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In today's CMU Daily:
- Eminem sues Apple
- Napster passed five million mark
- Careless Talk launch new mag
- Timberlake drops out of Motown show after protests
- EMI not impressed by grey day
- Jacko denies rehab rumours
- Lena Horne doesn't want Janet to play her
- Cream announce first Nation night of 2004
- Live Review: The Vines At The Electric Ballroom
- Love sacks lawyer
- American Idol contestant arrested
- Westlife and Andre compete for number one spot
- Sony and Intel develop mobile music player
- OFT give Capital Choice takeover the OK
- P Diddy cleared of reporter rough up
- Charlatans tour
- Simmons likely to stay at Def Jam
- Live Review: Amen @ Islington Carling Academy 
- Prince announces US tour
- ITV chairman appointed
- Puddle Of Mud frontman arrested after on stage outburst
- Clear Channel up, but radio down
- Miami music nominations


More legal wranglings for Eminem - only this time he's initiating them. Slim Shady (or, at least, his publishing company Eight Mile Style) aren't too happy that a kid featured in an Apple iTunes ad last year was seen singing along to 'Lose Yourself' (presumably because that was the track he was listening to on his iPod). He is suing Apple, their advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day and MTV over the ad looking for "exemplary damages".

Disappointingly not in rap form, the lawsuit nevertheless pulls no punches: "At no time did Apple, Chiat/Day or MTV receive authorization or permission to record, reproduce, perform, transmit, copy, use or otherwise exploit the composition ('Lose Yourself') for any purpose. Defendants have acted intentionally, recklessly, willfully and in bad faith,"

Eminem's people go on to point out that the rapper has never endorsed any commercial product, adding that he would look for at least $10m to do so.


Roxio announced yesterday that their Napster music download service has now sold in excess of five million tracks. Although still some way off catching up Apple's iTunes, who say they have now sold over 30 million tracks, the newer download service seemed please with the figure. 

Chief Executive Chris Gorog told reporters: "this important milestone is a testament to the quality of the Napster experience". Based on performance to date Roxio reckons it will now generate $20m sales in its first year. 

David Card, analyst with industry research firm Jupiter, admitted five million was "not a bad figure", but added: "I wouldn't expect them to catch up with Apple so rapidly." 

As previously reported, both Napster and iTunes are yet to formally announce their plans for a European launch. Both sides say the bureaucracy of European copyright bodies are slowing them down, although British download service Wippit earlier this month questioned that explanation after securing a global distribution deal with EMI.


One half of the team behind that truly independent music magazine Careless Talk Costs Lives (which fulfilled its planned quota of twelve issues last year) have launched a new title - Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Created by Stevie Chick (Kerrang/Mojo/The Times/ex-NME) and legendary photographer Steve Gullick issue one is now on the news stand featuring, among other things, Mark Lanegan, Erykah Badu, My Morning Jacket, Morrisseyland, Sebadoh, Lambchop, and Mars Volta. 

It's on sale at HMV, Tower, Virgin, Borders, Rough Trade and Selectadisc - or online at 

More info at


Much talk as to why Justin Timberlake has pulled out of an upcoming TV special on US network ABC telling the story of Motown. Timberlake was due to co-host the show with Lionel Richie, but it was confirmed this week that he was no longer participating in the show. The official reason for the host change is that Justin's schedule couldn't be synced with that of the show - however rumour has it the decision was caused by protests from black activist groups in America.

Word is those groups were already a bit annoyed that a white boy was fronting a show about a label built around black music - but their anger has grown since the whole Nipplegate incident because they reckon Mr Timberlake should have taken more responsibility for the routine, rather than taking the "it was Janet's fault guvnor" line. 

The growing opposition to Justin's role as presenter of the show has been seen in the black community's media. Tanya Kersey-Henley of Black Talent News wrote last week: "Before the Super Bowl scandal, Timberlake had gotten a 'Black folks pass'. But then he sold out Janet [Jackson] to save his own skin, showing his true colors in the process ... In other words, he's okay with being identified as an 'honorary brotha,' as long as it doesn't cost him anything ... As African-Americans, we should not support this obviously contrived attempt to boost ratings and attract a wide white audience. It is thoughtless and an insult. If we allow it to happen, we will be just as guilty as them for pimping black culture to appeal to the mainstream. [ABC] should do the right thing and hire a co-host that respectfully symbolizes the rich legacy of the Motown label. Is Usher available?"

ABC officials are adamant their host swap has nothing to do with the protests saying, instead, Timberlake's schedule has become to crowded since he took on that previously reported film role. The show's exec producer told reporters: "When Justin was asked to host the Motown 45th anniversary special, he gladly accepted, but alerted us to the fact that he was in talks to star in his first motion picture and that at the last minute there could possibly be a scheduling conflict ... He has cancelled all television appearances through the end of April to allow him to concentrate on making the movie." 


It was Grey Tuesday yesterday (which might have explained the snow) as websites around the world put tracks from Danger Mouse's 'Grey Album' (Jay Z's 'Black Album' mixed with the Beatles' 'White Album') online in protest at EMI's attempts to stop the distribution of the bootleg mix up. 

The website coordinating the campaign - - claim they too have received a cease and desist demand from EMI which claims Danger Mouse himself has called for the wider distribution of his 'underground bootleg project' to be halted.

According to the NME EMI's statement reads thus: "Danger Mouse said he created the record strictly as a limited-edition promotional item, with only a few thousand copies pressed. The artist, whose real name is Brian Burton, has agreed to comply with the order and will no longer distribute copies. Reuters has also quoted Mr Burton as saying, 'this wasn't supposed to happen - I just sent out a few tracks (and) now online stores are selling it and people are downloading it all over the place'. By further distributing The Grey Album, you will not only be violating the rights of those who own the recordings and compositions at issue. You will also be interfering with the intention of the very artist whose rights you purport to vindicate."

Last we heard, Danger Mouse was quoted as saying "Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on".


Jackson family update part one - this time with Michael.

Jacko has called press reports that he has checked into a rehabilitation centre "vicious" and "untrue". According to his fan club, the singer is "appalled" at the reports he has gone into rehab after a near breakdown as those child abuse allegations and reported financial problems continue. 

In a statement issued by the club Jacko says he was in Aspen, Colorado not for rehabilitation purposes, but because he was on a family holiday. "I am here for a few days with my children. I am outraged by these constant rumours. My team and I are going to use our best efforts to find out who these people are, who are continually trying to bring me grief and shame, and we are going to stop it." 


Jackson family update part two - and back to Janet.

According to Variety, a TV film project starring Ms Jackson as the veteran singer and actress Lena Horne has been halted because the real Mrs Horne objected to Janet's involvement post Nipplegate. Word is Horne told TV network ABC she no longer wanted Jackson involved, and that caused executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to quit the project. 

Jackson was a key force behind the programme - which would also have seen Janet re-record some of Horne's most famous tracks. With that in mind current thinking is the project may now be canned completely.


Cream have confirmed their first event of the year at their Liverpool haunt, Nation. They will be hosting a Subliminal Sessions night there on 10 Apr with a damn fine line up of DJs on the decks - Erick Morillo and one half of US DJ/Production duo Who Da Funk, Jorge Jaramillo. Shawnee Taylor - one of the highlights from Creamfields 2003 - will perform live. In addition to that the club's Annexe will host a party to celebrate the release of Subliminal Sessions 6 with Audio Bullys and Italian electro king Benny Benassi on the bill.

Announcing the Cream night, Erick Morillo told CMU: "It's been a long time since I've been to Cream in Liverpool, but my memories are all good ones. Cream has always stood for quality clubbing in the UK - I can't wait."

More at Press info from Cream on 020 8969 4477.


LIVE REVIEW: The Vines at The Electric Ballroom, London on 19 Feb
When the Vines exploded onto the scene two years ago amidst a huge amount of hype, many including their most enthusiastic proponents, predicted that Craig Nicholls would shortly burn himself out; ie live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse. But here he is and, despite his electric-shock-bog-brush hair, he's looking very good. His Aussie/Anglo accent is mostly impenetrable, just about the only comment I caught was that the band have a new album coming out. No shit, I would never have guessed from the fact that they kick off with their new single, the fantastic 'Ride' and then play the new album 'Winning Days', more or less in it's entirety, with only a few familiar songs thrown in. Despite the music business' worries about music piracy, no one here tonight seems to have illegally downloaded the album. It's a bit of a gamble playing a set of mostly unknown songs but the Vines get away with it. 'Winning Days' pretty much follows the blue print of the debut, some very heavy sounding visceral rock songs complemented with mellow ballads; there's even an 'Autumn Shade 2' the sequel to the song on the first album. It's a successful formula and the band come into their own live so that even the new album's least convincing song 'Fuck the World' is an incendiary set closer. Although predictably the moment of meltdown for the audience is an old hit, the thrilling 'Get Free'. As a live performer Craig Nicholls is an erratic proposition but tonight he is clearly concentrating on the music and the histrionics are kept to the minimum. For now, at least, the Vines are still one of the most exciting bands on the planet. JW


Another questionable decision from the Courtney Love camp - the singer has fired the lawyer who was representing her re those ongoing drugs charges because: "he wanted me to plead guilty to something I didn't do". The decision means that the case - due to finally reach court this week - will now be pushed back to 8 Mar so new lawyer Michael Rosenstein can familiarise himself with the case. 

As previously reported, Love was arrested acting 'erratically' outside a former boyfriends house and was allegedly found to be in possession of illegal substances. Later that day she took an overdose. Word is Love's original lawyer wanted her to plead guilty - with the hope she could avoid jail by committing to a rehab programme. No word on how Rosenstein plans to fight the case - though rumour has it he wants to try and get some kind of resolution before it goes to trial.


Despite Fox TV's decision to vet over 100 finalists in its American Idol show to avoid past problems when contestants turned out to have shady pasts, the latest series of the competition may not avoid scandal. According to the New York Post one of the finalists due to appear on this weekend's show has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving. Word is Donnie Williams was stopped at 2.15am on Monday morning after he allegedly raced by a marked police car at over 100 mph. Apparently the pop idol wannabe told officers "You're ruining my life!" after they arrested him. Fox are yet to comment. 


Here's a tricky one - what would you rather be number one, Westlife's new track 'Obvious' or the post-jungle re-release of Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl'. If it helps, much of the profits of the latter are going to the NSPCC. Either way, the two are currently pretty close in the race for the top spot this weekend.


It's the very exciting 3GSM mobile phone convention in Cannes this week, and, as with most techie conferences these days, music is a key talking point there too. We'll have a full round up of what was said later in the week, but for the time being news that Sony Music and Intel are in cahoots developing a player that will deliver "short form" music videos (whatever that means) and other Sony Music content to our mobile phones later this year. More on that when we get it.


The Office of Fair Trading has given the green light for the Capital Radio Group to fully acquire Choice FM - the London radio station that targets the black community. Commenting on the ruling Capital's strategy and development director, Nathalie Schwarz told reporters: "We are delighted with this announcement from the OFT approving our acquisition of Choice, the first decision of the OFT considering the radio industry since the new regulatory environment created by the Communications Act 2003 came into force. Choice is an excellent investment for Capital and one that complements our existing portfolio of stations in London. We believe that Choice has significant opportunities under its existing formats to grow its audience across London and the UK and look forward to announcing completion of the deal." 


P Diddy is off the hook again. He has been cleared of all wrong doing in that previously reported case brought against him by journalist Roger Mills relating to an incident in 1999.

Mills claimed the hip hop mogul ordered his people to "rough him up" after he had asked Diddy some tricky questions about the murder of Bad Boy Records artist and rap icon Notorious BIG. Claiming to have suffered personal injury and equipment damage during the altercation with Diddy's people, Mills was suing for monetary damages.

Diddy last week told the courts that he remembered little of the incident except ending the interview immediately after the question about Biggie was asked. He strongly denied having ordered any action to be taken against the journalist.

On Monday the courts sided with the rapper, ruling he was not involved - actively or otherwise - in any assault on the reporter. 


The Charlatans have announced they will promote new album 'Up At The Lake' with a 14 date tour in May / Jun (hurrah!). Dates as follows:

23 May: Aberdeen Music Hall 
24 May: Glasgow Academy 
27 May: Manchester Apollo 
29 May: Liverpool University 
31 May: Leicester De Montford Hall 
1 Jun: Nottingham Rock City 
3 Jun: Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall
4 Jun: London Hammersmith Carling Apollo 
5 Jun: Brighton Dome 
6 Jun: Bristol Academy 
8 Jun: Newcastle Northumbria University 
9 Jun: Doncaster Dome 
10 Jun: Birmingham Academy 
11 Jun: Newport Centre 


More on developments at Universal division Island Def Jam. Following speculation as to whether Russell Simmons would stay on as Def Jam president following the departure of Lyon Cohen as IDJ boss, Simmons has apparently told the New York Post that contract renewal negotiations are progressing nicely and that if all goes to plan he will be staying on - "There's a lot of dialogue and I'm excited to keep doing it." 


LIVE REVIEW: Amen @ Islington Carling Academy on 21 Feb
The days of rock n roll bands trashing the stage, their dressing rooms and every electrical appliance within reach are over. Even the heaviest, wildest bands drink mineral water before and on stage, and no one dismembers their Les Paul against the hi-hat. No one leaves the stage and no one gives the kind of spontaneous gestures that made shows by the Who, Hendrix, Guns 'n' Roses and Nirvana so special. I've clearly been going to the wrong gigs. Amen are every bit the walking talking embodiment of rock n roll disregard: throwing themselves and their equipment around like tantrum toddlers, pulling the rigging down once they've climbed up it. Genius. Channel 4 were there of course, which may have motivated an even more OTT performance, but I can't imagine their Rick Mayall-looking frontman behaving any better when Fearne thingy-bobby isn't there. With a distracting stage show such as this, the LA punk metallers have to be careful to avoid being accused of destroying everything because the music can't hold its own. To that end they played a amphet-fuelled set of breakneck rock with every bit as much energy and accuracy as a band that doesn't tear the stage to shit. Exciting music made better by being played by five sectionable asylum escapees. JG


Following his Grammy set earlier this month, it seems Prince is planning to return big time. He has announced a 26 date US tour - his first major tour for six years - kicking off in LA on 29 Mar. The singer is promising to mix up new tracks with the classics at these shows - though he was keen to add this will be the last greatest hits set for some time, so make the most of it while you can!

The major tour follows reports Prince is talking to major labels about releasing his up coming new album. Prince has been releasing his own new material - mainly via his fan club website - since his big fall out with Warners a few years back.


After much consideration the newly merged ITV plc have announced the appointment of their new chief executive - Sir Peter Burt will take the top job bringing to the table all the broadcasting experience he picked up as boss of, erm, Halifax Bank Of Scotland. 

Interim chairman Sir Brian Pitman, who was in charge of the nomination process, told reporters: "I have no doubt that his leadership will be enormously beneficial to both the merger process and the resurgence of ITV as a major force in UK television." 

The post of chief exec at the new ITV company (created by the merger of Granada and Carlton) came vacant after shareholders pushed former Carlton boss Michael Green out of the job before he had even started it!


Wes Scantlin - frontman of Puddle of Mudd - has been charged with disorderly conduct after an altercation with fans at a disastrous gig in Toledo, Ohio. Apparently Scantlin called off the gig mid-way through because he was "too fucked up to perform". The rest of the band left the stage, but the frontman stayed on playing some indistinguishable tunes and ranting at the audience as they pelted him with stuff. Once he had finally stormed off stage he was arrested for 'disorderly conduct-intoxication', charges also being added later after the singer spat in the police car taking him to the local police station.


US media giant Clear Channel posted quarter four financial results for their radio operations down on what was expected suggesting the US radio sector is still struggling. However, with the continuing boom in the live sector - Clear Channel's other main area of business - revenues and earnings across the group were up encouraging Chairman/CEO Lowry Mays to be buoyant: "By serving the needs of our communities, employing the best people and providing the highest standard of products and services to our customers we have created value for shareholders. We are well-positioned for sustainable long-term growth and look forward to another successful year."

Meanwhile the US radio major have reportedly dumped controversial radio presenter Bubba the Love Sponge from their radio stations after being landed with $755,000 in fines from US media regulator the FCC over indecent material on his show.


With the Miami Winter Music Conference just round the corned nominations for the 19th International Dance Music Awards were announced yesterday. The awards show will be held 8 Mar at the Wyndham Miami Beach Resort. Nominations as follows: 

Best Underground Dance: Give It Up - Kevin Aviance (Robbins); Believe - Murk (Tommy Boy); Satisfaction - Benny Benassi (Ultra / You); As The Rush Comes - Motorcycle (Ultra) 

Best Alternative Rock Dance: Seven Nation Army - White Stripes (V2); Clocks - Coldplay (Capitol); Bring Me To Life - Evanescence (Wind Up); It's My Life - No Doubt (Interscope) 

Best Latin Dance: Rie Y Llora - Celia Cruz (Sony Discos); E Samba - Junior Jack (Play It Again Sam); A Quien Le Importa - Thalia (Emi International); Lei Lo Lai - The Latin Project (Electric Monkey

Best Hi-Energy / Euro: Alone - Lasgo (Robbins); Dust.Wav - Perpetuous Dreamer (Radikal); Boys Of Summer - DJ Sammy (Robbins); I Begin To Wonder - Dannii Minogue (Ultra) 

Best House / Garage: Satisfaction - Benny Benassi (Ultra/You); Appreciate Me - Amuka (*69); My Time - Dutch W/ Crystal Waters (Effin); Some Lovin - Murk Vs. Kristine W. (Tommy Boy) 

Best R&B / Urban: Milkshake - Kelis - (Star Trak / Arista); Crazy In Love - Beyonce & Jay-Z (Columbia); Hey Ya - Outkast (Arista); Step In The Name Of Love - R.Kelly (Jive) 

Best Rap / Hip Hop: The Way You Move - Outkast (Arista); In Da Club - 50 Cent (Interscope); Get Low - Lil Jon (Tvt); Milkshake - Kelis (Star Trak / Arista) 

Best Progressive / Trance: As The Rush Comes - Motorcycle (Ultra); 
Beautiful Things - Andain (Robbins); Nothing But You - Paul Van Dyk (Mute); A Thousand Beautiful Things - Annie Lennox (J Records) 

Best Pop: Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake (Jive); Never - Roc Project (Tommy Boy); Me Against The Music - Britney Spears (Jive); Hey Ya - Outkast (Arista) 

Best American DJ: Erick Morillo; Bad Boy Bill; Danny Tenaglia; Barry Harris 

Best European DJ: Tiesto; Paul Van Dyk; Armin Van Buuren; Sander Kleinenberg 

Best Global DJ: Paul Oakenfold; Tiesto; Paul Van Dyk; Danny Tenaglia 

Best Internet Dance Radio Station: Groove Radio; Energy 98.1; BBC Radio One; Proton Radio 

Best Dance Radio Station: BBC Radio One; Kcrw; Wpym; Wktu 

Best Radio Mixshow DJ: Pete Tong; The Riddler; Jason Bentley; Markus Schulz 

Best Urban Radio Station: Wqht Hot 97; Wedr; Wwpr Power 105; Kcrw 

Best Latin Radio Station: La Mega; Latino Mix; Salsa 98; Superestrella 

Best Latin Mixshow DJ: Carlos Sarli; Norty Cotto; Baron Lopez; DJ Leony 

Best Dance Video
: Hey Ya - Outkast (Arista); Simply Being Loved - Bt (Nettwerk); Me Against The Music - Britney Spears (Jive); Pass The Dutch - Missy Elliott (Elektra) 

Best Producer: Gabriel & Dresden; The Scumfrog Jesse Houk; The Neptunes; Ferry Corsten 

Best Remixer: Gabriel & Dresden; Deep Dish; The Scumfrog Jesse Houk; Peter Rauhofer 

Best New Dance Artist (Solo): Laava (Robbins); Becky Baeling (Universal); Laura Pausini (Atlantic); Faith Trent (Tommy Boy) 

Best New Dance Group: Venus Hum (Geffen); Roc Project (Tommy Boy); Andain (Robbins); TATU (Interscope) 

Best Dance Artist (Solo): Kristine W. (Tommy Boy); Seal (Warner Brothers); Dnnii Minogue (Ultra); Bt (Nettwerk) 

Best Dance Artist (Group): Crystal Method (V2); Murk (Tommy Boy); Underworld (V2); Lasgo (Robbbins) 

Best Dance Music Retailer: Perfectbeat.Com; Release; Dancerecords; Satellite 

Best Record Pool: Dixie Dance Kings; Balance; Flamingo; For The Record

Best Dance Music Publication: Remix; DJ Times; Urb; DJ Magazine 

Best Promotor For A Label (In-House): John Parker (Robbins); Hazel Zoleta (Tommy Boy); Hosh Gureli (J Records); Orlando Puerta (Warner Brothers) 

Best Independent Record Promoter: Cary Vance; Harry Towers; Bobby Shaw; Sergio Goncalves 

Best US Dance Record Label: Robbins; Ultra; *69; Moonshine 

Best Global Dance Record Label: Robbins; Ministry Of Sound; Defected; Bedrock

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