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In today's CMU Daily:
- MTV boss seems to confirm network will become more conservative post-nipplegate
- MTV Asia awards
- Love signs in with judge Stern
- EU start investigations into BMG Sony deal
- Canadian industry association cracks down on downloaders
- Single Review: The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart
- Zoe on the affair
- Ross serves drink driving sentence
- Loon charged with attempted murder
- British Music Rights DG quits
- Heart FM presenter dies after hit and run
- South African music star shot
- Libertines appear on mate's single
- Native Americans not impressed with Outkast at the Grammys
- Pop Idols top the charts again
- Former rock drummer sentenced over sexual assault
- Vandross Senior to front diabetes campaign
- Album Review: Courtney Love - American Sweetheart 
- Broadsheets update
- Jacko judge wants quick(ish) trial
- BRMC cancel gigs so guitarist can get his thumb fixed
- Smooth programme highlights
- Aguilera wants to make amends with Britney
- More reality TV show gubbins


The global boss of MTV has seemingly confirmed fears that the music network will become more conservative in its output following the fall out of the Jackson/Timberlake routine at the Superbowl earlier this month.

It was MTV, of course, who produced the half time show in which Jackson bared her breast for those shocking eight seconds, and as sister network CBS faces big fines and demands from event sponsor AOL for some of their cash back, the music channel is doing all it can to seem "mortified" about the whole thing. 

With that in mind Bill Roedy, President of London-based MTV Networks International, this weekend told reporters: "The artist sometimes can be unpredictable, which is difficult in a live format. We were absolutely mortified by it. Everyone's learning from our misfortune. We are all rethinking how we cover of live events. We don't intend to obviously put any strong censorship on our artists, as that's not what we're about. But when you have an audience which is mass, broad appeal then we're obviously going to be very careful."

With time delays now added to MTV's live outputs and more contentious videos pushed out of prime time many feel a TV network known for pushing boundaries will now put caution before innovation. Despite stressing that MTV is not out to censor, Roedy's comments won't reassure those who are concerned about the impact of Nipplegate on the music channel's creative output.

Commenting on reports the National Football League has said MTV will not be used to stage future Superbowl events Ready continued: "Whether we're invited back, I don't know. Whether we want to go back is another question. Whether Janet Jackson goes back is pretty certain. No." 

Meanwhile, Janet Jackson made her first public appearance post-Nipplegate this weekend - and at another sports related event. She was receiving an award from the NBA Players Wives' Association for her humanitarian and charitable contributions. Although Jackson herself made no comment to reporters about her appearance at the event or the fallout that has followed her Superbowl show, one of the organisers of the awards told reporters: "Ms Jackson's humanitarian and philanthropic efforts have been amazing. She has done a wonderful job giving back to communities across America. That fact has not changed. She was on board with this seven months ago. We never even considered her not being here."


Bill Roedy was speaking to journalists about Nipplegate back stage at the MTV Asia Awards, which took place in Singapore this weekend. 

Homegrown talent awarded at the event included Hong Kong's Sammi Cheng, Malaysia's Siti Nurhaliza and Singapore's Stefanie Sun who were each named Favourite Artist in their respective countries. 

Meanwhile Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh paid tribute to the late Hong Kong singer Anita Mui - who died of cervical cancer last year. Receiving a posthumous Inspiration Award on Mui's behalf, Yeoh said: "We're very fortunate that she touched the world in so many ways."

On the international act front, Blue picked up Favourite Pop Act, TaTu took Best Breakthrough Artist and Mariah Carey made a surprise appearance to pick up a Lifetime Achievement Award.


Courtney Love fulfilled her commitment to radio host Howard Stern and called him back on Friday morning. Following her impromptu and somewhat erratic conversation with Stern on Thursday, Ms Love seemed a little more coherent on Friday.

Again Stern told Love that she was her own worst enemy and that she should eat some humble pie to ensure a lenient punishment for current drugs charges, and to regain custody of daughter Frances Bean. 

Stern: "I know you don't want to hear this, but losing your kid is your fault."

Love: "How?" 

Stern: "When you don't show up for court..." 

Love: "That judge is cool. He knew there was a guy down there with a gun, it's fine. But the big thing with the bench warrant, it's a joke bench warrant. He wasn't going to arrest me. He knows I was going to be there. There was a guy down there with a gun! ... I was two minutes away."

When Love claimed she had not lost custody of her daughter Stern continued: 

Stern: "Is she at your house?" 

Love: "No, she's not at my house. She can't sleep at my house for another two weeks." 

Stern: "Why so long?" 

Love: "Because I have a very slow lawyer. And I have to [be drug-tested] for a month."

Talking more generally on her run-ins with the law, Love claimed she was being targeted because she was the only "controversial rock star" who is also a single mother. When Stern said both Madonna and Yoko Ono had had controversial careers while single handedly bringing up children Love hit back: "Hardly. Madonna had Carlos [Leon]. So I guess I'm going to quit being a rock star. What do you want from me? An apron and an apple pie? I stayed home for five years. I haven't done heroin since 1996. I'm a good mother. I've done a good job." 

Love ended the interview by confirmed she intended to attend her next court hearing, due to take place on Tuesday.


Word is that the two key areas EU competition authorities plan to look into when considering the proposed Sony BMG merger is whether the super-label would enjoy preferential treatment from the Bertlesmann owned Euro-wide broadcasting outfit RTL or the Sony owned new download service Connect. EU regulators would look for formal assurances that the two companies' music and media operations were kept nice and separate.

As previously reported, EU officials announced last week that they would undertake a four month review of the likely effects of a BMG Sony merger before making a final decision on whether to give the deal the greenlight. 


Following that crack down on Kazaa's operations by music industry officials in Australia, now the Canadian industry is getting legal in its fight against P2P music sharing.

The Canadian Recording Industry Association announced on Friday that is was following the lead of the RIAA in America and starting legal action against individual consumers who use filesharing networks. To that end the Association has begun action against five ISPs in order to gain the identify of 29 P2P users.

CRIA President Brian Robertson said in a statement: "These are individuals who are each illegally distributing hundreds - if not thousands - of music copyright files to millions of strangers. Clearly, these people are blatant exploiters of artists' careers and their music and have no apparent interest in where the music is going to come from in the future."

However - as in America - this bold legal move isn't without its problems. One of the five ISPs targeted has already said it will use a recent privacy law passed in Canada to block any attempts to reveal the identity of its customers. The RIAA was hit with a setback in their legal action at the end of last year when a court overturned a previous court decision that said current copyright legislation gave them the right to subpoena the personal information of ISP customers they suspected on illegal file sharing. 

Elsewhere in download news, American independent label Artemis - who count Steve Earle, The Pretenders and the late Warren Zevon among their roster - has confirmed it has signed up to the download service provided by Altnet. As previously reported, Altnet is a seemingly secure digital music distribution system that reaches music fans via the controversial P2P networks like Kazaa and Grokster. The major labels are boycotting the service as they continue their legal action against Kazaa owners Sharman Networks - but Altnet reckon they have signed up over thirty independents. 


SINGLE REVIEW: The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart (Warners/Sire)
Just when you thought the whole garage rock thing had died a death here come The Von Bondies to breathe new life into the genre. Whilst definitely rooted in old fashioned rock 'n' roll this, their second album, manages to sound fresh and vital. Highlights? 'No Regrets' kicks down the door at the beginning of the album, it's a great intro - raucous and dramatic - suggesting lips curling into a sneer, blue jeans and black leather jackets; The Von Bondies are bad to the bone, poor white trash like Elvis Presley or Rebels Without a Cause like James Dean. Then there's the sleazy 'Mairead' - Jason Stollsteimer's ode to his ex-squeeze from Queens of Noize; the moody 'Right of Way', and the hidden track cover of 'Try A Little Tenderness' - all very fine. And look out for 'Not That Social' - here they sound very different with bassist Carrie Smith on lead vocals. The recent (one-sided many reports would have it) fight between Stollsteimer and Jack White reflects the David and Goliath statures of their respective bands; personally I always feel inclined to root for the under dog. Stollsteimer presumably takes some comfort from the fact that his bruised and bloodied face, courtesy of White, has given the Bondies some much needed publicity. But the truth is the music is good enough to deserve attention on its own merit. JW
Release date: 9 Feb
Press contact: Renegade [CP, CR] Warners IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


Zoe Ball has given a post-Valentines interview to the News of the World to confirm her regret for that short lived affair that nearly ended her marriage with Norman Cook. 

Ball told the tabloid: "I was stupid - it shouldn't have happened, I shouldn't have done it. I just can't explain it. Norman was hurt but took me back and we worked things out. He's an amazing man. He has a heart of gold. I know I keep saying this, but I really wish it never happened. But it's in the past and we're getting on with our lives. Norman and [their son] Woody are everything to me and now we're all one happy family again. We've talked and worked at things and we're happy. I love my family very much. We're just looking forward to spending time together. Everyone has their ups and downs and ours was very public. Now we're looking towards the future."

Zoe quit her Xfm drive time show at the end of last year to spend more time with Woody. Norman himself will find increasing demands on his time in the coming months with that major Beach Party event planned for Brazil, work on a new album under way and an increasingly high likelihood of a repeat of the legendary Brighton Big Beach Boutique event this summer. 


After a year trying to have drink driving charges overruled on a technicality, Diana Ross has, within a week, fulfilled the bulk of her penalty having finally pleaded guilty to the charges last week. Word is Ross spend her allotted two days in jail in her home town of Greenwich, Connecticut. 

Speaking to the BBC, a spokesman for Greenwich police said on Friday: "Ms Diana Ross completed 48 hours of detention incarcerated at the Greenwich police department. Ms Ross was treated as any other female prisoner in accordance with department policy and procedures." 

The announcement comes as anti-drink driving campaigners in Tuscon, Arizona - where the singer was charged with drink driving back in Dec 2002 - have complained she was let off too lightly for her crime. Having served her two days in jail Ross now must receive at least 36 hours of alcohol abuse treatment before 9 Aug. 


Also in the file marked 'singers in trouble with the law' - though much more serious this one - a rapper signed to P Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment company has been charged with attempted murder.

Rap artist Loon and two other men have been charged in relation to an incident outside LA's House of Blues in the early hours of Friday morning. They stand accused of stabbing a security guard after he refused the trio entry into a party for Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz. 

Investigators are reportedly gathering evidence to determine which of the three men allegedly stabbed the security guard; after which court dates will be set. The guard in question is now recovering in hospital - his wounds are not thought to be life threatening. 

Loon released his self-titled debut on Bad Boy Records last year.


The Director General of British Music Rights - the umbrella trade organisation designed to safeguard the rights of composers, songwriters and music publishers - has resigned just five months after taking on the post.

Kate Fulton, who took over from former DG Frances Lowe just a few months back, has quit because she "does not have the time" to effectively deliver the organisation's planned programme.

The organisation's chairman Alistair Hunter told reporters he was disappointed that Fulton had left so suddenly, and confirmed that his board were now considering options for a replacement. Meantime the organisation's General Manager, Henri Yoxall, will become acting Director General. 


Tushar Makwana, a presenter with the West Midlands branch of Chrysalis' Heart FM franchise, has died after a confrontation with burglars at his home in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. Police think he was killed when he was hit by the burglars' car as he chased them off his property.

Heart MD Paul Fairburn told reporters this weekend: "His family are in our thoughts constantly. Tushar was one of those great people - a genuinely nice person. He always worked doubly hard on all our charity fund-raisers and came forward with ideas of his own to do even more for charity, because he wanted to - that's the kind of person he was. In 2002, he won a Silver Sony for his short-form series about the 25th anniversary of UB40, proving that, as well as being a genuinely nice guy, he was a talented broadcaster."


Similarly tragic news from South Africa's music scene, where one of the country's top pop stars has been shot dead - seemingly following a 'road rage' incident.

According to police, Tebogo Madingoane, a member of the award winning South African group Mafikizolo, was shot dead after an incident with another driver in the township of Soweto outside Johannesburg. A suspect has been arrested but no further details are available as yet.

Mafikizolo have won numerous awards in their home country - among others Best African Pop and Best Group at the 2003 South African Music Association Awards.


The Libertines' Pete Doherty and Carl Barat will feature on the new single of their mate's band - Wolfman And The Side Effects. Doherty lends vocals to main track 'For Lovers', with Barat adding vocals and guitar to b-side 'Back From The Dead'. The single is released on Rough Trade on 12 Apr.

As reported last week, Doherty is also planning on releasing some of the solo material he produced during his period apart from the rest of the Libertines last year.


Despite all the precautions and time delays, US broadcaster CBS has still had to make an apology about last week's Grammys show. 

The complaint centres on OutKast's performance of hit track 'Hey Ya' in which Andre 3000 and several dancers swirled around a green tepee wearing Red Indian style costumers complete with feathers and war paint. The performance has annoyed the Native American community who say the use of Indian imagery in such a flippant way was inappropriate.

Tom Bee, an Albuquerque record producer and musician, who was nominated for the Native American Music Grammy, told reporters: "I like OutKast. I like their music. But I thought the show was not correct. It was degrading." 

As a result of the routine the San Francisco-based Native American Cultural Center has called for a boycott of CBS, OutKast, their label Arista, and Grammy coordinators the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. As part of that campaign a Native American website has launched a "Turn Off CBS" campaign. 

Hoping to combat another anti-CBS initiative so soon after Nipplegate, a spokesman for the network was quick to come forward and earnestly say: "We are very sorry if anyone was offended."


The Pop Idol domination of the singles chart continues - hot on the heals of recent successes from Will Young and Michelle McManus, the runner-up double bill of Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes yesterday ended a busy week of promo with the news they wanted - their questionable cover of the Beatles' 'With A Little Help From My Friends' is number one. They beat other new releases from Asda shopper favourite Ronan Keating (in at two with 'She Believes (In Me)') and the Stereophonics (in at five with 'Moviestar'). 

Lower down the singles chart you'll find new entries from Fatman Scoop ('It Takes Scoop' at 9), Ferry Corsten ('Rock Your Body' at 11), The Strokes (the long hyped 'Reptilia' at 17), Stands ('Here She Comes Again' at 25) and Rapture ('Love Is All' at 38)

Albums wise the unstoppable Norah Jones takes the top spot with 'Feels Like Home', while good news for Franz Ferdinand, the eponymous long player goes straight in at three. 


The former drummer of heavy metal band Judas Priest was jailed on Friday after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a 17 year old boy he was giving drumming lessons. 

David Holland will serve eight years after being found guilty on one charge of attempted rape and five counts of indecent assault on the teenager. On sentencing the musician Judge Charles Wide added that Holland - who reportedly won favour with the teenager by supplying him with cigarettes, alcohol and pornography - should not be allowed to work with children again.

Holland was drummer with Judas Priest throughout the eighties, the band's most successful period.


The mother of R & B star Luther Vandross has confirmed she has become an official spokesman for a diabetes charity after the disease caused her son's crippling stoke last year.

Mary Vandross told reporters: "Seeing Luther struck down by a stroke caused largely by diabetes was the last straw for me. I knew I could stay silent no more about this disease that has literally stolen away members of my family. No one can understand the sadness I feel. That's why I'm urging people to take diabetes very seriously and to go get tested. I hope my personal messages in this public service announcement for the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association make an impact and help save some precious lives."


ALBUM REVIEW: Courtney Love - American Sweetheart (EMI/Virgin)
Courtney Love is like Jordan. She's everyone's favourite least-favourite person. And just because we wish we'd had Kurt's kid and darned his stripy jumpers. What made it worse was that Hole were good. Everyone wanted her to be the hopeless and talentless fame-whore we thought she was. But no, while Love's personal life went through all sorts of dramas, Hole was a rip-roaring success. And Love's debut solo album 'American Sweetheart' is set to do the same; that is to say, annoy us by being brilliant. MTV might find it a little hard to swallow with its rugged and raw rock production, a bit like the first Guns n Roses album. And I have to admit, Love's banshee screeching can be a little much at times. But the album shows Love's commitment, skill and real talent - you don't have to like her I suppose, but you should like this album. JG
Release date: 9 Feb
Press contact: Virgin IH [all]


The Guardian has ruled out following the Times and the Independent in releasing a 'compact edition'. The Independent - buoyed by the sales increases the compact edition has delivered - have now announced they will go compact-only in some areas. But the Guardian, while admitting the boost delivered to the Inde by the compact edition had hit their own sales figures, have said there is no reason for them to follow suit with a talboid sized edition. 

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has told his staff: "The tabloid Independent and Times have shown that the format change can lead to a different type of journalism. Our key priority is to maintain the integrity of the Guardian's journalism, and we believe that will be achieved in the long-term through sustained editorial investment and remaining distinctive in an ever-converging newspaper market. We're still in the phoney war stage, with millions being ploughed into marketing a dual strategy [publishing both broadsheet and compact editions] which is, ultimately, unaffordable. No one I know believes that the Independent intends to keep publishing in two sizes. It will drop the broadsheet as soon as it can - and the Times is also trying to push its readers towards the tabloid. The Independent's a better tabloid than it was a broadsheet. I don't think the same would be true of the Guardian. We won't go down the me-too route. We'll do something distinctive in our own time." 

Elsewhere in tabloid broadsheet news, one of the founders of the Independent - occasional Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover - has confirmed he is trying to raise the money to launch a new upmarket tabloid. Stephen Glover says he wants to launch a new compact title targeting the audience who are fed up with the "dumbing down in traditional broadsheets". Word is he is looking for £15 million in funds to launch a title which would aim for a 100,000 daily readership. 

Finally on the broadsheet front - since we last reported that the Barclay Brothers, the millionaire owners of the Scotsman group, had made a bid to buy the Daily Telegraph, it seems everyone in the world of publishing magents wants to compete to take over the paper. The opportunity to buy the Telegraph follows that scandal surrounding former owner Conrad Black, who stands accused of financial irregularities. Pushed out of the top job at the Telegraph's parent company by other shareholders, Black proposed to sell his share in the group to the Barclay Brothers - but much wheeling and dealing is now being done in the City with regards who gets what in terms of shares and ownership. We'll update you once there's a clear winner. 


The judge handling Michael Jackson's child molestation case told a pre-trial hearing in Santa Maria, California last week that he wanted a speedy build up to the proper trial, hoping to have the case through court by the end of the year. Lawyers for the prosecution and defence both said they should be able to work to that kind of deadline, although Judge Rodney Melville said he would put off confirming the actual schedule of the trial until April because Jacko's lawyer Mark Geragos had only just received 400 pages of the prosecution's evidence and needs more time to study it before committing to a trail date. 

Melville also again rejected media pleas to have more of the prosecution's case made public. 


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have cancelled this week's UK tour dates so that guitarist Peter Hayes can have surgery on his left thumb. Said digit hasn't been too hot since he injured it at an after-show party following the band's recent Brighton gig. Hayes tried to persevere through last week's dates - but doctors have now said he should rest to allow the thumb to be properly treated, hence the last minute cancellations.

In an email to fans the band explains: "For the past few days, Peter has been playing in a cast and although he is suffering from incredible pain, he has managed to get through the recent shows. The last thing the band wanted to do was to cancel any dates. However, it is feared that continuing to play will only make the situation worse, possibly causing permanent damage to his hand."

On the injury itself, bandmate Robert Turner has told NME: "It's pretty unfortunate. It happened in Brighton after the show. It was just a stupid drunken night, and we were all out and he put his hand into the wall and wrecked it. There was enough alcohol that we didn't think anything really happened. We've just been told by enough doctors that if we keep doing (shows) then he's gonna be permanently crippled, so we're gonna have him in surgery in a couple of days."

The band hope to reschedule the cancelled UK dates as soon as they can.


Smooth FM - the new name for the North West franchise of Jazz FM - has released details of some of the line up highlights for the new station.

Manchester born former Radio 1 DJ Andy Peebles - whose main claim to fame is being the last person to interview John Lennon before his death - is one of the flagship presenters hosting a soul ballads evening show. Peebles: "It's great to be back on air every day in the region where I started on radio 31 years ago." 

Chris Best will host the station's breakfast show, while Dave Lincoln, formerly a radio DJ in Liverpool and Lancashire and more recently an EMAP radio exec, will front mornings.

Announcing the schedule highlights, John Myers of parent company Guardian Media Group confirmed Radio 2's audience in the North West are primary targets for the new look station - which is much more soulful and easy listening than the Jazz FM format, which will continue unchanged in London.


Christina Aguilera has said she wants to be friends with Britney Spears again. The two singers were childhood friends, of course, after both appearing on US TV's Mickey Mouse Club, and they have collaborated on projects since becoming pop stars - but their relationship has been publicly frayed in recent times, with a real public spat following that controversial joint performance with Madonna on last year's MTV Awards. 

But according to the Sun, Aguilera has sent a letter to Spears saying: "Let's be friends again. We're both deep in this music business, which can get nasty. People take things we say out of context. But we're more similar than we are different - with the same worries and concerns."

On Spears, Aguilera apparently says: "I think she's a great girl. I do. She's a sweet girl. But this business can make anybody get caught in a whirlwind and caught up in the wrong things. Get back to basics, Britney."


Former Atomic Kitten member and I'm A Celeb Series 3 champion Kerry McFadden is due to pay a visit to those former reality TV stars reliving the ordeal on Five's 'Back To Reality'. The show, in which contestants from former reality programmes like Big Brother, The Salon, Pop Idol and Driving School spend another fortnight in a televised house, will feature visits from surprise guests, and the recent jungle champion will be the first.

Those who are interested in these things should know that the favourite to win Back To Reality - which begins on Five tonight - is former Big Brother winner Craig Phillips. He is 3/1 favourite, ahead of Jade Goody at 5/1.

While we're on reality shows, rumour has it Michael Barrymore is being lined up for the fourth series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! If we believe the People, ITV execs want Barrymore to appear in the jungle when the show returns in November. If true, Barrymore won't have far to travel to take part - word is the former TV presenter quit the UK just before Christmas to live in New Zealand (reportedly leaving behind a £1.4 million tax bill!). Other celebs said to be under consideration for the show are ex Spice Girl Mel B, Patsy Kensit, Billy Idol and DJs Jimmy Saville and Tim Westwood. 

Finally finally - a survey for the Mirror says that while Ant & Dec have a very high profile among the TV viewing public, over 70% of those surveyed didn't know which one was which. Personally I find it useful to remember which of the duo was challenged during 'Challenge Ant' when trying to remember who is Ant and who is Dec.

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