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In today's CMU Daily:
- RIAA face new challenge in anti-download war
- EMI threaten legal action over Grey mix
- QOTSA rumours confirmed
- Dedbeat line up announced
- Single Review: Polanski - Hate This Music 
- Tuscon residents reckon Ross got off too lightly
- Love misses court hearing
- TaTu split from manager
- FCC man still very angry
- NME awards today
- Juno nominees announced
- Super Furrys plan remix album
- BBC add text news service to DAB
- More Pixies dates
- Single Review: Chikinki- Like It Or Leave It 
- Manchester bassists collaborate on new project
- The Edge records batman theme
- Grohl drums for garbage
- IDS to join Vaughan on bbc3
- Five confirm return to reality line up 


Another challenge for the Recording Industry Association of America in their ongoing battle against illegal downloading - this time in the form of an increasingly popular new service which is currently allowing some 7000 consumers to surf the net completely anonymously.

For $5.95 a month, the AnonX service allows users to access the internet via their servers in such a way that no one on the net - the RIAA included - can identify the identity of the customer. The information that can normally be accessed as to the location of any web user is hidden - all copyright owners know is that the user is accessing the internet via AnonX.

The company hopes to avoid being forced to hand over the contact details of their subscribers by basing its official operations and its servers in Vanuatu, the loosely regulated Pacific island that is also the official home of Kazaa company Sharman.

The service has been set up by Texan Wyatt Wasicek who feels organisations like the RIAA are behaving badly in the way they are conducting their war against downloaders. That said, Wasicek does not seem to object in principle to copyright holders protecting their rights and has told Billboard that, in addition to filters designed to block the accessing or sharing of child pornography via the service, his company will also block what he called the "egregious downloading of copyrighted material". 

He added: "I'm doing this to protect the family with the 13-year-old, not the 25-year-old with 25 movies he's sharing with his buddies. I wanted to go back to the good old days when people could surf anonymously."

Despite those assurances, the growth of such net-anonymity services - especially if, as reviews of AnonX suggest, their use does not affect the speed of internet usage - will come as a worry to bodies like the RIAA whose current consumer-targeted litigation activity is based on the ability to identify the location of downloaders.


EMI has taken legal action against that genius project undertaken by DJ/Producer Danger Mouse. As previously reported, the producer has mixed Jay-Z's 'Black Album' with the Beatles' 'White Album' to create 'The Grey Album'.

The mix was completed at the end of last year and a limited run of 3000 were pressed and distributed. But the idea caught the imagination of hip hop fans and now copies are circulating auction sites like eBay and various hip hop retail outlets.

EMI, who own the recording rights to the White Album, did not give permission for the release and have now served a 'cease-and-desist order' on Danger Mouse. The producer has told reporters he will comply with the order, stressing his limited edition release was not a commercial enterprise and that he didn't expect its distribution to become so prolific.

The producer hopes he will now avoid any actual legal action because of the small number of copies actually pressed.


There was confirmation yesterday that the creative partnership behind the Queens Of The Stone Age is no more. The band's management confirmed that bassist Nick Oliveri had left the band saying, simply, "A number of incidents occurring over the last 18 months have led to the decision that the two can no longer maintain a working partnership in the band." 

It seems frontman Josh Homme plans to continue under the QOTSA banner, with Van Conner of rock band the Screaming Trees now listed as the group's bassist on the QOTSA website. Also absent from the band members list on that website is Joey Castillo, who joined QOTSA as drummer last summer - the band's drummer is now listed as Barrett Martin, also from Screaming Trees.

All that Screaming Trees stuff seems to contradict the other rumours yesterday that Homme had also fallen out with another of his occasional collaborators Mark Lanegan, who is the Trees' frontman. Unless, of course, they've fallen out because Homme has poached half of Lanegan's band!

As for Homme and Oliveri, there is much speculation as to what led to the split - with rumours of something big having occurred while the band performed at the various Big Day Out festivals in Australia last month. 


Organisers of the annual Dedbeat festival announced their initial line-ups yesterday - and it's all looking rather good. As always the three day party will take over the Pontins Holiday Village in Hemsby, Norfolk - this time from 23 - 25 Apr.

Artist wise, on a hip hop tip the legendary KRS-1 of Boogie Down Productions is over for his first UK date in ages, performing alongside Edan, Ty, Infinite Livez, Atmosphere, The Meteorites, Prince Poetry and Sage Francis. On a more soulful edge there's multi-million selling soulstress Gwen McCrae while holding the reggae torch will be song master Horace Andy and the Dub Cartel Soundsystem.

Other line up highlights include Amp Fiddler, Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Plaid, LFO, Luke Vibert. Si Begg, Alden Tyrell, Dexter and Detroit In Effect and Serge, plus label showcases Big Dada, Ghostly International, Keb Darge's Breakin' Bread, Tigerbeat, A1 Records, Lex and Wang. 

Like with All Tomorrows' Parties the £95 ticket price includes all three days, chalet accommodation and access to all the facilities of the holiday park. Full line up and booking details at 

Press requests for this year's event are being handled by ePM on 020 8964 4900 - all press ticket applications should be made by 12 Apr including name, contact number, address and number of press/photo passes required.


SINGLE REVIEW: Polanski - Hate This Music (Prolifica Records)
It really is very rare for a record this good to appear totally out of the blue. I knew nothing about Polanski when this arrived with a complete lack of fanfare. It has one of those tunes that sounds immediately familiar and you'll be singing it before you realise it's entered your consciousness. Sexy drawled vocals, subtle, suave and elegant instrumentation (think the more sophisticated end of Brit-pop) and a killer chorus add up to a glorious whole. This is only available as a limited edition release on vinyl but I'd guess the next release will more widely available. Love this music! JW
Release date: 1 Mar
Press contact: Prolifica Records IH [CP, RP, NP] Anglo Plugging [CR, RR, NR]


Residents of Tuscon, Arizona have been protesting over what they see as over lenient sentencing with regards the Diana Ross drink driving case. As previously reported, Ross was this week finally convicted for driving in the town while twice over the allowed alcohol limit around New Years 2002/3. Ross has been ordered to spend two days in jail before 9 Mar - it is likely the singer will do that at the prison nearest her LA home.

But residents in Tuscon, who have been closely watching the case for over a year, think that sentence is too lenient. Holly Robles of the Tuscon-based Pima County Mothers Against Drunk Driving group told reporters: "The public perception is that Diana Ross got away with it. We've received an overwhelming number of phone calls from people unhappy at what they see as lenient treatment". Other residents have apparently been flooding local government offices and news outlets with protest. 

The local courts have issued a short statement saying, simply, "This is the usual sentencing that first-time driving while under the influence of alcohol offenders get." But protestors aren't impressed - they are calling for residents to picket their City Hall, for the recall of the sentencing judge, and for the public chastisement of their mayor.


Talking about singers in trouble with the law - Courtney Love has pissed off the courts in LA again by not showing up to a court hearing over those recent drugs charges. Love was due in court yesterday as part of her bid to avoid a jail sentence by committing to attend a drugs rehab programme instead. But when the court session began Love's lawyer said she was not planning on attending for "security reasons". The court promptly postponed the hearing to next Tuesday with the judge preparing the way to have Love arrested if she doesn't show up then. Either way, court officials admitted the no-show yesterday may affect here chances of avoiding a custodial sentence. 


What, with the celebs out of the jungle and Nipplegate calming down in the States, where's our source of nonsense stories going to come from. 

Re-enter TaTu - hurrah!

Following rumours last month that the Russian duo had split up, news today that Lena Katina and Julia Volkova are still together but that they have dumped controversial manager Ivan Shapovalov because he "was only interested in orchestrating scandals and not in developing their artistic talent". Shapovalov was the man behind the 'lesbian lovers' pitch and all the publicity stunts that went with it.

Volkova is reported as saying: "He spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work. I'm sure our fans would rather hear new songs and new albums than new scandals."

Assuming all that's true it is likely the girls will have to start performing under a different name because Shapovalov owns the copyright to the TaTu name.


Actually, when I said Nipplegate was calming down I was lying, it seems there's still plenty of nonsense to come out of this story.

Michael Powell of American media regulator the FCC is still very angry about the whole thing. He told the US Senate Commerce Committee yesterday that: "The now infamous display during the Super Bowl halftime show, which represented a new low in prime-time television, is just the latest example in a growing list of deplorable incidents over the nation's airwaves." 

As previously reported, Powell hopes to utilise the collective outrage of America's more stupid citizens and use the fall out of the Superbowl show to clamp down on TV standards. He confirmed yesterday that the FCC was aggressively chasing violators of TV regulations and would start doing more, including fining broadcasters for each incident rather than each programme, and revoking licenses of some serial violators. "Action must be taken by the entire television and radio industry to heed the public's outcry and take affirmative steps to curb the race to the bottom. This industry simply must help clean up its own room." 

Powell also vented his spleen to the US House of Reps Telecommunications Subcommittee. That committee also heard from Paul Tagliabue of the National Football League ("we should have done more to monitor those evil people at MTV") and Mel Karmazin, president of CBS and MTV parent company Viacom ("we're really really really sorry"). 

Elsewhere, the fall out Nipplegate seems to be impacting on the Oscars. US TV network ABC has said - like CBS with its broadcast of the Grammys - it will use a slight time delay in its broadcast of the movie awards later this month so it can edit out anything too raunchy from the programme. 

That news has angered Oscar president Frank Pierson who reckons the albeit tiny broadcast delay is essentially "a form of censorship". Pierson told the Hollywood Reporter that if the show "comes with a bleep, we are all losers. Once the principle of a delay has been accepted, though, how much broader a scope might be sought in subsequent years, and how long before not only words but ideas become subject to deletion?" And hurrah for him.


Talking of awards, it's the NME Awards today (what we old people still like to call the Brats). They are being hosted by T4's Vernon Kay and we're promised performances from Franz Ferdinand, the Libertines and man-in-the-news Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age (with his side project Eagles of the Death Metal). Apparently you can watch it all at - winners will be listed here tomorrow.


And while we're in the overly sized file marked 'awards' - there were few surprises in yesterday's nominations list for the Canadian music industry's main awards event, the Junos, with the country's big global artists leading the way.

In terms of number of nominations Sarah McLachlan and Nelly Furtado topped the bill getting five each. McLachlan is up for Album, Pop Album, Artist and Songwriter Of The Year, and is nominated for the Fan Award. Furtado is nominated for, among others, Best Single for 'Powerless' and Best Artist.

Other multiple nominations go to Celine Dion and Nickelback, both up for four awards; Billy Talent, Our Lady Peace and Sam Roberts up for three each; and Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Michael Buble and Shania Twain who find themselves on two lists each. 

The winners of all 38 categories will be announced at a ceremony on 4 Apr in Edmonton. The awards will be screened by Canadian TV network CTV, who are yet to decide whether the show will be broadcast properly live, or with a time delay like this year's Grammys. 

Although Canadian TV has not been affected by the fall out of Nipplegate, CTV was reprimanded last week over the screening of Eminem's acceptance speech at last year's Junos because of his use of a derivative of a swear word. This has led some to speculate that TV bosses will add a delay to this year's awards allowing them to edit our any unsuitable content. 

That said, the Eminem speech last year was pre-recorded anyway, so a time delay wouldn't have stopped the broadcast of the word to which regulators took offence. 

Full nominations list at


The Super Furry Animals are releasing a remix album called 'Phantom Phorce' which will include reworkings of tracks from the band's 2003 long player 'Phantom Power' - remixers include Four Tet and The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan. Word is you will be able to buy it from the band's live dates during Mar/Apr before it gets a retail release on 12 Apr. A download-only EP will also be available during said tour, the dates of which are as follows:

27 Mar: Liverpool Royal Court 
28 Mar: Dublin Olympia 
30 Mar: Edinburgh Corn Exchange 
31 Mar: Middlesbrough Town Hall 
1 Apr: Sheffield Octagon 
2 Apr: Cardiff International Arena 
4 Apr: Nottingham Rock City 
5 Apr: Salisbury City Hall 
6 Mar: Cambridge Corn Exchange 
7 Mar: Brighton Dome 
8 Mar: London Carling Hammersmith Apollo 


The BBC plans to add edited highlights of the news, sport and travel bits of its BBCi service to its local DAB digital radio services - meaning text content will scroll along the LED screen on your digital radio set in what is essentially a much more dynamic version of the old RDS service which told you what station and show you were listening to. The service has been piloted on local stations BBC London and BBC WM and will soon be added to all local BBC stations. 

John Allen, Head of New Services in the BBC English Regions: "The new DAB text service will offer our listeners a new method of accessing local news and information with updates every 20 seconds. It means people won't have to wait on scheduled bulletins to catch up on the latest headlines."


Good news for Pixies fans - following the instant sell out of their two Brixton Academy dates, the Pixies have announced another two dates at the venue - 4 and 5 Jul.

Bad news for Pixies fans - tickets for the extra dates went on sale immediately and now they've sold out too.


SINGLE REVIEW: Chikinki- Like It Or Leave It (Universal / Island)
The five members of Chikinki not only share song writing duties democratically between the five of them but they also share a house Monkees stylee in Bedminster, the rough part of Bristol. They have fused together elements of that cities musical heritage, inparticular the paranoia of Massive Attack and the introspection of Portishead. A slow moody piano intro is beefed up with keyboards and beats. It's an unusual kind of hotch potch, not unpleasant and you might like it, but I think I'll leave it. JW
Release date: 8 Mar
Press contact: Wild [CP, CR] Island IH [RP, RR, NP. NR]


The bass guitarists from three of Manchester's greatest bands are collaborating on a new band which will be called either Freebase or Stalingrad. The guitarists in question are New Order's Peter Hook, The Smiths' Andy Rourke and Stone Roses/Primal Scream's Mani. More on what the project will involve when as soon as we get it.


U2's The Edge has recorded the theme tune for a new TV version of Batman which is due to premiere in the States in late Summer. The new show features actor Rino Ramano - better known for providing voices to cartoons - in the headline role with former Batman star Adam West appearing as Mayor Grange, a similar role to the old Commissioner Gordon character. No word on the specifics of the theme tune or if it will be released.


Garbage's Shirley Mansun has been writing on the band's website about a certain guest drummer who has taken part in the recording of the band's next album in LA.

She writes: "Dave Grohl (or Mr Fantastic as our producer has taken to calling him) came by the studio today (Jan 6) and hammered some drums down on 'Bad Boyfriend' and the result is fucking awe-inspiring!!!!! OOoohhh....I am finally having so much fun making this record. It feels like how you imagine making records would be. Exciting and creative and joyous. And we've just made so much progress in a week that I can actually imagine we might finish this damned thing after all!!!!"

The as-yet-untitled new Garbage album is unlikely to get released until early next year - and is apparently much darker than the band's recent releases.


Johnny Vaughan's new nightly BBC3 show has confirmed who will be fronting its weekly politics slot - former Tory top guy Iain Duncan-Smith.

Vaughan explains: "The quiet man of UK politics is a phenomenon. He climbed the greasy pole of British politics with a mixture of stealth and sincerity. Unfortunately, the country seemed to prefer loud sounds and fury signifying nothing."

Duncan-Smith for his part said: "Johnny Vaughan thinks I've agreed to become a regular shed mate on his new show to give a behind-the-scenes account of the goings on in the Houses of Parliament. Whilst my contract says I've got to talk a bit about politics I hope sport and the other things that really matter are what we actually discuss. I'll even talk about being a season ticket holder for Spurs - and compared to politics, that really hurts." 


With the jungle now but a distant memory, Five are hoping they can capture the reality TV crowd with 'Back To Reality' - the reality show based around a bunch of people last seen on, erm, reality shows. The contestants on the show have been confirmed as former Big Brother residents Craig Phillips, Nick Bateman and Jade Goody, infamous Wife Swap "scrounger" Lizzy Bardsley, Driving School legend Maureen Rees, Pop Idol wannabe Rik Waller and The Salon's Ricardo Ribeiro. They will be joined by former I'm A Celeb contestants Uri Geller and Catalina Guirado, and Josie D'Arby and James Hewitt who both took part in Channel 4's The Games. The show, hosted by Richard Bacon and Tess Daly, kicks off on Monday.

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