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In today's CMU Daily:
- Diddy settles with former driver 
- Pixies confirm reunion tour
- Durst Rocksound feud continues
- Live Review: Amy Winehouse At The Jazz Café
- Edited court reports on Jacko case released
- Justin Jackson Superbowl thing rolls on
- Vandross too ill to attend Grammys
- Spector appoints new lawyer
- Purple Haze sue Hendrix company over rights
- TLC support AIDS awareness day in US
- NoW hit back at faked photo claim
- Album Review: Spiritualized - The Complete Works Volume 2 
- Trust the DJ close label
- Love's agent promotes those diaries
- Mobile firms unite against piracy potential
- Charlatans join IoW bill
- Snow Patrol tour
- Capital optimistic of future
- Celebrity jungle stuff
- !K7 trust the fans
- Hope of the States back in studio
- Goldfrapp to support Duran Duran
- Manilow out of hospital
- Walsh not impressed with Michelle
- Britney wants to be a Bond girl


P Diddy as settled that $3 million law suit with his former driver. As previously reported, driver Wardel Fenderson was suing the rapper over an incident in 1999 when, he claims, he was forced to drive Diddy away from a club following a shooting, essentially fleeing police. When they were pulled over by officers, Fenderson claims, Diddy bribed the driver into saying a gun in the car was his.

Fenderson began the legal action in October 2000 suing for damages on the grounds he suffered post-traumatic emotional stress after the ordeal. The case finally reached court last week and Diddy and ex-girlfriend J Lo (who was in the car at the time) were both expected to be called to give evidence. 

But the case was closed yesterday after a judge approved the undisclosed deal between Diddy and Fenderson.


Following the news that they will play the Coachella Festival in California this summer, the Pixies yesterday confirmed they are planning a full US and European tour for later this year. It will be there first tour since they split in 1993.

Although final details are still being finalised a spokesman for the band yesterday told reporters: "For a long time, it was far from certain that this would actually happen. However, you may be interested to learn that, at last, the reunion has been confirmed. Their booking agents have been confirming shows with promoters over the last few days."

It is likely the band will play a number of warm up dates in Canada before their Coachella performance at the start of May. That will be followed up both US and Europe dates, which are likely to include a number of other festival appearances (Glastonbury, V and T in the Park sets are all rumoured) and a possible support slot on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' European tour this summer.


The public feud between Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and a Spanish Rock Sound journalist continues. 

As previously reported, Durst took offence when interviewed by Jordi Meya because he was questioned about the cancellation of the band's performance at the Spanish Festimad music festival. Durst ranted at some length about the interview on his band's website, telling Meya "since you don't have any regard for constructive or objective journalism, kiss my ass and try to be front and centre at the concert next month".

Meya responded in an open letter, which we published in yesterday's Daily, arguing he had simply asked the questions the band's Spanish fans wanted asking - offering Durst the chance to apologise for the Festimad cancellation and committing to giving an extra special show at forthcoming Spanish dates.

Durst hit back again yesterday, writing on his website: "First off, let me say our fans in Spain are in for a treat big-time and that comes right from us. Secondly, we'd like to put a call out to any other serious journalist in Spain who would like to do a real interview with us, but to you [ie Jordi] I say 'no thanks' and I'd rather kick your fake ass. Anyone interested should contact our Universal reps in Spain."

He continued: "No one will know what was really said in our conversation and the negative energy you poured out over the phone to provoke me in the first place. Only you and I will know. As for your clever twist on our conversation, I'm sure a lot of your readers and many others will believe in what you say and once again be misled by the press, but that's life and I am fine with that. Go ahead and respond because this is when the 'big asshole rock star' helps a 'little ol' nobody' like you get a 'break,' right? And when you're done, get over it and get some balls. Preach on baby. They're listening. Peace." 

In quick response Meya last night published the following open letter;

"Dear Fred, I was really close to not writing this reply at all because this is getting really lame, but since you started this pathetic soap opera I think I have the right to give my last word on it. You seem to forget that our conversation was taped, so if you allow me we can post an MP3 of it and let people judge from themselves (there's already a transcription of it on And let that be it. Maybe some people will perceive my "negative attitude" and maybe some will think you acted like a "big asshole rock star". Who cares? I just hope your shows in Spain are as great as your fans deserve them to be. Oh, and it's not about balls, it's about brain. Peace. Jordi Meya."

We await Durst's response.


LIVE REVIEW: Amy Winehouse at the Jazz Café on 27 Jan
"Fuckin' 'ell I'm in the Jazz Cafe." A roar of approval at her humble gesture. In only a matter of months this North London 19 year old has become not only the name on the lips of every media and industry employee from tea-boy to CEO, but she has enjoyed the commercial success that so many critically acclaimed acts fail to muster. And tonight is the evidence. Not only were there a hardcore fan-base of Winos, but representatives of the gig-shy broadsheets were out in force - and despite chewing their teeth for a while when asked, they love her too. It's easy to see why. Her universal appeal doubtless stems from her down-to-earth manner and lyricism, the hiphop and R&B-inspired delivery of jazz, her endearing leftfield looks, and of course the voice of a virgin in fishnets (or maybe that should be a slut in flat shoes?): warm and welcoming, aurally aesthetic and irresistibly sexy all at once. With her trusty baby-blue Strat, she was accompanied by a rhythm section, horn section, keys and another guitar - all of which helped Amy's dream of being a jazz singer like Simone, Fitzgerald, or Holiday come true. Amy, with her caramel-soft and distinctly modern take jazz-song has and will continue to sell albums and tickets for all the right reasons. JG


Court notes on the raid of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch last November report that police seized more than twelve computers, video and still cameras, and several videotapes while in the house. The records also show a locksmith was required to gain access to the master bedroom - in which police found a laptop computer, a digital camera and miscellaneous papers. 

It is unclear if any of that stuff actually provided sound evidence with which the authorities can fight its child abuse case against Jacko. In fact the court papers tell us very little indeed because Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville is concerned that releasing too much information to the media prior to the trial will affect the proceedings, so more or less everything was edited out before the papers were published. 


Elsewhere in the Jackson family - more on the whole Justin Janet Superbowl Scandal (to coin a phrase). Latest word from Janet's people is that while the duo did include a last minute 'garment tear' into their routine, Justin was only meant to remove one layer of Janet's skimpy top, revealing a red lace brassiere. The complete removal of the garment was a genuine mistake.

Presumably they will be sticking to that story when CBS undertake a thorough investigation into the whole routine later this week. You might think such an enquiry is going a bit far - and you'd be right - but to be fair to CBS the whole thing got a little commercial yesterday when the half time show's sponsor, AOL, announced it would not be putting its webcast of the event online as planned and hinted it may look for anything up to $10 million compensation for being associated with such a shocking TV moment. On that news Viacom - parent company of both CBS and the half-time show's producer MTV - saw its share price slip, making senior executives even more angry.

That anger may well be taken out of Timberlake and Jackson themselves. If the aforementioned enquiry finds the two artists responsible for the routine word is CBS bosses will demand the duo are removed from Sunday's Grammy Awards, which the US network screens. Timberlake is scheduled to perform with the Black Eyed Peas at the Grammy show, while Jackson is slated to be a presenter. 

Either way, Timberlake probably isn't helping matters with some of his comments to media. Despite initially claiming the whole thing was an accident and apologising for it - he has subsequently been heard to say: "It was fun. It was quick, slick, to the point. No, I enjoyed it. I love giving y'all something to talk about!"


Talking of the Grammys, sad news from the US that Luther Vandross will not be able to attend Sunday's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, where he's nominated for five trophies. The singer is, of course, still recovering from a severe stroke suffered last April.

Confirming Vandross will not attend in person his business manager told reporters: "It would have been a tremendous moment for Luther to attend the Grammy Awards this year. But on the advice of his doctors, I regret to say that Luther won't be able to make this trip."


According to the Associated Press in the US, Phil Spector has dumped lawyer Robert Shapiro as he prepares to defend himself against those murder allegations, hiring, instead, the services of one of the US's best known criminal defense lawyers, Leslie Abramson.

Commenting on her appointment as Spector's lawyer, Abramson admitted she has postponed her planned retirement for the legal profession to represent him: "I was about to hang it up when I got the call. No other defendant would get me to give up my freedom. No other defendant was someone I considered an idol, an icon and the definition of cool."

On the case itself she added she had reviewed the files and: "I don't see any evidence that he did it." 

Spector is accused of shooting b-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his Californian home last February.


UK based independent label Purple Haze Records is suing the company owned by the Jimi Hendrix estate. The independent claims that they own the rights to certain Hendrix recordings, having bought them off a company called Yameta with whom Hendrix signed a contract in 1966. Among those rights is a live recording of a 1966 Hendrix gig in Stockholm, which Purple Haze recently released in this country. The label reckons the Experience Hendrix company has interfered in their attempts to release this and other Hendrix recordings, without ever supplying documentation to challenge Purple Haze's rights ownership - and as such they are suing the company and their UK lawyers Eversheds for damages.

A statement for Purple Haze reads: "On 1st December 1966, James Marshall Hendrix, known as Jimi Hendrix, signed a contract with Yameta Co Ltd. In 1975, after Hendrix died, the rights that belonged to Yameta Co Ltd were transferred to John A Hillman, who had set up Yameta and ran the company throughout. The license given to Purple Haze Records Ltd is directly from John A Hillman. We have invited Reed Wasson (the Attorney for Experience Hendrix LLC) and Eversheds (UK Solicitors for Experience Hendrix LLC) to show proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights [in question]. Experience Hendrix LLC has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Reed Wasson has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Eversheds has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Purple Haze Records Ltd has invited the above parties ten times to show proof of title. They have refused" 

Experience Hendrix and Eversheds are both yet to comment.


TLC's T-Boz and Chilli have been speaking about their support of America's National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness and Information Day, which takes place this weekend.

In a statement T Boz told fans: "AIDS is the number one killer of African Americans. We have an obligation to ourselves and to our loved ones to be educated about this disease." 

Chilli Thomas added: "If you don't learn about HIV and how to protect yourself, you are risking your life. We can't sit back and think 'it won't be me' when so many of our sisters and brothers are infected every day. And those in our community who have HIV should come forward, because their denial and silence is part of the problem."


The News of the World has hit back at allegations they doctored a photo of Kate Moss and Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie. The paper published a picture of Moss and Gillespie together alongside claims the former was comforting the latter after a break up with his girlfriend.

Moss's lawyer wrote to the paper to complain at the story, denying Gillespie had split from his girlfriend and claiming the original of the photo they published had also featured said girlfriend, implying the paper had tampered with the image to suggest some kind of relationship was developing between the model and the singer. 

But the paper yesterday said: "The allegation that the News of the World faked this photo is untrue. The photo was obtained from a reputable picture agency and was not airbrushed or doctored in any way." That agency, Matrix, admitted Gillespie's girlfriend may have been present when the photo was taken but confirmed the NoW's claims that she hadn't been artificially cut out of the picture. 


ALBUM REVIEW: Spiritualized - The Complete Works Volume 2 (BMG/Arista)
If like me your knowledge of Spiritualized is fairly rudimentary the Complete Works is obviously a good place to start. This 2 CD set starts with the 'Let If Flow' single and includes tracks from 'Pure Phase', 'Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space', 'Let It Come Down', and 'Amazing Grace'. Of these 'Ladies and Gentlemen' is the album I'm most familiar with, and from this, the likes of the dreamy 'I Think I'm In Love' and the tender, fragile 'Broken Heart' make for great listening. There's a surprising divergence on the album. Alongside the straight out rock 'n' roll of 'Electricity' with its surging powerhouse of squalling guitars there is the everything but the kitchen sink orchestral 'Stop Your Crying'. Also there's a soulful gospel feel for 'Let it Flow', while there is a distinct classical influence on 'Broken Heart'. There is a beautiful instrumental version of the latter track which was previously only available in Japan. Another rarity is the 'X-Files Theme'. Altogether it's a very classy compilation. JW
Release date: 26 Jan
Press contact: Wild [CP, CR] BMG IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


The record label bit of the TrusttheDJ empire has been placed into administration because investors lack confidence in the commercial future of the dance music sector in the UK. 

In a statement a spokesman for the label said yesterday: "After much soul searching by the board and attempts at finding a solution to the challenges we faced, it was decided that the business going forward would not be viable and as such Tony Supperstone and Malcolm Cohen of BDO Stoy Hayward LLP were appointed joint administrators. We are proud to have been responsible for releasing high quality and critically acclaimed CDs over the years as well as providing a home for the world's leading DJs and a website which catered to a loyal and passionate fanbase."

TrusttheDJ was founded four years ago and based itself around its own online community for DJs and dance music fans. They released a massive 52 records in that short time, working with most of the big names in UK dance music including Boy George, Annie Nightingale, Brandon Block, Carl Cox, Goldie, Pete Tong and Tim Westwood. Insiders say the company was, in itself, profitable, but that investors were not convinced long term growth was possible.

It is as yet unclear how the closure of the label will affect TrusttheDJ's management company or its online operations at


Courtney Love's literary agent has been talking about the singer's personal diary and scrapbook - which he is currently touting to interested publishers. The diaries are expected to give an insight into Love's relationship with Kurt Cobain and her rollercoaster life since his suicide. 

Agent David Vigliano - who also arranged the publishing of Cobain's journals - told MTV "The book features Courtney's legendary writings that have been whispered and wondered about for years but that no one has ever seen. Love's life bridges the worlds of punk rock and Hollywood glamour, high fashion and San Francisco hippiedom. No other person's life touches so many cultures or such a broad cast of characters - from Julian Cope and Alex Cox to Milos Forman and Marlon Brando. This book is the literary equivalent of Bob Dylan's 'Bootleg Series'."


With the consumption of music and film on mobile phones expected to be the next big thing (more on that in this week's CMU Weekly at, the key players in the field have announced an alliance to combat the potential for piracy from the outset. Nokia, Intel and Warners are among the companies in the alliance - they plan to work with the existing Open Mobile Alliance of 350 mobile technology companies to create and license technology that prevents P2P style file sharing from taking off on mobile phones. 

Members of the alliance believe that a universal anti-piracy technology that works on all devices and networks is required if it is to be successful. Announcing the alliance Juha-Pekka Sipponen of Nokia told reporters: "Licensing a broadly supported anti-piracy standard promotes wide adoption, and that is essential for success. It will also simplify the transfer of content between devices - which is important for consumers."

The alliance has been given the snappy title of the Content Management License Administrator and also includes Samsung, Matsushita, RealNetworks and UK mobile operator 02.


The Charlatans have been added to the bill of the Isle of Wight Festival - which already includes The Who, The Manics, Sterophonics and David Bowie. The band will play alongside Bowie on 13 Jun.


CMU favourites Snow Patrol - at long last getting some of the success they so deserve - have announced a string of UK dates to follow up their February US tour. UK dates as follows:

2 Mar: Newcastle University 
3 Mar: Liverpool Carling Academy
4 Mar: Birmingham Carling Academy
5 Mar: Stoke Sugarmill
6 Mar: Sheffield Leadmill
8 Mar: Carling Academy 3, Manchester
9 Mar: Leeds Cockpit
10 Mar: Princess Charlotte, Leicester
11 Mar: Norwich Waterfront
13 Mar: Brooks University, Oxford
14 Mar: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
15 Mar: Fleece and Firkin, Bristol


Following those generally good RAJAR figures last week, the Capital Radio Group seems to be on the up again, reporting a 5% rise in profits for the last quarter of 2003 and increased optimism in the radio advertising sector.

In a press statement the group told investors: "Trading in the October to December quarter reflected the improving trend in the overall advertising market. The Group's revenue increased by 5% against the same quarter last year, which was in line with our expectations. Our revenue performance was enhanced by the Group's portfolio of stations across the UK and we continued to achieve particularly strong revenue growth from Xfm and the Century FM Network."

On the near future they added: "January 2004 revenues increased by 1% year on year. At this stage, we anticipate that February and March revenues will show modest growth, to result in nine months of year on year growth." 


Ant & Dec were forced to make a quick apology on last night's edition of 'I'm A Celebrity' after good ole John Lydon responded to the news that the British public had voted to keep him in the jungle with the comment "Fucking cunts". Questioning the reliability of the voting British public he commented, "yeah, well they voted for Tony Blair didn't they". 

The comments came as former athlete Diane Modahl was voted out of the jungle. Apparently less than 100 votes separated her from Peter Andre. That could well mean Andre will be evicted from the jungle tonight. If so the former pop star should watch his back because Scott Sullivan, boyfriend of Jordan, has told the papers he is flying out to Oz to confront the singer over his on-screen flirting with the model. 

Speaking to the Sun, Sullivan yesterday said: "I'm furious that Peter Andre is being disrespectful towards me. He knows Katie is not single and has a boyfriend, but he's still trying it on with her. I've been in America for the past few days so I haven't seen the show. But all my friends and family have told me what's been going on and I'm not happy. I'm going to be on the next plane out there. I'm going to punch his lights out. I don't like what's going on out there. I'm really pissed off.


Independent label !K7 has announced they will be putting a new logo on all their releases which reads 'NO copy protection - respect the music'. The label says that they feel copy protection - that stops consumers copying tracks onto their computers - is disrespectful to customers. They add that they enjoy a positive relationship with their artists' fans which means they shouldn't be too ripped off by online pirates. 


Up and coming band Hope of the States have gone back into the studio for the first time following the tragic suicide of guitarist Jimi Lawrence. The band were close to finishing their debut album when Lawrence was found dead at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios near Bath last month. No word yet when that album will actually be released.


CMU favourites Goldfrapp will support Duran Duran on their UK comeback tour. The nine April support dates will further promote current album 'Black Cherry'. The dates where Goldfrapp will support are as follows:

11 Apr: Nottingham Arena 
13 & 14 Apr: London Wembley Arena 
15 Apr: Glasgow SECC 
17 & 21 Apr: Manchester Evening News Arena 
18 & 19 Apr: Birmingham NEC 
22 Apr: Newcastle Arena 


Barry Manilow yesterday returned home following that 24-hour hospital stay for stress-related chest pains. As previously reported it is thought the pains were brought on by stress after two days in legal arbitration involving ownership of the musical 'Harmony' - the legal wranglings were with producer Mark Schwartz, who produced an unsuccessful run of the show on Broadway.

In a statement to the press Manilow himself said: "It literally broke my heart to sit for two days and watch these beautiful people of the creative team testify because of the incompetence (that) brought down our show. My heart was broken, but the doctors put it back together, and I will continue to fight."


Louis Walsh - the manager of Westlife and Girls Aloud best known as a judge on Pop Stars The Rivals - has finally found something he can agree with Pete Waterman about. Walsh enjoyed on screen arguments with Waterman on the Pop Stars shows, and challenged the producer's involvement with the second series of Pop Idol after his mis-management of the Pop Stars boy band One True Voice.

But it seems Walsh shares Waterman's reservations with regards the future career of Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus. Speaking to the GWR radio network Walsh has said: "I don't think she's going to do well. I think she's like the new Jane McDonald, just a larger version. She'll be good for cruise ships - big cruise ships. I don't know why she won but she did, and we have to give her her 15 minutes, but I don't see a long career."


Britney Spears has reportedly told the Daily Mirror that she will be turning her efforts to acting in the near future. The paper quotes her as saying "I want to take my acting very seriously because that's what I'm going to be concentrating on over the next few years." Word is she has ambitions to play a Bond girl and has even instigated a meeting with Bond producer Barbara Brocolli. We'll see...

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