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In today's CMU Daily:
- Brown files for annulment
- Police want to speak to Gallagher over railway stroll
- Police still looking for 50 Cent over street altercation
- Nipplegate continues
- MTV in dispute with independents
- Single Review: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know 
- BMG plan surround sound Outkast
- Chrysalis performing well 
- Majors pilot Dual Disc
- Five axe Terry & Gabby
- CD Wow told to stop blaming the BPI
- Beggars launch extranet
- Nas plans remix album
- Single Review: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Man Bites Man
- American Idol step up contestant screening
- ITV apologises for Lydon swearing
- Jack says no more Elephant
- British Sea Power plan single especially for the Czechs
- Former Doobie sax player dies
- Man forced to listen to opera for playing 50 Cent too loudly


James Brown has filed for an annulment of his marriage to wife Tomi Rae as a police report revealed more about the altercation that led to the soul legend being arrested on domestic violence charges last week. 

The police report alleges that the 70 year old singer pushed Mrs Brown to the floor during an argument at the couple's South Carolina home. He then threatened to kill her while holding a chair over her. Reports say Tomi Rae had scratches and bruises on her right arm and hip when she arrived at Augusta hospital later that day.

Brown is denying the domestic violence allegations, and is filing for annulment on the grounds that Tomi Rae never divorced a previous husband. Brown's lawyer, Jim Huff, told reporters that Tomi Rae never sought a divorce from Javed Ahmed, a man she had married in Houston in Feb 1997.


Noel Gallagher may face a fine after the Sun showed a picture of him walking along a railway line in Cornwall as he made his way from the hotel where he is staying to a near by recording studio. The picture basically shows him trespassing on the property of National Rail, and the rail company has apparently reported the incident to the British Transport Police.

One Inspector Kevin Marshall has told the paper: "I have been contacted by National Rail and they want me to investigate. I will need to speak to Mr Gallagher because the danger is children may copy what he's doing. The message needs to be clear that people should not step foot on the railways. If he is found to have broken a law he could face a fine of up to £1,000."


Meanwhile police in the US are still wanting to speak to 50 Cent following that incident in New York when the MC pulled up at a video shoot in Queens and seemed to threaten to fire a gun. Word is Fiddy drove up to the video shoot, got out of his car and shouted: "What up? You ready for this?" He then allegedly extended his empty hand and motioned like he was shooting a gun. No comment from 50 Cent's people, but police have confirmed there is a warrant our for his arrest. 


More, yes that's right, more on the whole Justin / Janet Superbowl routine (what some in the US media are now calling Nipplegate). Firstly some words from MTV boss Tom Freston whose company produced the Superbowl halftime show. Speaking at a conference in New York yesterday he made reference to one of his station's own hidden camera shows by commenting: "We were punk'd by Janet Jackson." 

He continued: "When you're doing live television there's a great reliance and trust you have to put in the performers. And our trust was violated by the performer. Janet Jackson isn't the type of person you would think would be doing that. So yes, we were surprised, but such is the nature of what live TV can be." Freston added that he welcomed the Federal Communications Commission's decision to investigate the matter, though presumably won't be so pleased to hear that sister company CBS could be fined $27,500 for every station that showed the breast-exposing routine - which could leave the network with a bill for millions, on top of moves by AOL to get a refund on its sponsorship of the event. 

Meanwhile the whole thing is having an effect on other live televised music events. CBS have confirmed they will use a video delay when screening this weekend's Grammys giving TV execs the power to pull the feed should anything too controversial take place. The network's technicians are currently putting the system in place, apparently hoping to find something more "viewer-friendly" than a black screen for the broadcast to cut to should any censorship be needed.

Meanwhile CBS bosses have still not ruled out banning both Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake from appearing on the Grammys show. As reported yesterday, the former is due to present an award at the event, while Timberlake is on the bill to perform at the show. Word is that if an internal CBS investigation blames the artists for what happened on the weekend execs at the network will force Grammy producers to regig their bill.

With perhaps that thought in mind Justin Timberlake, who seemed a tad ambivalent about the routine earlier in the week despite his initial apology, was sounding more serious yesterday. He told reporters: "The fact of the matter is, I've had a good year, a really good year, especially with my music, even me personally. I don't feel like I need publicity like this. And I wouldn't want to be involved with a stunt, especially of this magnitude. I immediately looked at her, they brought a towel up onstage, I immediately covered her up. I was completely embarrassed and just walked off the stage as quick as I could."

Whether or not Timberlake himself is affected by the fallout from the Superbowl - his former band mate JC Chasez has been hit. Justin's fellow Nysnc member was scheduled to perform at Sunday's NFL Pro Bowl - but organisers have axed him from the halftime festivities. League spokesperson Brian McCarthy said yesterday: "In light of what happened Sunday, we took a hard look at what he was going to perform and decided to move in another direction. This is a reflection of what was communicated by the league on Monday. We said we are making changes and this is the first one."

Chasez was diplomatic about the whole thing: "No one could be more disappointed than I that the NFL has canceled my halftime performance at the Pro Bowl. I've told the NFL I understand the pressure that they are under since the Super Bowl."


MTV in Europe is also facing a row this week - though not over any nipples or gates. The Guardian today reports that the independent sector is getting increasingly angry with MTV over their continued attempts to renegotiate royalty payments, with allegations that the TV network is trying to sidestep bargaining group Video Performance Limited - who have already rejected the current offer - by going straight to the labels themselves instead.

With an ever increasing number of channels to fill, MTV was hoping that, when the last royalties agreement ended in 2002, it could increase its access to content without drastically increasing its cost, stressing the promotional role MTV plays when it screens videos. But the network has failed to reach an agreement with VPL, and more recent attempts to persuade key independents direct to agree to the proposed contract have caused outrage among key players.

Speaking to The Guardian this week, Alison Wenham of the Association of Independent Music said: "The new deal calls for more rights and more TV channels for 55% less than we are currently getting". 

Sean O'Brien, chairman of London based independent Telstar, went further, accusing MTV of "big corporate bully boy tactics". He said: "MTV was not paying anything like a market rate, even if you look at what they used to pay. As for the promotional role of MTV - I don't buy that, I think there is no doubt that increasing access to music TV is diminishing the appetite to buy singles".

MTV have denied the allegations of 'bully boy tactics' saying they simply want to bring Europe in line with the rest of the world. A spokesman told the paper: "We found that we were paying double the rate that we were paying other rate holders. If we have made anyone feel threatened, it was hugely unintentional. We wouldn't have spent an extra year trying to come to an agreement with VPL if we didn't care. We don't want to knock anyone off the network".


SINGLE REVIEW: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know (Universal/Island)
Keane, quite simply, are going to be massive. Not just big in a Franz Ferdinand indie band kind of way, but a real mainstream chart success story. This, their first single on a major label, doesn't deviate from the formula of the two preceding genius singles on Fierce Panda - essentially majestic anthemic pop (with a chorus that reaches then transcends the stars), saturated with melancholy and - here's the catch - no guitars. If you're worried it might be all a bit Ben Folds Five, don't be: Keane are already making songs as good as Radiohead, Travis, Coldplay and all the other slightly glum bands who sell their sadness to the general public in the thousands. It's feasible that in a few years Keane could be selling more than all of them - they maintain a simple pop unpretentiousness that should appeal to fans of Dido and David Gray, as well as a level of sophistication and intelligence lapped up by snobs like me. Vocalist Tom Chaplin may have a name like your history teacher, but is possessed of a soaring, incredibly emotive voice that suggests fans will be sobbing their eyes out at the stadiums the band will fill in the future. As third singles go, then...pretty near perfect. MS
Release date: 16 Feb
Press contact: Island IH [all]


BMG have confirmed that the up coming DVD from Outkast will be presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound - rather good news for the growing number of people with rather decent sound systems attached to their tellies. The DVD - out 22 Mar - will include videos for 'Hey Ya!', 'Ms Jackson' and the new single 'The Way You Move'.


The huge (and long deserved) success of Outkast is really paying off for Chrysalis, who hold the duo's publishing rights. The fact Outkast have sold 3.5 million albums, were Christmas number one in the US and have been dominating the US charts for weeks now was just one of the bits of good news Chrysalis boss Chris Wright had for his shareholders at the company's AGM this week.

Wright was buoyant about the group's music, radio and books businesses, telling shareholders: "Visibility has continued to improve over the period and we entered February with over 90% of the month's budgeted revenues booked."

He went on to confirm that the group is ready to mount a big marketing push for its London radio stations as Capital relaunches its breakfast show. Wright: "We intend to strenthen out marketing activity, particularly in London where high profile changes at a number of other stations provide our Heart and LBC brands with significant opportunities for growth."


An alliance between the major labels is hoping they have overcome the tricky "CD or DVD?" problem with the launch of a new disk format called DualDisc. A number of record labels have dabbled in releasing both singles and albums as DVDs - allowing the inclusion of more video content and better sound quality. The problem with DVD releases is consumers cannot use them on their CD players, CD walkmans or in their PC (unless, of course, they have a DVD drive). The new disks are double sided - one side is a CD, the other a DVD.

The viability of DualDisc is now being tested in certain markets with the release of thirteen pilot titles, including AC/DC's 'Back in Black', David Bowie's 'Reality', Linkin Park's 'Reanimation', REM's 'Automatic for the People' and Andrew WK's 'The Wolf'.

Announcing the pilot a Warners spokesman told reporters: "WMG is testing the DualDisc in select markets. DualDisc is a feature rich and flexible music product with highest quality fidelity available. Identical in size and looks to a Compact Disc or DVD disc, the DualDisc offers consumers the option of playing the disc in either a CD player and / or DVD player. The result is a product that provides the consumer with an exciting new dimension to the recorded music experience."

One interesting point is Sony's involvement in the DualDisc project, and its release of several albums as part of the pilot. If DualDisc proves to be successful it may well help establish DVD Audio as the standard format for enhanced sound releases - which competes with SACD, the enhanced CD format being developed by Sony's electronics division.


Five have ended speculation and confirmed they are not recommissioning it's morning programme - the Terry & Gaby Show. The show will finish on its 200th show on 26 Mar. After struggling to compete with ITV's This Morning there was talk about shifting Terry & Gaby into an afternoon slot, but in the end Five decided to look for something new. It comes as a triple blow to the show's producer Chris Evans. Once seen as a genius of TV concepts, Evans has seen all three of his new TV creations axed in the last twelve months.


Internet music retailer CD Wow has been wrapped by the courts for blaming price increases on the BPI. As previously reported, the BPI successfully stopped the e-tailer from sourcing the CDs it sells from outwith the EU - meaning it is harder for them to undercut their competitors. When that ruling meant prices had to rise on the site, CD Wow bosses posted a message saying price increases were all the fault of the BPI! The industry association objected and a court last week told CD Wow to take down the accusation. 

Meanwhile CD Wow have announced they have found a way to make chart albums available for £8.99 include delivery. Announcing the new price the website says: "We've been working out little cotton socks off to source our chart albums within the EU at the lowest possible price."


Beggars Banquet have launched a new extranet service which gives journalists the facility to download photos and cover scans via ftp. Details of how to access the facility are available from the Beggars press department. 


Sony have confirmed that Nas will follow up last album 'God's Son' with a remix collection designed to mark the tenth anniversary of landmark album 'Illmatic'. The collection will include remixes of the entire album plus two new tracks. Remixes come from, among others Eminem and Gang Starr's DJ Premier. The CD is out on 22 Mar.


SINGLE REVIEW: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Man Bites Man (V2)
Dogs Die In Hot Cars are one of those bands for whom it all seems to come together. Top name, plenty of playlisting, half-decent tunes and no doubt a rapid rise to fame, even if they do sound like a cross between ELO and Dexys. Is that a bad thing? Not on this showing. Man Bites Man is a good-natured romp through rush-hour commuter rage and rat-race angst. The Queen Of Pumpkin Plukes is a heartfelt folky ballad about (what else?) the Queen of Pumpkin Plukes. And, despite the Seventies, the Eighties and the seventeenth century, this is indie pop like it ought to be. MB
Release Date: 9 Feb
Press Contact: Renegade [CP, CR] Impressive [RP, NP] V2 IH [RR, NR]


Producers of 'American Idol' have confirmed they are vetting all of the final 117 contestants of the show after a number of embarrassing stories surfaced about past contenders. 

Last season the judges advanced Jaered Andrews to the final 32 but kicked him off when producers learned he had been arrested on assault charges after a bar fight that ended with a man's death. Another finalist, Frenchie Davis, was axed for posing topless on a website that advertised pictures of underage girls. And Corey Clark, who made it as far the final nine, was eliminated after it surfaced he had been arrested the previous year for assaulting his sister.

Co-executive producer Ken Warwick has confirmed this year's vetting process has been stepped up: "This year, for the first time ever, we screened all of the 117 that came through to Pasadena. Normally we only screen the final 32. Generally speaking the whole process of screening these kids is a bit of a nightmare. Some of them are younger, so they're not on the normal registers you would check out. People are always going to tell lies, so you can't legislate for that until you find out. But they sign a contract, and if they do that, they are in breach of contract."


Janet Jackson only needs to flash her breast to get America outraged, at least John Lydon has to shout "fucking cunts" to secure a few complaints. Despite issuing an apology for Lydon's comments on a live segment of 'I'm A Celeb', ITV insiders say that the 98 complaints they have received from an estimated audience of 12 million shows how things have changed - even though the show is on quite late you would have expected more outrage in the past. Certainly the fall out was nothing compared to what followed that other famous Lydon live TV outburst when - having been challenged by BBC presenter Bill Grundy to "say something outrageous" on tea time telly - Lydon called the presenter a "fucking rotter" - a TV moment that caused questions to be asked in the Commons, a tabloid frenzy and, of course, the Daily Mirror's famous 'The Filth and the Fury' headline.

Despite all that ITV confirmed they were adding a slight time delay to the live segments of the jungle show: "We've no wish to offend viewers or mar their enjoyment. We're therefore building a very short time delay into transmission to enable us to bleep unacceptable language."

Though as one caller to Radio 5 Live pointed out - you have to assume ITV expected some Lydon swearing: "My nine-year-old daughter begged me to stay up and watch it, but I didn't let her because I expected bad language. I mean for goodness sake, why else have they got Johnny Rotten on?" 


Jack White has told John Peel he wants to call a day to his promotion work on album 'Elephant' so he can find time to write some new tracks. 

White: "We're done with Elephant, and we're not touring any more on that album so, I just need a break. We've toured the world on it, so I guess I got to get inspired again. When you keep playing every night, every night, and we put so much energy every night into it. I don't like to write songs on the road, so I need to just go home and rest".


According to Xfm, British Sea Power are planning on releasing a new single - 'A Lovely Day Tomorrow' - exclusively in the Czech Republic, with one version of the song in Czech. Apparently the band came up with the idea because they are playing a concert at The Roxy in Prague on 8 Apr.

Meanwhile BSP have confirmed some UK dates for April, as follows: 

17 Apr: The Venue, Edinburgh 
19 Apr: Newcastle University
20 Apr: Liverpool University 
21 Apr: Club Zero, Sheffield 
22 Apr: Academy, Manchester 
23 Apr: Barfly, Birmingham 
25 Apr: Leicester University
26 Apr: The Waterfront, Norwich 
27 Apr: The Fleece, Bristol 
29 Apr: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 


Cornelius Bumpus, saxophonist with the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, has died after suffering a heart attack while flying between New York and California. The plane he was on made an emergency landing in Kansas City after the heart attack, where the musician was officially pronounced dead.

A statement on the Steely Dan website expresses its "profound sorrow and sympathy to Cornelius' wife and family".

Bumpus performed with the Doobie Brothers from the early eighties, but his relations with the band turned contentious in the late 1990s when they sued him and several other musicians over their use of the Doobies name. 


A judge in Miami has ordered a man to listen to over two hours of opera after playing 50 Cent too loudly in his car. Michael Carreras fell foul of new noise legislation in Miami which gives police the right to arrest you if they can hear the music in your car more than 100 feet away. Carreras was found to be playing 50 Cent's 'In Da Club' too loudly while driving through Miami at 5am.

Judge Jeffrey Swartz gave the 32-year-old club promoter the choice of paying a $500 fine or listening to Verdi's 'La Traviata' in his chambers. "You impose your music on me, and I'm going to impose my music on you," the judge said. 

According to a local paper Carreras found the punishment "relaxing".

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