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In today's CMU Daily:
- Mobile music plays at phone conference
- MacGowan fans call for manager to be fired
- Love's rampant night out leads to more charges
- FCC change their mind over Bono's f word
- Viacom boss defends Stern
- Janet is back on TV
- Album Review: Various - Fabric Live Mixed By Nitin Sawhney
- Gay rights group concerned but still applaud Fiddy's comments
- LA lawyer fails to get Jacko's kids taken into care
- G'n'R guitarist quits
- Freeserve cut download price to promote service
- Spandau Ballet plan reunion
- More Warner movements
- Andre close to record deal
- Usher track tells love child story



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Fesh Special at 333
The 3 level crazy club 333 hosts the Friday night 'Fesh'. Colin Toogood's almost cult electroclash night takes on Goodlife records to host the album launch bash of wicked French techno outfit Oxia - he and his good friend The Hacker will take control of the pit-like basement. Meanwhile Toogood himself will be playing alongside Crispin Dior and the up and coming Nastiq (aka Italo House Boys) - and it is rumoured that the Digital Gimp Society will be making an appearance upstairs. Should be tres interessant... (Oxia's album '24 Heures' is out on GoodLife / PIAS and is well worth checking). PV
Fri 19 Mar, 333, 333 Old Street, EC1, 10pm - 5am, £5 b4 11, £10 after, more at

Put your club night up for the tip -


It's one of those very exciting mobile phone conferences this weekend - CeBit in Hanover - so expect a load more 'download to your mobile' announcements. The first such announcement comes from T Mobile, who yesterday announced they plan to launch a 'mobile jukebox' service.

The service, which utilises existing agreements between T Mobile and Sony and Universal, will allow T Mobile customers to download and listen to 90 second clips of music on their mobile. The service is designed to work on existing 2.5G phones, though presumably will be extended out when the network launches its 3G services, most likely later this year.

The network reckon that it will take less than two minutes to download each 90 second track - the idea being that consumers use the service to preview music before they buy.

Announcing the programme T Mobile marketing chief Nikesh Arora told reporters: "With Mobile Jukebox we are moving on to the next evolutionary stage. Together with our partners from the music industry, we are providing customers with a truly superior and unique mobile multimedia music service. Our commitment to this industry is unequivocal."

Thomas Gewecke of Sony added: "Mobile Mix enables music fans to download a 90 to 120-second excerpt of a song in just a couple of minutes, allowing them to get a feel for the music almost instantaneously, and takes the mobile music entertainment experience to an entirely new level."

Meanwhile Vodafone Germany has announced an alliance with a company called Musiwave to deliver a 'Music On Demand Service' via the German bit of Vodafone Live. The plan is for a system where consumers can download tracks to their phone via the 2.5G network, which they can then transfer to their PC. This overcomes the problem that even the most advanced phones currently on the market cannot store more than a handful of tracks at any one time.

Elsewhere in the mobile music world, EMI and Napster have announced a partnership to make music available for the soon-to-be-launched Portable Media Centers, portable mini-computers which will be able to hold up to 40GB of content (that's around 10,000 songs!). The EMI / Napster platform will make tracks available for Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform which will run on the PMCs.


Here's an interesting one. Fans of Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan have started a campaign via his fan club's website to force the singer to sack his manager Joey Cashman. The campaign, which is calling for a boycott of MacGowan gigs, claims to have 1700 supporters, including Shane's father.

The online petition says: "We have noticed that your career has taken a serious turn for the worse in the last few years. We have had to suffer shows being cancelled. We have had to wait, on occasions for two hours or more, at venues when you were due on stage. There are times when we have felt ripped off. Yet, we have continued to support you".

It continues: "We now feel that things have gone too far. We cannot get reliable information from your official website regarding your touring, recording, television and radio work. This is, we understand, down to a total lack of communication between your management and the organisers of the web site. We are fed up of the way that your organisation treats us. We think, for the sake of your career, it is time you restructured your 'organisation'."

MacGowan's representatives are yet to comment fully on the petition, except to confirm Cashman remains his manager and intends to continue managing the singer in the long term.

Responding to that, Shane's father, Maurice MacGowan, told reporters: "Shane's people have a perfect right to express their views on the petition but have chosen not to exercise that right because they do not want to make themselves more ridiculous than they already are. Shane is now at best a middle ranking artist (and declining all the time) when he should be up there with the majors. He still has the huge talent that brought him fame. It just needs to be unlocked and a fresh start with a new set up might be the key."


If only a TV network could get the reality show rights to Courtney Love's life - now that would be a TV programme. Following her comedy court appearance earlier in the week Ms Love ended up being arrested yesterday after quite a night on the town. Firstly Love caused rampage on the David Letterman show, exposing her breasts, climbing on to Letterman's desk and singing an impromptu rendition of 'Danny Boy'. When Letterman asked if she could speak about the ongoing drugs charges case that Love was in court for earlier this week she said "I'm not supposed to", and then proceeded to talk about it.

But the fun really started after the show. Firstly Love caused much noise after she found she was locked out of the flat where she was staying. Later she put in an impromptu performance at a New York club which involved a few rampant tracks and a microphone swinging routine. It was that routine that left an audience member with a bloody face and got Love another set of charges - third-degree assault and reckless endangerment. Although the incident was clearly an accident, it won't help Love's lawyers in their bid to win favour with judges over the outstanding drugs case. Oh fun.


US media regulator has overturned one of its own previous decisions and has decided that when Bono used the F word during his Golden Globe acceptance speech back in 2003 it was "fucking offensive" (I'm paraphrasing a little). As previously reported Bono, on receiving a Golden Globe for the song they wrote for the film 'Gangs Of New York', told the awards audience - including the millions watching at home - that "this is really, really fucking brilliant".

Despite 234 complaints the FCC's David Solomon initially ruled that the comment was not obscene. However with the FCC now stamping its feet about anything vaguely controversial Solomon's decision was reviewed, and yesterday the regulator's chairman, Michael Powell, told reporters his organisation has changed their decision in order to "send a signal to the industry that the gratuitous use of such vulgar language on broadcast television will not be tolerated".

No word on what the FCC will now do with regards the 'Bono incident' - though, frankly, we doubt the U2 frontman, currently working on a new album in Dublin, could give a fuck.


Talking of moral outrage, Viacom's president has defended his radio network's decision to continue carrying the Howard Stern show. Mel Karmazin was responding to a letter from Senator Sam Brownback who wanted to know why Viacom's Infinity Radio network still syndicated the shock jock's show. The media exec told the politician that Stern's show did not fall "within the ambit of the indecency definition" adding: "I have been advised that our editors made the good-faith judgment that the [sexual] references which aired were not graphic, patently offensive descriptions of sexual activity."


On a related theme, Janet Jackson is due to make her first post-Nipplegate TV appearance on the David Letterman show at the end of the month. Jackson will appear on the show to promote new album 'Damito Jo'. Presumably Jackson will be on best behaviour following the fallout after her Superbowl routine, though whatever she decides to do she'd be hard pushed to be more outrageous Courtney Love's bizarre performance on the Letterman show this week anyway.


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - Fabric Live mixed by Nitin Sawhney (Fabric)
Nitin Sawhney takes the helm of the fifteenth compo mix from Fabric and provides us with a real treat - from Eastern edged beats through jazz and Latin to bold ass breaks. There are some real 24K nuggets here - not least some of the remixes of Sawhney's own music - including Seiji's house remix of 'Eastern Eyes' and the chilled reworking of 'Homelands' by dZihan and Kamien. Elsewhere a 4hero mix of Marcos Valle's 'Valeu' brings the sun in, the mighty Atjazz takes on Kabuki's 'Tempest' and produces a funky nu-jazz stormer, as ever, while Jazzanova's remix of 4hero's 'We are Who are Not as Others' Superb is probably one of the best tunes - ever! Sawhney then picks up the pace with some breakbeat from the Phuturistix and some sumptuous heavy coastal breaks from Darqwan, before touching base with the Asian underground with Niraj Chag's classic d and b edged 'The Wheel' and the Visionary Underground. Well Done Fabric, and sterling work from Nitin. PV
Release date: 5 Apr
Press contact: Fabric IH


A gay rights group in the US has responded to 50 Cent's controversial comments in a Playboy interview, when he said "he wasn't much into faggots". Although obviously expressing some concerns as to how Fiddy's younger fans will react to his comments, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation did commend the rapper for being honest.

GLAAD spokeswoman C Riley Snorton: "We applaud his honesty in talking about the murder of his bisexual mother and appreciate his acknowledgement that he is not comfortable with gay people. We know that confronting homophobia can indeed be uncomfortable. But honesty is always the first step in overcoming the desire to judge those who are different than us and in overcoming prejudice."

Talking to MTV Snorton continued: "We're in the public-education business, and we see this as an opportunity for change. We'd like this to be the start of a dialogue. We believe the more he knows about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, the more comfortable he'll become."


A lawyer involved in the Jordan Chandler / Michael Jackson case back in 1993 has had her attempts to have Jacko's children taken into care turned down by the LA authorities. Although not involved in the latest Jacko child abuse case, lawyer Gloria Allred applied to Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services in Jan to have Jacko's three children taken into care on the grounds she feared for their safety in light of the latest allegations. Now that the relevant authorities have turned down that application, word is Allred now plans to take the matter to the LA juvenile courts.

Commenting on Allred's campaign Benjamin Brafman, one of Jacko's lawyers, told reporters yesterday: "I think it would be best if people who have nothing to do with these proceedings stayed out of them rather than looking at Mr Jackson's case as a vehicle through which to engage in self-promotion."


Guns 'n' Roses has lost another member. Bizarre guitarist Buckethead - who wears a fried-chicken bucket on his head and talks through a hand puppet - has announced he is quitting Axl Roses' outfit to pursue solo work because he is fed up with "Guns' inability to complete an album or tour". No comment yet from G 'n' R's people as to whether Buckethead will be replaced and, if so, whether a new guitarist will be in place in time for the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon on 30 May.


Freeserve will launch a two-week promotion to promote its download service next week. The ISP have gone for the conventional subscription route rather than the iTunes-esque pay-per-track system - consumers pay a monthly rate which gives them the right to download 80 tracks from a catalogue of 250,000 songs. That rate is being reduced next week so that the unit price for each download goes down from 60p to 50p.

A spokesman for the ISP told Revolution magazine: "Freeserve is launching this special promotion with OD2 in order to capitalise on the exploding popularity of downloading legal music, and promote the service by offering users an attractive price."


If you thought Geri Halliwell rejoining the Spice Girls for a reunion tour was surprising, then what about the news that the original Spandau Ballet line up are considering a reunion, presumably in a bid to copy the success of Duran Duran's reunion tour. Word is original Spandau boys Gary and Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble are all interested in reforming - and even Tony Hadley has expressed an interest in the project. This, of course, would be something of a miracle given the legal wranglings between Gary Kemp and Norman, Keeble and especially Hadley over who should have the publishing rights to the New Romantic group's catalogue.

A source close to the band has told The Sun: "Spandau Ballet have seen the success of Duran Duran and want to get in on the action. They want a piece of the nostalgia pie. There have been bitter rivalries. But they are finally willing to put them to one side to work again. The five of them believe they still have a lot to offer. They are very keen to work on new material and not just become a tribute band to the 1980s."


More movements at the top of the Warner Music Group this week as the post-Bronfmann Jnr takeover restructure continues.

The latest word is that Jason Flom, an exec with the major's Atlantic division, is at signing stage of a new deal which will see him head up the newly merged Atlantic/Elektra division - essentially putting him in charge of the major's East Coast operations. Gossip says only a few money points remain to be agreed.

There is now much speculation as to the future of Flom's main Atlantic colleague Craig Kallman. Kallman was approaching contract renewal with Warners anyway, which is likely, therefore, to lengthen any job restructure negotiations. It has been assumed that Kallman too will take a senior position at the merged Atlantic/Elektra outfit - whether he will report to or be on level with Flom remains to be seen.

Finally on the gossip front, much talk as to who will head up promotions at the merged East Coast division. It is likely there will be two promotional teams post-restructure - and current consensus is that Lisa Velasquez and who heads up promotions for imprint Lava and Andrea Ganis who runs Atlantic's current promo operations are likely to take the two respective top jobs, mainly because of their existing working relationships with Flom and Kallman. However rumour has it some people outside Warners have been approached about the posts, so nothing is, as yet, a foregone conclusion.


Well, here's some happy news to end the week on, word is East West are close to signing a million pound deal with Peter Andre meaning he will be able to properly release that fantastic jungle track 'Insania' - oh joy. Of course that deal would essentially mean Andre was signing back to his old label Mushroom because the Warner imprint acquired the former independent last year.


A little bit of end-of-week gossip for you. According to the Sun, R&B star Usher has a three-month old child that resulted from a fling with a fan. The paper reckons that affair was what led to the end of his three-year relationship with Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, of girl band TLC, two months ago. Apparently Usher refers to the affair and his child in a track on his new album, appropriately titled 'Confessions'.

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