Alone' in 1995 and 'One More Chance' last year.


Well, no publicity is bad publicity, but EMAP's new weekly lads mag has already got into trouble after its launch issue carried a spoof quiz asking 'Is Your Doctor Dr Shipman?'

The quiz asked various questions, including: "Has your Dr asked to check your will for 'mistakes' recently?" and "Does your Dr regularly prescribe you loads of morphine saying, 'Just trust me'?". If readers tick too many yes boxes they are told - "Your Dr is Dr Shipman, the UK's worst serial killer. But you'll be OK. He's dead now." 

Helen Ogborn, manager of the Tameside Victim Support service which counselled the victims' families, has hit out at the quiz - describing it as "hurtful and insensitive". She told reporters: "I can't believe anyone could make these kind of jokes when the families concerned are still in mourning. What are they going to come up with next? A quiz about school caretakers?" 

Ashton Hibbert, whose 81-year-old grandmother Hilda Hibbert was killed by Shipman, added: "The people who have manufactured this quiz have not been through what we've been through. To make light of our experience in this way is abhorrent. We just want to be left alone." 

The new magazine's editor - Paul Merrill - defended the quiz, saying: "It was designed to mock Shipman himself, not his victims. We are very sorry if we have offended anybody".

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