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In today's CMU Daily:
- Eavis apologises for Glastonbury ticket frustrations
- Kelly in rehab Osbournes admit
- Slipknot back with free download
- Album Review: South - With The Tides
- Radio 1 announce Big Weekend line up
- Grade comments on his Beeb top job appointment
- Jacko's legal people talk up new evidence
- Avril gets dark on new album
- Download promise pre-festival exclusives
- McFly top the charts
- Pink to play Joplin in biopic
- Album Review: Crystal Method - Legion Of Boom
- Coldplay Martin denies snapper fracas
- Backstreet Boys back in studio
- New book uses Cobain suicide anniversary to promote murder theory
- No Beach Party for Brighton
- Wippit set new price low
- Vh2 added to Telewest line up
- Musicnet open UK office
- Minogue: no wedding bells, but her man has changed her life


Glastonbury man Michael Eavis this weekend apologised to those music fans who missed out on tickets for the festival after doing battle with frustrating online and phone booking services. With all 112,000 tickets for the event again sold within 24 hours, and many disappointed music fans talking about the frustrations of a crippling slow website and that continuous engaged tone, Eavis told reporters: "I have to say I'm very sorry that so much trouble has been caused by the serious delays within the phone lines and the website. We will make sure that this doesn't happen again at all cost. Sincere apologies that this event, which has so much to offer, has - on this occasion - caused many of you such frustration and disappointment."

That said, to be fair to Glastonbury organisers and their ticket agents, there probably isn't a technology platform available that could cope any more efficiently with demand as high as that for Glasto this year. With everyone expecting tickets to be sold out within 24 hours, despite new rules to block touts from bulk buying, demand was phenomenal in the hours preceding the 8pm box office opening on Thursday night. A spokesman for told reporters: "There were over 2 million unique user hits between 7pm and 8pm on Thursday - and that was before the tickets went on sale! At one minute past eight over 300,000 hit the website and that level was sustained until well after 2am. The added security means that transactions took longer, but that was not the cause for the phones ringing engaged. It is simply down to the level of demand."

With Glastonbury now completely sold out, other festival promoters will be hoping for similar good fortune as the live sector seems to continue to go from strength to strength.


Well, a cynic might say there's some fine timing in the confirmation of the latest Osbourne family drama, coming, as it does, days before the launch in the US of the third season of the family's MTV show. But we're not cynics here, oh no.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne told the Larry King Show on Friday that daughter Kelly has been admitted to Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, California to treat her addiction to pain killers. Apparently Sharon confronted Kelly about her drug use after a British tabloid approached the family's publicist with allegations the Osbourne daughter had been seen buying drugs. Kelly apparently admitted to taking painkillers and turned over a bag of 500 pills. Her parents booked her straight into the Promises Center, and she was taken there same day by brother Jack who, himself, received rehab treatment last year to deal with drink and drug addiction. He has now been 'clean' for the best part of a year.

Sharon told Larry King: "I'm angry. I'm let down. I feel like I failed again. I can't take it."

Ozzy added: "Being a drug addict and alcoholic myself, I know telling the truth doesn't come easy. It's a family illness. It's in the genes. In this day and age, the availability of getting drugs is amazing."

No word on how long Kelly will be in rehab. She had been working on her second album, a follow up to last year's 'Shut Up'.

Oh, and did we mention that there's a new series of The Osbournes launching on MTV in the US this Tuesday?


As of Friday some 52,000 people had downloaded a new track made available on line by the ever loud Slipknot. The new track - 'Pulse Of The Maggots' - was made available via the band's website to promote new album 'Vol.3: (The Subliminal Verses)' out on 24 May. A spokesman for the band said they reckoned the free MP3 would have been downloaded some 200,000 times by midweek. If you're interested you can download the track yourself from Press info from Roadrunner.


ALBUM REVIEW: South - With The Tides (Sanctuary)
I have always wanted to create a new genre label - you know, a genre term which will go on to be included in the music buff's vocabulary. So, without much further ado, I introduce 'hypno-rock's' first band - South! Why? Because South lambaste us with long, speedy, drawling beats, which work to 'hypnotise' us into believing that all is well and good in this fair city of ours. OK? Anyway, South deserve to be genre founders. Their past creations, and more importantly their most recent musical incarnation, shows diversity and an ability to win over both a rock and dance audience no matter what direction they themselves decide to go. This album, which really should be seen as something of a milestone in the development of modern music, has the awe inspiring power to make your mind go off on wild little tangents distracting you from whatever it is you are meant to be concerning yourself with - in my case leaving me sitting in front of a blank computer screen with a bemused smile on my face, causing fellow workers to look conspicuously my way, wondering what the fuck I have just taken. That in it's own right is a rare quality and is why South belong to the new genre of hypno-rock. So I applaud South and their beautifully strung together album - so good it requires the creation of a new and very elitist genre. More power to em'. BS
Release date: 29 Mar
Press Contact: Renegade [CP, CR] V2 IH [RP, NP, RR, NR]


Radio 1 have confirmed the line up for their One Big Weekend festival, which will this year take place in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The weekend features a dance day on 24 Apr (including Faithless, Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine, Judge Jules, Armin Van Buuren and DJ Fergie) and a more rock/pop day on 25 Apr including Avril Lavigne, Franz Ferdinand, Keane, The Streets, Kelis and Ash). 10,000 free tickets are available for the event - they will be given away at Derry's Guildhall Square at 5pm on 10 Apr (for the dance day) and 8am on 16 Apr (for the rock day). Radio 1's Chris Moyles, Colin Murray, Edith Bowman, Vernon Kaye, Spoony and Scott Mills will all be hand during the event - the latter also hosting a day of music workshops at the city's Nerve Centre on 23 Apr. Radio 1 bosses will be praying for good weather this year - in 2003 the dance day of One Big Weekend (held in Manchester) had to be cancelled after days of bad weather left the festival's site water logged.

The One Big Weekend festival is part of the Beeb's wider Music Live Festival which will take place across Northern Ireland from 23 Apr to 3 May. More info at


If only one good thing came out of the Hutton Inquiry (and I can't think of another), it may well be the appointment of Michael Grade to the post of Chairman of the BBC. As reported Friday, Grade has been given the top job at the Beeb, replacing Gavyn Davies who resigned post-Hutton. The decision to give the former BBC1 controller / Channel 4 boss the job, over various candidates with a more business or political background, seems to have been well received by the BBC workforce, who see Grade as being from the same broadcasting school as former (and generally popular) Director General Greg Dyke.

Grade's first move as chairman is likely to be a restructure of the board he chairs. During the Hutton Inquiry many questioned the logic of having the same group of people fulfilling the role as both champions and regulators of the BBC - the argument ran 'how could a committee regulate the corporation when it is also meant to defend it'?

Commenting on his appointment this weekend, Grade quickly commented: "I think having the board of governors being both champions and regulators of the BBC is no longer sustainable. Following a conversation with [acting chairman] Richard Ryder, I'm confident the existing board recognises that. I expect we will be moving fairly quickly to address what's possible within the current [BBC] constitution. There has to be greater separation [between the governors and BBC management]. If they are going to champion the BBC, they need to be able to explain why. They can't be seen to be in thrall to the executive."

Seemingly keen to court both the BBC faithful, and the Corporation's critics, Grade called for stricter definitions of what each BBC channel was trying to do, something which will please commercial rivals who criticise the Corporation for going outside its remit. Grade said: "We need much more clarity, service by service. What's Radio 1 trying to do, what's Radio 3 trying to do, what's BBC Scotland trying to do?"

But he won the support of BBC insiders by questioning those who say the BBC should avoid future Hutton-style controversy by shying away from investigative journalism and breaking exclusives: "If the BBC only reports news that other people break it's no longer news, is it? That's rather self-defeating. The BBC is in the business of news gathering, news generation, news enquiry and all the forms that news takes. If exclusives come their way, journalists are not going to stop the interview and say 'sorry I'm not allowed to interview you on this, it might be an exclusive, wait until I can give this story to someone else and we can run it.' That's just nonsense really."

This conflicts with (internally) unpopular comments made by the Beeb's acting Director General Mark Byford, who told reporters in Feb: "[The job of the BBC is] first and foremost to report news in a reliable, accurate and impartial manner. The notion of exclusive here, exclusive there, exclusive everywhere is not appropriate for the BBC in the sense it is giving the flavour of competing with newspapers or whatever in bringing original exclusives."

That initial conflict of opinion may well mean Byford is unlikely to get the DG job on a permanent basis under Grade. The recruitment process for that job - due to begin tomorrow - has been put on hold because of reports some of the favourites for the job had refused to put their names forward until the new chairman was appointed. Recruitment of a new DG is now likely to begin when Grade properly takes on the chairman's role on 17 May.


Michael Jackson's legal people have told reporters they have 100 pieces of evidence which attack the credibility of the witnesses accusing the singer of inappropriate behaviour. They want the opportunity to present that evidence to the in-private Grand Jury hearing currently examining the prosecution's case - with the chance that, if they can convince the Grand Jury of the weakness in the prosecution's case, that the whole thing could be called off before the proper public court hearing gets underway.

With regards that court hearing, the judge overseeing the case has announced a court session on 30 Apr at which a schedule for said hearing will be set.


One of Avril Lavigne's song writing partners has said the singer's new album is going to be much darker. Chantal Kreviazuk co-wrote six of Lavigne's new songs after meeting the singer at a party last summer.

alking of her time songwriting with Lavinge, Kreviazuk says: "She was kind of going through this goth, Marilyn Manson phase, totally finding herself in really dark, heavy music. She couldn't get enough of it. She wanted to make sure that side of her came through on the album. Avril wanted a very genuine thing to happen with her next record... She really knew that there was something real inside her that was going to come out."


Organiser's of the Download Festival (3 & 4 Jun in Glasgow, 5 & 6 Jun in Donington) have said that three of the key acts on their bill will be playing exclusive pre-festival gigs as part of what is being called Download 'Unleashed' - various events planned for the weeks prior to the main festivals.

The only way for fans to hear about the exclusive events is to subscribe to the Download Dog service, which loads a little dog animation onto your computer's desktop which barks up information about the festival from time to time. I downloaded the dog and it was kinda fun for a while - but then it got a bit irritating so I uninstalled it! So if you want to get the Download news as it breaks you need to install it yourself - full details at


Well, the three teenage girls who followed me into Capital Radio yesterday and asked the guy on reception to phone Neil Fox to see if McFly were number one were presumably happy last night. And one would assume the McFly boys themselves were happy too if rumours are true that Universal had only initially signed a one single deal with the band, and that following their number one last night they will now get a £3 million contract. Of course the fact that nu-Busted topped the chart with debut single '5 Colours In Her Hair' came as no surprise given how far ahead they were in the midweeks (though I don't think anyone had told the aforementioned fans that).

Elsewhere in the singles chart, Usher falls to number two with 'Yeah' and Twista gets a new entry at three with 'Slow Jamz'. Other new entries: Atomic Kitten at eight with their finale double a-side, the Pet Shop Boys with 'Flamboyant' at twelve, Scissor Sisters at 17 with 'Take Your Mama', Alicia Keys at 18 with 'If I Ain't Got You', and Basement Jaxx are at 22 with 'Plug It In'.

Lower down, Norah Jones proves she's very much an album artist going in at 30 with 'Sunrise' while Dilated Peoples go in at 35 with 'This Way' and Simply Red are at 40 with 'Home'.

Albums wise Usher was also pushed out of the top spot, this time by Anastacia with her eponymously titled album. Usher drops to third place behind Guns 'n' Roses. Other album new entries come from Divine Comedy - 'Absent Friends' goes in at 23, the Housemartins - whose best of goes in at 29 and Janet Jackson - who gets a new entry at 32 with 'Damita Jo'.


Pink (who has been confirmed to play T in the Park btw), has been signed up to play the late great Janis Joplin in a biopic, due to begin shooting this summer. The film has been created by director Penelope Spheeris, whose rÈsumÈ includes 'Wayne's World' and 'Black Sheep'. Spheeris apparently cast Pink after seeing her screen test two scenes and sing two Joplin songs.

The Spheeris film is one of two Joplin biopics in development. The other is rumoured to be starring Renee Zellweger in the title role.


ALBUM REVIEW: Crystal Method - Legion of Boom (V2)
As the title suggests, this album packs a punch... Moving away from four to the floor, this record is so chocker blocked full of hyper and euphoric vibes, with a hint towards British breaks, that it makes it nigh on impossible to not be excited. Crystal Method, true to form, have managed to bring in the support of some of the biggest names from hip-hop and rock to collaborate on one of the biggest electronic CD's to be released so far this season. With the help of Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Rahzel (The Roots) and Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) they have made an album that will be very hard to top, at least this year. When I first heard 'The Legion of Boom' I immediately got flash backs to the Ibiza of two years ago, just after Oakenfold had released 'Bunkka' to great acclaim. The connection, less I am mistaken, is that the tracks are lain together with similar skill and fuelled with memorable lyrics and rhythms, much like that Oakenfold offering (though whether Capital Radio leap on Crystal Method for the soundtrack to their next advertising campaign I'm not so sure!). That's not to say that the Method have just gone out there and reproduced previous formulas, nay, more they have identified the formulas that have been getting the young and able bodied psyched up in recent years, and then reinvented them with their substantial arsenal of breakbeats, the outcome being an album so tremendous that I am at this very moment trying to blag my way on to the list for a good ol' fashion red-and-blue party (any good ol' fashioned red-and-blue party) to celebrate. So, for all ya'll out there who like to have a little adrenaline injected into your early night rituals, I recommend this album as a must see, must hear, must believe. BS.
Release Date: 19 Apr
Press Contact: Renegade [CP, RP] V2 IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


It's no defense of course, but there is an argument that says that if you're a paparazzi photographer and you try to snap Gwyneth Paltrow when she's with hubby Chris Martin, well, expect to get beaten up. More trouble for Mr Martin this weekend after photographer Alessandro Copetti claimed the Coldplay singer lashed out at him while he snapped the couple leaving a Knightsbridge restaurant last week.

A spokesman for Coldplay denied any wrong doing on Martin's part, telling reporters: "Chris and Gwyneth left a restaurant on Wednesday evening when a photographer became very aggressive in trying to picture them together. Naturally enough for a man whose wife is heavily pregnant with her first child, Chris' sole concern was to ensure that Gwyneth got into the cab safely and was not impeded or harassed in any way. The couple were not leaving together, Martin followed Paltrow's taxi to make sure she was safe, and the photographer tripped".

Martin, of course, got into trouble after allegedly attacking the car of a snapper in Australia last year. He was charged with malicious damage but the charges were later dropped.


Well, here's some exciting news, the Backstreet Boys are back in the studio. After a two year break and various fallings out with their label over forced delays and lost quick-delivery bonuses, a statement from the band this weekend said: "All five of us went back into the studio this past February and have been working to create what we think will be our best album yet. It has been really great being back together working on our music." Word is a summer release and Autumn tour are planned.


Well, it's ten years since Kurt Cobain went the 'stay young forever' career route, which means Nirvana tributes galore across the music media this week - the latest NME, MTV and Xfm all have their own Cobain tributes planned over the week.

And needless to say, such an anniversary couldn't pass without more conspiracy theories as to the grunge icon's death. In a new book published this week investigative journalists Max Wallace and Ian Halperin claim his death was definitely murder. According to a press release by publisher Atria Books the authors have seen police records that make the accepted suicide line unlikely: "Relying on a leaked autopsy report and Seattle Police Department records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, they reveal that the official suicide scenario was scientifically impossible. The records show that Cobain had ingested a triple lethal dose of heroin, before his life was ended with a shotgun bullet, suggesting a murder staged to look like a suicide. The authors interview a coroner who believes the forensic evidence suggests somebody gave Cobain an overly pure dose of heroin, waited for him to lose consciousness and then positioned the shotgun so that it appeared Cobain had pulled the trigger. No legible fingerprints were found on the shotgun, despite the fact that at least three people had handled it that week".

Having established the murder theory the author's then move onto the dangerous territory of Courtney Love's involvement: "The authors obtained hours of explosive tapes recorded by Courtney Love's former P.I., Tom Grant, who taped all his conversation with Courtney, her attorney and others in the days immediately before and after Kurt's death. Grant later went public, implicating Courtney in her husband's death".

'In Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain' is published this week.


Organisers of the Brighton Beach Party have confirmed they have cancelled plans to repeat the legendary event this summer because of continuing safety and infrastructure concerns.

After its launch in 2001, the second Party in 2002 caused such demand, of course, that the seaside city became swamped with 250,000 festival goers leading to severe health and safety concerns and post-event congestion that left many stranded in the city for hours.

Organisers had hoped that they could repeat the event this summer by working with local police, authorities and transport operators to create a ticketed version of the beach party. However those plans were scrapped last week when it became clear there were still issues with holding such an event.

Sue John, of Brighton and Hove City Council, told reporters on Friday: "The event that happened two years ago took us all by surprise. It took the city by storm and although it was a fantastic thing in some ways it had every danger of turning into a catastrophe. We cannot take the risk of that happening again."

A spokesman for Fatboy Slim said: "Everybody tried really hard to make this work this year but it wasn't to be. We hope the transport infrastructure will be in place soon so that events like this can take place in Brighton in future years."

Despite the logistical problems of the Brighton Beach Party event, Fatboy Slim staged a successful beach party on the Flamengo Beach in Rio, Brazil last month and has indicated he may replicate the format at other seaside locations around the world.


UK based download service Wippit may have made the digital download market even more competitive after launching a new service which sees some tracks available for as little as twenty nine pence (53 US cents). This undercuts even Walmart, whose price cutting approach saw them enter the market at 89 cents a track, 10 cents below the trend setting iTunes.

Wippit is an interesting download service. One of the old school download platforms, their model offers a legitimate P2P network (for unsigned music) and a download platform which offers tracks via both a subscription and pay-per-download model. The latter service currently offers tracks from BMG and EMI's catalogues.

Announcing his company's latest offering Wippit founder and ceo Paul Myers told reporters on Friday: "Wippit will continue to be the leader in high quality, great value music downloads."


Word is the Telewest cable TV network will start carrying Viacom's Vh2 channel later this week. The channel has, until now, only been available via Sky.


MusicNet - the online music service provider co-owned by most of the majors and Real Networks - is opening a UK office to help with its global expansion. MusicNet is an OD2 style company in that it provides back end digital music provision for other brand, media and retail owners, rather than operating its own consumer faced service. It's main client to date is the mighty AOL, though the company is likely to provide the backbone to the Virgin Group's proposed download platform too.


Those rumours that Kylie Minogue was to marry boyfriend Olivier Martinez - attributed to Dannii Minogue - have been officially denied by the singer's website.

That said, Minogue has talked about the change new man Martinez has had on her life: "Meeting someone I really want to spend time with and make sacrifices for has made me change. Now if I had to give up everything tomorrow and go to live in Paris with Olivier, it wouldn't be too terrible. Not too terrible!"

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