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In today's CMU Daily:
- Brits round up
- Dido enters rich list top ten
- Loon pleads his innocence
- Glasto says no to your flexible friend
- Single Review: The Barbs - Importance Of Evil / Alien Abducted 
- Leeds Festival get licence
- BPI may lose DG to save cash
- Love makes it into court
- RIAA launch more downloader litigation
- Emap launch Kerrang! RSL in Manchester 
- Manson groin case settled
- Nirvana man ends political ambitions
- AOL set up kiosks in US independents
- Antenna this Thursday
- New live marketing firm sign up promoters
- Beat 106 launch new marketing campaign
- EP Review: Winnebago Deal - George Dickel EP 
- Catskills track to be used in iPod ad
- OfCom make space for community radio
- Microsoft banish pop ups
- Cure tickets snapped up for five grand 


It's hard to believe it's only a year since CMU editor Gill arrived at the office in a particularly hyperactive mood, having dumped his breakbeat loyalties for a new unsigned rock band he'd stumbled across. One year on and the Darkness ruled the roost at the collective back slap that is the Brit Awards last night.

Justin Hawkins et al took three of the sixteen awards on offer at the Earls Court event - including two of the big ones, Best Group and Best Album. Accepting the former Hawkins joked, "I have to say, we probably are the best British group," but such bragging was supported by a few more humble remarks. After winning Best Album he told the Brits audience, "This is the award we all secretly hoped for - it's huge, it's a real privilege." 

Other multiple winners at the Brits had a more pop feel. Busted ended their year of pop supremacy with two awards (Best Breakthrough and Best Pop Act) while Justin Timberlake added two more gongs to his crowded trophy cabinet (Best International Male and Best International Album). On picking up his second award he joked: "This is only my first record so you guys stick with me - we've got depression and drug addiction to go through."

Other international winners included Beyonce (Best International Female) and the White Stripes (Best International Group). Having been overlooked at the Grammys, 50 Cent also got to add another award to his collection taking Best International Breakthrough.

Of course you could argue that the winners of the Best British Male and Female awards have something on an international flavour. Best Male Daniel Bedingfield has his roots in New Zealand while, if you believe the Sun, Dido is Irish. Both have British passports we're assured, though neither could prove it because they both delivered their acceptance speeches via the ether. Bedingfield, who is still in New Zealand recovering from that nasty car crash, accepted his over the phone, while Dido, taking time off from the junket circuit to work on some new material, sent in a video speech. 

Perhaps the surprise of the night was that Fame Academy runner up Lemar took Best Urban Artist ahead of Big Brovaz, Mis-Teeq, Dizzee Rascal and flavour of the moment Amy Winehouse.

No surprises, of course, when it comes to the Outstanding Contribution Award. Justin Timberlake handed the honour to Duran Duran - a fitting tribute to mark the reunion of the band's original line up. Accepting the award Simon Le Bon said: "This band owes everything to this country and to the great British music scene. By presenting us with this award you have validated us. You have also honoured us with a place alongside those who first inspired us." 

Labels wise, once again it was an event organised by major labels for major labels. Only that runaway Beggars imprint XL could break through for the independent sector with Basement Jaxx taking Best Dance and White Stripes Best International Group. Universal, BMG, Warners and Sony all got their fair share - but a bit of a poor showing for EMI who - having dominated many an awards event of late with Robbie, Coldplay and Radiohead - had to make do with that pre-announced Outstanding Contribution award for Duran Duran.

Production wise things seemed to go well on the night, despite the return of the backstage bar. No major bust ups, no leaked winners lists, no major no-shows - and a swish TV package followed on ITV two hours later.

Whether that's a good thing is, of course, debatable. There are those who feel that swish well produced events just aint rock 'n' roll. That camp argue that live performances at the Brits rely too heavily on big American artists and the ITV-led format turns the whole thing into a very expensive edition of CD:UK - something that doesn't truly demonstrate the diversity, excitement and rawness of the British music scene. Then again, perhaps they think about things too much, the Brits have, after all, never been (or even claimed to have been) the coolest night out of the year.

Anyway - enough rambling, winners as follows:

British Male Solo Artist: Daniel Bedingfield (Universal/Polydor)
British Female Solo Artist: Dido (BMG / Cheeky)
MasterCard British Album: The Darkness - Permission to Land (Warners/Must Destroy)
British Group: The Darkness (Warners/Must Destroy)
British Single: Dido - White Flag (BMG / Cheeky)
British Rock Act: The Darkness (Warners/Must Destroy)
British Urban Act: Lemar (Sony)
British Dance Act: Basement Jaxx (Beggars / XL)
British Breakthrough Artist: Busted (Universal)
Pop Act - Busted (Universal)
International Male Solo Artist: Justin Timberlake (BMG/Jive)
International Female Solo Artist: Beyonce (Sony)
International Album: Justin Timberlake - Justified (BMG / Jive)
International Group: White Stripes (Beggars / XL)
International Breakthrough Artist: 50 Cent (Universal/Interscope)
Outstanding Contribution to Music: Duran Duran (EMI)


Well if Dido is pleased with her Brit Awards, then her bank manager is presumably more pleased with her earnings. After the success of 'Life For Rent' last year Dido has now entered Heat magazine's musical rich list. 

The list tracks the estimated earnings of different British music stars in the last twelve months. The Rolling Stones come top at £55.3m; last year's poll topper Paul McCartney comes in second with £40m, while Elton John is at three with £34m. Robbie Williams is fourth, following his record-breaking Knebworth gigs last year accompanied by that live album and DVD. 

Dido comes in at number ten on the survey.


Bad Boy Entertainment signed rapper Loon has spoken to MTV about the attempted murder charges he is facing after an incident in LA last week. As previously reported, Loon and two other men were arrested early Friday morning after a security guard outside the West Hollywood branch of the House of Blues was allegedly stabbed after he refused the three men entry to a private party.

Speaking at a Hip Hop Summit Action Network event to encourage young people to register to vote, Loon told reporters: "I'm innocent, that's first and foremost. I'll leave it at that. It's a very unfortunate situation. This hasn't stopped me from living and partaking in major events such as the Hip-Hop Summit. My cause is still valid, that's why I'm here today."

LA police say they are still investigating what exactly happened outside the club, and which of the three men stabbed the security guard. The P Diddy owned Bad Boy Entertainment is yet to comment.


Glastonbury man Michael Eavis yesterday announced Glasto-goers will not be able to buy their tickets with credit cards this year. Customers will be able to use debit cards or pay by cheque. 

Eavis told reporters: "I have decided as a further measure to address the problem of touts, that the festival will not accept credit cards - only debit cards. By announcing this change now, people have plenty of time to arrange to pay from a debit account. I am sorry if this change to a debit card only policy causes any problems, but there are benefits for everyone. We have been able to cut the booking fee from £5 to £3 per ticket and any further savings will be passed on to the charities and good causes we support". 

Glastonbury tickets go on sale on 1 Apr at 8pm.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Barbs - Importance of Evil / Alien Abducted (Mother Tongue)
"Oh My God!" This phrase appears no less than nine times in lead song, 'Importance OF Evil.' Now, you might think it a bit excessive taking the Lord's name in vain so, but if there was ever a need to exclaim "Oh My God!" 'Importance Of Being Evil' has it in spades. When the dirty guitars kick off this little punk opus, you'd be forgiven in thinking you have unearthed some great old Placebo out-take, but not even Brian Molko's midget angst could compare to this. 2 minutes and 50 seconds of the most acidic pop you're likely to hear, The Barbs marry their boy-girl vocals in a ceremony of blood, bile and dirt. And it's a match made in heaven. Oh my God. FC
Release date: 6 Mar
Press contact: Wild [CP, CR] Mother Tongue IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


Leeds City Council have granted a licence to Mean Fiddler to stage this summer's Leeds Festival. 

The August Bank Holiday event has been marred in the past by violence of course, and last year there was considerable local opposition to granting the festival a licence. But by moving the event to a new site at the city's Bramham Park and introducing a string of new security measures the festival went ahead without incident. 

With that in mind, the licence for the 2004 event has been granted first time, although councillors have only allowed an increase of capacity to 52,500. Mean Fiddler hoped to increase the number of tickets sold to 55,000. 

Leeds Councillor Jack Dunn said: "We were encouraged by the success of last year's event but are erring on the side of caution and granting 2,500 extra places." 


If you believe the Guardian there are troubles going on behind the doors at the BPI. They've heard that Director General Andrew Yates is to be made redundant in an attempt to save cash. If true it is likely his work load would be handed to executive chairman, Peter Jamieson. They reckon the BPI is suffering as much as the major record labels it represents, and that the association's board are now sorting out the specifics of Yates' departure before making an official announcement.


Courtney Love made it down to the court house yesterday to face those drugs charges. Her attendance alone persuaded Superior Court Judge Lisa Hart Cole to suspend the arrest warrant that was issued after her no-show at the court last week in anticipation of a repeat non-attendance yesterday. As for the charges themselves, Love was ordered to return to court on 16 Mar for a preliminary hearing.


For those keeping count, the Recording Industry Association of America yesterday announced five new lawsuits targeting 531 alleged illegal file-swappers. The suits have been made in federal courts in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando and Trenton, NJ. Following that court decision at the end of last year that the RIAA couldn't automatically subpoena the identities of suspected downloaders directly off the ISPs, all 531 targets this time round are unnamed "John Doe" defendants. 


EMAP have kicked off a one month RSL (restricted service licences) broadcast delivering their Kerrang radio service to the people of Manchester. Kerrang radio will broadcast across the city on 97.6FM for the next month. The RSL demonstrates EMAP's ambitions to make the most of those new FM analogue licences OfCom plans to make available - taking the Kerrang service about to launch in the West Midlands to other urban centres. 

EMAP's Shaun Gregory says: "Kerrang! proved to be the winning formula for the West Midlands licence and we are confident that there is an appetite for Kerrang! across the country. We see the use of RSLs around the country as an excellent way of trialing our formats and is a statement of intent that we will be pursuing new FM licences when they are advertised."


That long long running lawsuit brought by a security guard against Marilyn Manson has been settled out of court.

As previously reported, security guard Joshua Keasler claimed he suffered emotional distress after Manson rubbed his leather thong covered groin in his face during an on-stage routine at a gig in Detroit in 2001. Keasler sued the singer on the grounds of sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Manson's defence centred on a video which seemed to show Keasler "getting into the routine" and encouraging Manson to continue - that evidence was enough to stop criminal proceedings being taken against the singer, though Keasler's civil proceedings continued.

Neither side in the legal battle has issued an official comment on the specifics of the settlement. A statement for Keasler simply said: "I can now go on with my life and try to close this unhappy chapter." 


Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has said he won't be running for the position of Washington State Lieutenant Governor. The political musician said he would run for the post last November after his post-Nirvana band Eyes Adrift split up. But he has told Billboard he won't run for the position, instead continuing in his role as a spokesperson and lobbyist for Music For America - one of the bodies that tries to boost voter participation and political awareness among young people.


AOL have done a deal with the US Music Monitor Network of independent record retailers which will see the retailer put kiosks into all of the Network's stores through which customers can access interactive demos, highlights of the Sessions@AOL programmes and information on the Network's other music-related products and publications. 


One of CMU's favourite regular music events - Antenna - takes place at the National Film Theatre again tomorrow. Antenna is the regular forum where the music videos which never get seen on MTV get a screening. As always the videos on offer will be discussed by a panel - which this time includes rising directorial talent Sam Arthur, video commissioner John Moule and Karl Badger of Video-C.

More at


A new marketing agency specialising in the live sector has confirmed it has signed up promoters ITB, Kennedy St Enterprises, CCE and 3A. Event and Music Media offers an end-to-end marketing service for promoters - researching, planning, booking and managing marketing campaigns. 

Kennedy St's Danny Betesh told reporters, "By using EMM, I am able to use my marketing budgets in a more targeted and cost-effective way. It will save us valuable time to concetrate on the primary objective of sourcing and promoting artists."


Beat 106 in Scotland has unveiled its latest marketing campaign - based around the notion of 'Demand Better Music Right Now'. The bus, train and media ads will encourage young music fans to demand better music - that is to say, the music being played on Beat 106 (whether that is better music I'll leave to your own judgement, we publish their playlist in the CMU Weekly each week!).

The straplines run thus: "I'm not doing any more work until I hear Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay & Pink" or "I'm Not Getting A Round In Unless I Hear Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Kylie". The campaign will be supported by street team activity with listeners dressed up as protesters demanding better music. 

Johanna Palsdottir, Marketing Controller of Beat 106 tells us: "The new campaign is vibrant and fun, reflecting the personality of Beat 106 and will definitely appeal to young people in Scotland and increase the talkability of the station. The message is also one of empowerment because it promotes personal protest and demanding the music that you really want to hear."

The campaign is launched as the Capital owned station confirmed it would soon be available in that Scottish outpost of, erm, Birmingham via the joint Capital/EMAP digital multiplex CE Digital.


EP REVIEW: Winnebago Deal - George Dickel EP (Dragon Records)
It's hard to believe that a band who have an accommodation pantechnicon as a name sake, and create more noise than your average six-piece metal super-group could have only two members. Ben and Ben from Oxford. Ben plays drums and Ben sings and thrashes the guitar like he had a whole rack to get through. With their early Megadeth/Metallica hardcore-tempo drums and breakneck-speed guitar 5ths the sound is only complimented by Ben's vocals that sound as far from the stereotypical Oxford of Colleges, Truck Records and James Lavelle. His wild demonic screams are reminiscent of Blackie Lawless (WASP) and Canadian contemporaries, 3 Inches of Blood. The glossy rock/metal media seems are little wary of retro-metal on behalf of its readership, and while the Lost Prophets and Marilyn Manson have a lot to offer the future of metal, punters seem to want to go back to the old school: 3 Inches Of Blood, Maiden are selling records in the UK again, there's the rise of metal-influenced hardcore, Metallica's return to form (despite lack of solos) and the crossing of bands like the Darkness. Fingers crossed that mood will help Winnebago Deal too. JG
Release date: 29 Mar
Press contact: Gold Star Agency [all]


A track released by Brighton's Catskills Records is being used by Apple for their upcoming iPod TV advert. Catskills artist Feature Cast's track 'Channel Surfing' will be used in Apple's next worldwide ad campaign for their portable digital music player. Sensibly enough Catskills will re-release the track during the campaign. More when we get it.


OfCom have announced a plan to give more formal recognition to "community radio" services, as apposed to BBC and commercial stations. The organisation wants to put in place a simple to use system that allows not-for-profit community services to get on the air.


Microsoft are banning pop-up adverts from their MSN network - hurrah! The decision expands worldwide a policy introduced in the US last year after a report by Forrester Research found that 64% of US internet users found pop-up ads irritating and 28% avoided sites that allowed advertisers to use them. 

Chris Ward, Commercial Director at MSN UK, told reporters: "We carried out research amongst our users which showed very clearly that pop-ups and pop-under ads are two of the most intrusive and disliked types of ad. We also took soundings from our business partners and it's clear that a lot of them are beginning to realise there are more creative ways of getting messages across and you don't have to bash people across the head with these formats." 


Finally - one of our readers tells us that some of those Cure tickets which were being auctioned off for charity on eBay have gone for $5,500. As we said yesterday, it had better be a very very very good gig.

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