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In today's CMU Daily:
- Canadian industry in court to put pressure on ISPs
- G'n'R best of planned
- Brits tonight
- BMG launch new licensing consultancy
- Album Review: Sophia - People Are Like Seasons
- Cure tickets up for £1650
- Roc-a-fella provide added value for legit downloaders
- FreQ Nasty plans animated show
- Walker to return to Radio 2
- Slipknot on album number three
- Bonnaroo announce line up
- Music Week awards: nominations announced
- Emap plan Heat South Africa
- Macca says "lay off the wife"
- Album Review: The Vines - Winning Days
- RHCP add extra dates
- The La's may reform
- Motorhead to play Opera House
- Seafood free download
- More Lennon memorabilia up for auction 


Well, things are hotting up in the Canadian battle against those evil downloading kids. Following the news last week that the Canadian Recording Industry Association had begun legal action against five ISPs in order to access the identities of 29 'serial file sharers', the Association's lawyers were in court yesterday arguing as to why the ISPs should comply. 

Lawyer Richard Pfohl told the court: "Our message is for all Canadians. You've got to get off the illegal sites and stop uploading music. Everyone recognizes this sort of distribution is illegal under Canadian law. People have to realize there are consequences when you break the law in Canada." 

While the ISPs who are against the CRIA's moves probably wouldn't argue with that statement, they question the record label's skill at identifying the 'IP addresses' of downloaders - with reports in both the US and Canada of record labels supplying IP addresses that weren't even active when they claim the illegal downloading took place. The ISPs say they are unwilling to hand over the contact information of their customers when evidence is, in their eyes, inconclusive. 

The judge hearing the case adjourned the proceedings until 12 Mar to give the ISPs more time to submit their arguments, and for both sides to better explain the logistics of identifying illegal downloaders. 

Similar action by the Recording Industry Association of America last year was initially successful when the courts decided current US copyright law obligated the ISPs to hand over contact information of anyone copyright owners suspected of illegally sharing their content. And so the lawsuits followed. However, that decision was overturned in the appeal courts at the end of last year severely slowing down the RIAA's legal rampage against illegal downloading. 


Guns 'n' Roses fans who have been waiting over a decade for a new album will get one this Spring - except it's a Greatest Hits. 

The best of will feature most of the obvious G'n'R tracks including 'Welcome To The Jungle', 'Live And Let Die', 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door', 'Sweet Child O' Mine' and 'Paradise City'. Release date is yet to be confirmed but we're expected it to surface in April or May. 

As for the long long long awaited new studio album 'Chinese Democracy' - still no word. 


Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and, erm, Busted are all in town for the Brit Awards, which take place at Earls Court tonight. 

Performances wise we're promised an OutKast / Beyonce collaboration, a Missy Elliott / Alicia Keys / Gwen Stefani three way plus sets from Muse, the Darkness and the Busted boys. 

If you haven't blagged yourself tickets you will have to make do with the ITV coverage from 8pm. Or you could just watch Eastenders, have an early night and check out the winners list in tomorrow's Daily. 


BMG's UK publishing division has launched a new consultancy designed to give better access to their catalogue of 1 million plus songs to the advertising, film, mobile and gaming industries. The aim is to maximise the licensing income from their publishing assets which includes the work of artists like Coldplay, Robbie Williams and the Bee Gees. 

Called Synctank the company will offer a "comprehensive music sourcing service" which will include a free online search-and-listen facility, tailor-made CD samplers, full project management support and fast-track licensing. 

The company will be headed up by BMG Publishing's Head of Global Marketing, Steve Levy, with former ad agency producer Dave Bertram overseeing advertising and entertainment software clients and Chris Graves coordinating activities in the film and TV world. 


ALBUM REVIEW: Sophia - People Are Like Seasons (City Slang)
Sophia feature a periphery of musicians - the 'Sophia Collective' - who revolve around the core of vocalist Robin Proper-Sheppard, formerly of The God Machine (a band I confess to knowing little of, but may well be tempted to investigate on the strength of 'PALS'). Performing intense, introspective, slow-burning rock songs that recall Red House Painters, Joy Division, Sparklehorse and Radiohead (ie anyone who has ever suffered for their art), singer and un-rock monikered Proper-Shepphard has an anguished, hushed voice, akin to a more amenable, less whiny Billy Corgan (which, let's face it, isn't hard). There are moments of real beauty here, which will appeal to anyone who's ever imagined themselves after several whiskies and cigarettes, dolefully strumming a guitar or mournfully caressing a piano to help ease the pain. Amidst the elegies and laments though, is the snarling Iggy Pop-tastic garage blues of 'If A Change Is Gonna Come', which is imbued with a passion (not to mention one hell of a pounding, dirty guitar riff) The White Stripes can only dream of, whilst opener and lead single 'Oh My Love' is as good as morose indie rock gets and, with the right airplay, could've been an unlikely chart success, à la Snow Patrol. Hard work, but an album that reaps rich dividends. MS
Release date: 16 Feb
Press contact: City Slang IH [CP, RP, NP] Anglo {CR, RR, NR] 


Tickets for the Cure's charity gig on 5 Mar - part of the Barfly's Back To The Bars programme - are going for over £1600! Organisers of the gig, which is in aid of War Child and Shelter, have put the four remaining tickets up for auction on eBay in aid of said charities and the last we heard they were going for £1650. It'd better be a good gig. 


Universal division Island Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Records have launched an initiative to encourage music fans in the US to download music from legitimate sources rather than P2P networks. 

Piloted with the upcoming album release from producer / rapper Kanye West - 'The College Dropout' - the programme makes added value content available to fans who buy their digital music from either Napster or The extra content, which includes videos, live tracks and exclusive sessions, is accessed via the artist's website - customers who buy the album from Napster or are sent a unique password to access it. 

Commenting on the scheme Larry Mattera, VP New Media at Island Def Jam, told reporters: "We are committed to rewarding fans who purchase music legitimately, regardless of their preferred format. This is a natural extension of what we are already doing in the physical world. We look forward to other digital retailers joining these two innovative ones as we plan to roll out similar offerings in the future." 

Roc-A-Fella boss Damon Dash added: "Here at Roc-A-Fella and in all my businesses we constantly strive to break new ground. Providing added value to consumers who purchase 'The College Dropout' through legitimate digital music services like Napster and Buymusic is a great way to reward fans who support our artists and music." 

If successful added value content promotions will be run via Napster and for other forthcoming Island Def Jam releases. 


FreQ Nasty is planning on incorporating an innovative animation show into his decks, FX and live MC show. He will debut the new sound and vision mash up - called 'The Video Nasty Experience' - at Fabric on 2 Apr. 

The video aspects of the show will feature animation from current leading names in the field including Hewlitt's Zombie Flesh Eaters, Weta Digital (the New Zealand team who animated Gollum for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy), art director Cindy Lee (who picked up a Palme D'Or at last year's Cannes Film Festival) and a host of other cutting edge graphics and text heads. FreQ explains, "This is the visual equivalent of Michael Moore and Public Enemy getting pissed with the cast of Monsters Inc at an anti-globalisation riot, this is going to be a truly innovative live experience." 

The plan is to then stage a series of 'Video Nasty' shows around the UK. Meantime there's a sneak preview of the show at <> 


Johnnie Walker is returning to his Radio 2 drivetime show after a nine-month break to overcome his much reported colon cancer. Announcing his return Walker told reporters: "When I made the on-air announcement [about his cancer] last June I had no idea the sort of journey I was embarking on. I found the chemotherapy treatment hard going and in October it resulted in an emergency operation which has taken a while to recover from. I've missed being on Radio 2 and I'm really looking forward to being back on March 1. The BBC has been wonderfully supportive throughout and the Radio 2 listeners have given me huge encouragement with their letters, cards and emails. I'm very grateful to them." 


Slipknot have been talking about their next album, which is due for release in May. For album number three they have worked with producer Rick Rubin rather than Ross Robinson, who produced the other two. 

The band's Corey Taylor told Billboard: "Where Ross is with you all the time, Rick just leaves you to your own devices, then comes in, takes a listen to things, and says 'You're going the right way,' or 'Why don't you try this?'. But at the end of the day, they're both going for the vibe, what people are going to feel. A good producer is a fan of music, and knows what people are going to feel." 

On the sound of the new album Taylor continued: "People are either going to love this or hate it. Lo and behold, we had some really good slow stuff, and some good three-part harmonies in us. But at the same time, we've still got the metal, the same double bass and percussion, the same crazy noises. Right now, it's probably the best thing I've ever heard." 


Organisers of the eclectic cross-genere Bonnaroo festival, which takes place in Tennessee in June, have announced their provisional line up. Living up to that 'eclectic' remit, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Wilco and Dave Matthews will headline alongside, among others, Beth Orton, David Byrne, Los Lobos, Yo La Tengo, Gomez, Kings Of Leon, My Morning Jacket, Taj Mahal, Calexico, and The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. More performers are expected to be announced shortly. More at <> 


Music Week have announced the nominations for this year's Music Week Awards - the back stage music awards bash - which takes place in London on 4 Mar. More details at <> - nominations as follows: 

Best Music Retail Chain: Fopp; HMV; Virgin 

Best Independent Store: 3 Beat, Liverpool; Coda, Edinburgh; Rough Trade, Portobello; Selectadisc, Nottingham; Sho'Nuff, Co. Down 

Best Distributor: EMI; Pinnacle; Rolled Gold; THE; Universal

Best Music Sales Force: 3MV; EMI; Pinnacle; Universal; Vital 

Best Independent Promotions Team: Anglo; Fleming Connolly Lander; Intermedia Regional; Single Minded; The Partnership 

Best National Promotions Team: Anglo; BMG; Polydor; Sony; The Partnership 

Best Regional Promotions Team: BMG; EMI; Intermedia Regional; Polydor; Sony

Best PR Campaign: Andy Hart of Press Counsel for The Darkness; Heather Redmond of Island Records for Busted; Linda Valentine of UCJ & Kas Mercer of Mercenary for Jamie Cullum; Shane O'Neill of Island Records for Amy Winehouse; Stuart Bell of Outside Organisation for David Bowie

Best Marketing Campaign: Louise Hart of BMG for Dido; Nikki Fabel of Island Records for Busted; Richard Engler & Sharon Purcell of V2 for Elbow; Stuart Camp & Samantha Sparrow of East West for Muse; Tony McGuinness of for Simply Red 

Best Catalogue Release: Chris Birrell of Demon Music Group for Beginners Guide to Salsa; Danny Keene & Val Jennings of Demon Music Group for Elvis Costello CD Singles Box Set; Daryl Easlea & Andy Street of Universal for Paul Weller - Fly On The Wall; Grainne Devine of BMG for Gentleman Jim - The Definitive Jim Reeves Collection; Jo Brooks & Nigel Reeve of EMI for Ziggy Motion Picture 

Best International Marketing Campaign: Dave Shack of BMG for Dido; David Wille of Warner Music for The Darkness; Mike Allen & Kevin Brown of EMI for Coldplay Live 2003; Rainer Focke & Ian Grenfell of for Simply Red

Best Music DVD: Coldplay Live 2003; Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin; Robbie Williams - What We Did Last Summer; Rolling Stones - Four Flicks; Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power 

Best Music Exploitation: Hyundai / Velvet Underground 'I'm Sticking With You'; John Lewis / Ludivico Einaudi 'Le Onde'; Lynx 'Pulse' / Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham 'Make Luv'; MTV Short Film Competition: 'Need To Talk' / Samaritans / Radiohead 'Meeting In The Aisle'; Peugeot 'Creases' / John Murphy 'In The House In A Heartbeat' 

Producer of the Year: Brian Higgins; Ian Broudie; Rollo; Stephen Lipson; Trevor Horn 

Best Radio Station: tbc 


As the UK edition reaches its fifth birthday, EMAP are launching a South African version of Heat, hoping to follow up the success of its FHM franchise there. 

Announcing the new title Emap International MD Chris Llewellyn told the Guardian: "What great international magazines have shown is that good ideas travel. The publishing world is aware of Heat's success in the UK. The question is whether Heat can have the international presence of other brands like FHM, Elle and Marie Claire." 

The South African edition will be produced by EMAP's partners in the region, Upper Case Media, who also publish the South African edition of FHM. 


Paul McCartney has asked the tabloid media - via the Sun - to stop criticising his wife Heather, denying there is any rift between her and daughter Stella. 

According to the Sun Macca said: "My wife is a really good woman, but people don't like to accept that. I'm sick of people saying Heather and Stella don't get on - the truth is they do." 

He continued: "The truth is, Heather never seeks publicity for all the work she does with her landmines charity. And yet all that people do is knock her. They don't see all of the things that she does without asking for any thanks or recognition." 


ALBUM REVIEW: The Vines - Winning Days (EMI/Heavenly)
While selling millions of copies of your garage-recorded debut album is great, because you get to record your follow-up album in a two-grand a day studio and hone your playing on a 112-date world tour, second albums run the risk of sounding like over produced soulless muck. Discovering reverb, phaser, filter, compressor and a whole world of foot-pedals must be exciting, but getting bogged down in it can vastly decrease your chance of having a rip-roaring sequel. Sydney's fame-rocketed four-piece have done well to produce this, a great pop-rock album: great songs with the tweaked studio edge, but all the song and soul of a ropey debut demo. Of 2002's hype bands, the Vines will surely be allowed out of the 'temp room' into the 'permanent rock lounge'. JG
Release date: 22 Mar
Press contact: EMI IH [all] 


Well, if you were listening to Radio 1 yesterday you'd have been hard pushed not to hear the news that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have added an extra two dates to their UK mini-tour. Having virtually sold out existing dates in Manchester, Edinburgh and London the band yesterday announced dates at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium on 23 Jun and an extra date in London's Hyde Park on 25 Jun. Tickets go on sale on 21 Feb. 


The La's (remember them?) are rumoured to be reforming. According to the NME the band's Lee Mavers and John Power are reportedly collaborating on new material. One fan apparently told the NME: "I met them at the The Zutons gig at Liverpool Uni the other day and Lee said they're best mates again, drinking and going out together. Interestingly, Lee said they were working together on new material and to look forward to gigs within the next few months and material within the next year or so!" 

A source close to the band has confirmed the duo are working together again but wouldn't be drawn on if and when any new material would surface. The band only ever released one album way back in 1990 before going their separate ways. 


Motorhead have confirmed they will be performing a one-off gig this weekend at the Royal Opera House in London. The gig is part of an interesting cultural programme called 'One Amazing Week'. Other projects as part of the initiative include a bid by Jerry Hall to appear as bit characters in as many different plays and musicals in one night, the unveiling of two new London buses designed by fashion designers Julien Macdonald and Vivienne Westwood and massive 'paint by numbers' canvases being hung in various galleries. 


Seafood are previewing their new upcoming album on Cooking Vinyl by making a free download track available. New single 'Summer Falls' will be available to download during Mar at <>. New album 'As The Cry Flows' will be released on 3 May. 

Meanwhile Seafood go on a UK tour later this month, dates as follows: 

27 Feb: High Wycombe, White Horse 
28 Feb: Tunbridge Wells, Forum 
4 Mar: Derby, Victoria Inn 
5 Mar: Northampton, Soundhaus 
6 Mar: Oxford, Zodiac 
7 Mar: Southend, Chinnery's 
9 Mar: London, 100 Club 
11 Mar: Liverpool, Academy 
12 Mar: Newcastle, Bulletproof 
13 Mar: Coventry, Colosseum 
14 Mar: Birmingham, Academy 
15 Mar: London, Islington Bar Academy 


More rock memorabilia is up for auction online. This time it's a guitar thought to have belonged to John Lennon which he apparently gave to a friend, who passed it on to his inlaws, who threw it out! The guitar's current owner found it in a skip, and now hopes to make over a $1 million selling it. The guitar is covered in etchings made by Lennon including a self portrait. 

Gary Zimet of Moments in, who are auctioning the guitar, says: "Beyond it being an instrument on which he played and composed, it's also an extraordinary work of hand-art created by Lennon".

Zimet claims Yoko Ono talked about the guitar in a 1986 interview, saying: "It has all kinds of designs and meanings that didn't mean anything to anyone but me and John".

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