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In today's CMU Daily:
- Apologies for Janet Jackson's Superbowl exposure
- Kitten say "break not break up"
- Big Day Out is bigger than ever
- Universal keep Iovine
- 50 Cent added to Grammy bill
- Album Review: Softly With These Songs: The Best Of Roberta Flack
- White Stripes to headline Reading / Leeds
- Mixed fortunes at Real Networks
- Rolling Stone release its album top 500
- Free2view cards no more
- Next Dre album should be most advanced ever
- Jay-Z and Beyonce wedding upcoming
- Hutton fall out continues - what next for Dyke?
- Single Review: Kasabian - Reason Is Treason 
- Sex Pistol sales up while Lydon is in jungle
- US city put James Brown tributes on hold
- ITV plan third channel
- R Kelly lawyers hope to get court case two dropped on technicality
- LMC knocks Pop Idol off top spot
- Judge throws out Snoop Dog court case
- BBC Radio 3 stage world music awards
- Prince William to attend Brits
- Microsoft to stage DJ summit
- Ryan Adams tour officially cancelled 


Apologies all round from those involved in the half time show at this weekend's Superbowl as American Football fans the world over recover from the apparent shock of getting a flash of Janet Jackson's right breast. It was all Justin Timberlake's fault. He was the surprise guest at the MTV produced half time musical bash - but in an ill advised move Mr Timberlake accidentally pulled off a piece of Ms Jackson's costume, exposing more of the singer than was planned. More humorous than the slip up itself was the apologies that followed:

Timberlake: "I am sorry if anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance at the Super Bowl. It was not intentional and is regrettable."

MTV: "The tearing of Janet Jackson's costume was unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional and was inconsistent with assurances we had about the content of the performance. MTV regrets this incident occurred and we apologize to anyone who was offended by it."

CBS (who screen the Superbowl): "CBS deeply regrets the incident that occurred during the Super Bowl halftime show. We attended all rehearsals throughout the week and there was no indication that any such thing would happen. The moment did not conform to CBS broadcast standards and we would like to apologize to anyone who was offended."


Atomic Kitten are denying claims in Friday's Sun that the group is splitting - insisting, instead, that the trio have agreed to take a break to give band member Natasha Hamilton more time to spend with her son. 

Hamilton told reporters: "I've not really had a moment to be with [her son] Josh consistently and properly since he was born, having released two albums and six singles since 2002 and promoted them around the world. I knew that the time would come when I'd need to take time out and luckily the band's in great shape following a brilliant autumn, and I have wonderful mates in Jen and Liz, at my management company and at Innocent Records who support me completely."

Despite plans for a greatest hits album in late March and confirmation that other Kitten members Jenny and Liz are considering pursuing solo careers, the band's publicist insists it's a 'break' rather than 'break-up': "After nearly five years at the top, Atomic Kitten have decided to take a break. The girls' work ethic has kept them constantly busy, travelling the world several times over whilst vigorously promoting each release. This has meant they have had few breaks throughout that period and as a result Natasha has decided to take a well-earned break after completion of the tour's final date in Hull on Mar 11 to spend quality time with son Josh."


More good news for the global live music sector - Australia's Big Day Out festival attracted record numbers of crowds this year. All seven Big Day Out events sold out, meaning some 275,000 music fans enjoyed this year's line up, which included the likes of Metallica, Flaming Lips, The Darkness and Muse. The festival was so popular this year that a second Sydney date was added to the bill, both of which sold out. Over the seven dates there were very few incidents, most of those fans being treated by first aiders suffering from heat exhaustion. 


Following all that gossip last week that Universal insiders were pissed off that they had lost Island Def Jam boss Lyor Cohen to rivals Warner Music, presumably said insiders will be a little happier at the news Interscope A&M Geffen top man Jimmy Iovine has signed a new five year contract.

When Cohen announced he was quitting the Universal division to head up US operations at Edgar Bronfmann Jnr's recently acquired Warner Music, the general consensus at Island Def Jam was that it was procrastination at parent company Vivendi's Paris headquarters that prevented Universal from matching Bronfmann's attractive offer. Others inside feared that if Vivdendi didn't get moving then Iovine - who was also midway through contract renegotiations - would also jump ship. 

Whether that pushed Vivendi, or if the timing is just coincidental, is unclear. However the man who has overseen the rise of Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent and G Unit is back on board at Universal for the foreseeable future in a reported $50 million deal. 

Cohen turned down a similar deal in favour of that presented by Bronfmann at Warners, reportedly because Bronfmann could also offer an equity stake in the record company. Iovine, however, may have been more loyal to Universal because of rumours some in Vivendi see him as the successor to Doug Morris whenever he decides to stand down as chief of the whole Universal Music Group.


50 Cent is a last minute addition to the bill of this year's Grammy Awards - which take place in LA next weekend. The rapper - up for five awards himself - will perform at the event joining a bill that includes Christina Aguilera, the Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake. Hilary Duff, Faith Hill, BB King, Carlos Santana and Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler will all present awards, while Celine Dion, Alicia Keys and Richard Marx will all take part in a segment honouring Luther Vandross.


ALBUM REVIEW: Softly With These Songs: The Best Of Roberta Flack (Warners/Atlantic)
Well, less that a fortnight till Valentines, and her comes a collection of timelessly beautiful love songs courtesy of Roberta Flack. All the classics are featured: 'The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face', 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' and 'Tonight I Celebrate My Love' among others. It's ridiculously romantic, but at the same time very tasteful - each and every track drips with emotion while more than a few ooze with that certain sense of heartache. Some of these songs have been covered countless times - but Roberta's smooth soulful vocals combined with the gentle tenderness of the musicianship means that you're damn unlikely to find much better than this. It's perfect lazy Sunday morning music- and just the thing for a classy cheese extracted Valentine's Day. MY
Release date: 2 Feb
Press contact: PPR [all]


The White Stripes have confirmed they will headline Mean Fiddler's Reading and Leeds festival later this year. The duo were due to play at the festivals in 2003 but had to pull out after Jack White's hand was injured in a car crash. The band announced they would be headlining the festivals after playing a gig at London's Brixton Academy last week.


Mixed news in the release of end-of-year finance figures for digital music company RealNetworks. On the up side the company's revenues were up 11% to $202.4 million in 2003, and while the company made an overall loss, that loss was less than in 2002 - $12.5 million as opposed to £38.4 million the previous year. However the loss in the last quarter - $54.1 million - was more than double the loss reported in the same quarter the previous year. But Real boss Rob Glasner didn't seem too bothered, saying sales had been steadily growing for eighteen months now and that the company was in good shape. 

RealNetworks, who make the RealPlayer for playing music and video on a PC, last year spend over $1.6 million in their antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, who they claim are using their dominance in the IT world to give their audio/video player an unfair advantage. 


Rolling Stone magazine has released details of what they consider the top 500 albums of all time. The upper end of the chart doesn't deliver too many surprises, filled with classic albums from days long gone by. However it was quite good news for British acts with more than half of the top ten albums coming from the UK (though four of those were from the Beatles!).

The top ten is as follows: 

1. The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
3. The Beatles - Revolver
4. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited 
5. The Beatles - Rubber Soul 
6. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
7. The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
8. The Clash - London Calling
9. Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde
10. The Beatles - The Beatles ("The White Album") 


Sky and the commercial terrestrial broadcasters this weekend withdrew the service which meant TV viewers in areas where analogue broadcasts were weak could use a satellite TV system to receive the terrestrial channels without having to have a Sky subscription. 

Until recently all terrestrial networks encoded satellite broadcasts to ensure they could only be watched in the UK where special decoding cards were issued. Anyone with a Sky subscription had such a decoding card - those without Sky could get a free card which just decoded the terrestrial channels - BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five. The administration of that card was managed by Sky but funded by the BBC. 

Then last year the Beeb controversially decided to stop encoding their satellite broadcasts meaning that anyone with a satellite system (and that includes viewers outside the UK) could pick up all of their channels without the need for a card. At the same time they stopped funding the free decoding card - leaving Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and Five with a problem.

They decided to launch a replacement card which would be funded by all of the commercial networks and a one off contribution made by the viewer. Viewers had until this weekend to apply for such a card. Now that deadline has passed no new cards will be issued - and there are currently no immediate plans to launch such a card in the near future.

A message on the website set up by the people who managed the card replacement scheme reads: "Discussion with government, broadcasters and regulator will continue with the objective of finding a cost effective solution to the ongoing provision of cards but for now there is no service planned beyond 31 Jan."


Hip hop producer Scott Storch, who is working with Dr Dre on his next album, has said we can expect the most advanced rap release ever. Speaking to MTV Storch said: "I'd describe it as the most advanced rap album musically and lyrically we'll probably ever have a chance to listen to. There are all kinds of new rhythms in there. He always tries to stay a couple of steps ahead of the field."

As for collaborators Storch says Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Knoc-Turn'al will be among the rappers to appear. The album - working title 'The Detox' - is unlikely to be released before 2005.


According to the Daily Mirror Jay-Z told partygoers at the Taj club in Manhattan last week that he and Beyonce plan to get married in the near future. The paper says Beyonce could hardly conceal her delight as Jay-Z spoke of his plans.


The fallout of the Hutton Report is unlikely to subside this week with the news that BBC staff plan to take out a full page ad in the Daily Telegraph stressing their support for Greg Dyke and a truly independent BBC. The ad has been paid for by BBC staff, including some of the Beeb's more famous names like news correspondents John Simpson and Ben Brown and TV presenter Jonathan Ross. The ad will accompany a number of rally protests being staged by BBC staff across the UK being organised by broadcasting unions NUJ, BECTU and Amicus.

In a statement on the whole affair the London branch of the NUJ said: "Members of the NUJ at the BBC in London express dismay at the one-sided conclusions of the Hutton report. We stand by the right of the journalist, the programme and the Corporation to have broadcast the remarks of Dr Kelly. The NUJ rejects the suggestion of Lord Hutton that the BBC's editorial system is seriously flawed and urges the management to consult with the NUJ on any changes to its editorial procedures. The NUJ urges the news management team to join us in a robust defence of the BBC's journalistic independence. The NUJ regrets the resignation of Greg Dyke and distances itself from the unreserved apology issued by Lord Ryder. To mark our anger at the unfair and one-sided conclusions reached by Lord Hutton, members of the NUJ working in news and current affairs will hold a rally to assert our independence of Government. We will also lobby members of Parliament to demonstrate that we will not accept attempts to compromise the BBC's independence."

Meanwhile, much speculation this morning as to the future of Greg Dyke, who resigned as BBC Director General following the release of the Hutton Report last week. Dyke's impromptu departure from the BBC precedes by a only a few days the official formation of ITV plc - the merger of Granada and Carlton properly taking place today. Rumour is now rife that Dyke - a former boss of ITV division London Weekend Television - may be offered one of the top two jobs there. 

Of course one of those top two jobs is already available following the pushing out of former Carlton boss Michael Green by disgruntled shareholders last year. However ITV insiders reckon it would be too last minute to hand Dyke that job now, with the recruitment process well under way. But some reckon that rumblings among the investment community that they might turn on former Granada boss Charles Allen, in the same way they did with Green, may now get stronger - and it seems that Dyke would be a hot contender to take Allen's chief executive role should it become available. 


SINGLE REVIEW: Kasabian - Reason is Treason (BMG)
The fist time I heard this I thought it was pretty interesting: fast, angry and futuristic like the overloaded rock of Muse. But listening to it again it sounds more like the Sherman-tank-type subtlety of the Cooper Temple Clause - or even 'Xtrmntr' era Primal Scream - with a few Doctor Who theme tune noises thrown in for good measure. That said, Kasabian are trying to something a bit different here and on the whole it works. JW 
Release date: 23 Feb
Press contact: BMG IH [all]


According to Virgin Megastore sales of the Sex Pistol's 'Never Mind the Bollocks' are up 20% following John Lydon's appearance on reality show ' I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!'

Simon Dornan of Virgin Megastores told reporters this weekend: "We've seen a big rise in sales in the Pistols thanks to all the massive publicity which has surrounded the show. The decision to go on the programme is a canny move by the man as he's resurrecting a massive amount of interest in his music and this is just going to snowball over the coming weeks. It's a great way for Lydon to reach a new generation fans who've been force-fed punk pretenders such as Sum 41 and Busted. Music buyers, especially the kids, are keen to find out what the fuss is all about when people talk about Johnny Rotten. What we all tend to forget is that the rise of punk and the Pistols started nearly 30 years ago and their influence is felt now more than ever, even in pop bands like Busted. Punk was raw and aggressive - it genuinely scared the rest of the general public - so in the world of Pop Idol a bit of rebellion is coming back."


The US city of Augusta has put on hold its plans to rename its annual music festival after James Brown, and is rethinking its plan to erect a statue of the singer, following that incident last week when Brown was accused of pushing wife Tomi Mae to the floor during a argument. 

The Georgia town of Augusta, where Brown grew up, had been planning both the tributes to the singer, but local mayor Bob Young told reporters this weekend that they now wanted to see how the current allegations of spousal abuse went before proceeding: "This certainly is not anything anybody could have planned for. It's extremely unsettling and disturbing, but we will have to wait and see how this plays itself out." 


ITV boss Charles Allen has announced the newly merged ITV plc will launch a new channel - ITV 3 - later this year. The new channel is likely to aim at an older audience, to complement ITV2 which is more youth focused. It is not clear if the third ITV channel will be available via Freeview, or whether it will be restricted to pay-TV platforms.


R Kelly's lawyers are hoping to get a second child pornography case against the singer thrown out of court on technical grounds. At the same time as facing child porn charges in Chicago, Kelly has also been charged by police in Florida after they discovered a digital camera at a house he was renting there which contained twelve images of an underage girl undertaking sexual acts. Some of the photos reportedly also feature Kelly himself. 

The pictures were discovered during a police raid of the star's Florida residences in 2002, following Kelly's original arrest over child porn allegations by Chicago authorities. However Kelly's lawyers reckon that those searches were conducted illegally - by misleading friends of the singer staying at one of the properties, and by misleading local courts in order to gain search warrants. On those grounds the singer's legal team told a Florida court last week that they want all evidence found during those searches discredited - which would essentially cause the case to collapse. 

Kelly was not in attendance at the hearing - unlike in Chicago the singer is not required to attend court himself when his case is being heard by judges. Florida courts are now considering the lawyers' requests.


Pop Idol Michelle McManus is no longer at the top of the charts - the LMC vs U2 track 'Take Me To The Clouds Above' went straight in a number one yesterday. Kelis' 'Milkshake' stays at two, pushing McManus down to three. 

There's some good stuff in this week's chart - most notably Lost Prophet's 'Last Train Home' at 8 and the ever excellent Snow Patrol, who go in at 5 with 'Run'.

Albums wise Katie Melua's 'Call Off The Search' stays at number one - ahead of a new entry at 2 for Air with 'Talkie Walkie'. The Coral's 'Nightfreak And The Sons Of Becker' is another high new entry at 5. 


A judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Snoop Dog of illegally using an answer phone recording in one of his tracks. An unnamed man was suing Snoop Dog because he claimed his voice could be heard on a track on the 'Paid The Cost To Be Tha Boss' album supporting Snoop in his rivalry against hip hop producer Marion (Suge) Knight. The man claimed the unauthorised inclusion of the comments against Knight placed him at risk, and he wanted monetary compensation to make up for that. However a Superior Court Judge Lawrence Crispo ruled against the claim last November saying the man had no expectation to privacy when he left the message. That ruling was held up last month after the man failed to appeal. 


It was the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards in London this weekend, and among the winners were: 

- Veteran Cuban star Ibrahim Ferrer - made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club film - who was named top Americas Artist. 

- Iraqi star Kazem Al Sahir - dubbed the Robbie Williams of the Middle East - who won the award for his region. 

- Polish group the Warsaw Village Band - who took the newcomer award.

The winners will now perform in Edinburgh on 9 Mar at a gala concert, where a special award chosen by Radio 3 listeners will also be presented. 


According to the News of the World, Prince William is hoping to attend the Brit Awards later this month. An insider told the paper: "Everyone has been trying to keep it under their hat because it is such a coup. When the palace indicated that he was coming everyone was cock-a-hoop. There have been lots of conversations about the logistics of the whole thing - such as where to seat him. We can't have him sitting on a table with everyone else because he will get too much grief. He'll also be going backstage to meet the artists, which will be very exciting."


Microsoft will sponsor a two-day DJ Summit later this week - and some of the world's leading DJs are expected to be in attendance. The event - at Microsoft's Seattle HQ - will pay tribute to legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash, who will address delegates at the event.

Talking about the summit, and Microsoft's involvement, Flash told "Microsoft feels the DJ's are some of the most important people in the music business. They recognize the DJ and the very important role the DJ plays."


Ryan Adams' people have confirmed that all remaining dates on the singer's European and upcoming North American tour have been cancelled while he recovers from that fall at a Liverpool gig last month. Surgery on the wrist is scheduled for next week, and the ensuing physical therapy is expected to take several months. 

If you're interested, Adams has put pictures of his injury and a video of his visit to the emergency room on his website for us all to enjoy.

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