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In today's CMU Daily:
- Some promise in new global sales stats
- Sony nominations announced
- Kazaa - "hate it, but get me those stats"
- Carling confirm 24 hour gig programme
- Live Review: Sophia at the Islington Academy
- Bug in WinAmp aids hackers
- Strummer gigs to feature in new film
- Love trial date set
- Furtado sings official Euro 2004 song
- Mindless gossip
- Busted sign up teen footballer for vid
- MTV launch new reality show - but no phone polls
- Amen cancel gig and instores
- Brad Pitt to front Nick Drake doc for Radio 2
- Delays to play Fleadh
- Album Review: Noodles - Fuzz Hill
- BMG settle with AOL duo
- Agnetha is no show at Abba party
- DMX disses Def Jam again
- Midweeks chart update
- Music biz internships
- Unlimited internships


Doom? Yep. Gloom? Yep. Hope? As it happens, yes.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry released its 2003 music sales report yesterday and at a top level things weren't great. With a massive decline in sales in places like France and Germany (down 14.5% and 19% respectively), the global figures looked bad. In 2003 global music sales fell by 7.6% in value to $32 billion, while number of units shifted across all formats fell by 6.5% to 2.7 billion.

However there was some good news too. The IFPI themselves admitted that a slow recovery in the US music sector, coupled with a generally strong UK sector, had helped ensure the overall figures were not as bad as some expected. This has led some optimists to argue more positive trends in both the US and UK could (should?) give some hope to the wider industry.

In the US, although sales were down 6% overall, some point out that by early summer they were actually down 12%, and therefore the industry did experience a significant recovery in the latter half of the year. While this might be put down to the ripple effect of the industry's increasingly hardline policy towards illegal downloading, most think the sales increase in quarters 3 and 4 was primarily due to strong albums and the inclusion of added value content on CD releases.

While singles sales continued to decline in the UK, album sales were strong, especially in the fourth quarter, resulting in a 5.6% growth in units shifted and a 1.4% growth in value over the year.

In terms of positioning in the global music industry, despite overall declines the US and Japan remain the two biggest music markets. The UK is still third, accounting for 10% of the world's music sales (up 1%). France and Germany follow.

And finally some stats relating to a theme we began in last week's CMU Weekly (now online at here) and will continue on Thursday. While record sales may be in decline in the download age - that doesn't mean there is less money coming into the music industry as a whole. As proof of that - news that the music video sector grew by a massive 46.6% in 2003 thanks, mainly, to a 67% growth in DVD music video sales. Which brings us back to that argument - technology may be harming some traditional sales routes, but it's also creating others.


Much buzz abuzzing in the radio industry this morning with the announcement of the nominations for this year's Sony Awards, what everyone likes to call the 'radio oscars'.

Many of the usual suspects compete for the big titles (Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross, Christian O'Connell et al) - though with that big breakfast show war about to be unleashed in London, competition may be even stronger this year. Though, ironically, most attention will probably focus not on the Best Breakfast award itself, but the new DJ of the Year prize which see three of London's breakfast show presenters - Chris Moyles, Christian O'Connell and Bam Bam - all competing. Then again, Jonathan Ross is also up for that one, so the best DJ title may well not reach any of the breakfast boys. As for the Best Breakfast Show Award - we reckon it should go to Key 103's soon-to-be-much-missed JK & Joel show in Manchester.

Hundreds of categories as always - full list at the bottom of today's Daily. The awards themselves will be presented at London's Grosvenor Hotel on 12 May.


An interesting report in the Miami Herald this week focused on the love/hate relationship between the major record labels and the big P2P networks through which music fans illegally swap tracks. While the record labels officially oppose the networks, and their lawyers are busy suing the people who own them and use them, the paper suggests Kazaa et al are becoming an important part of the music industry's marketing mix.

"While the music industry publicly flays Kazaa and other file-swapping services for aiding piracy, those same services provide an excellent view of what's really popular with fans," the paper says, reporting that record labels are paying increasingly close attention to what tracks are being exchanged via the networks, not so they can sue the file-swappers, but to get an indication of what tracks are proving popular and which album tracks have most mileage as single releases.

Plus of course a number of record labels have used the P2P networks as advertising tools for reaching music fans, placing ads on the networks' consumer interfaces and using them to allow music fans to sample certain tracks from upcoming album releases.

However, speaking to the paper, Maverick Record's Head Of New Media Jeremy Welt, while admitting major labels used P2P Networks as marketing tools, stressed that did not excuse piracy. "I definitely don't like to spin it that piracy is OK because we get to look at the data. It's too bad that people are stealing so much music. That said, we would be very foolish if we didn't look and pay attention to what's going on."

The Herald's report followed stats suggesting the use of P2P networks in the US was on the rise again after a slight decline following the RIAA's most high profile lawsuits against individual file sharers last year


Carling are continuing their music sponsorship programme by staging a 24 hour London-wide music marathon. The event will take place between 7am on 1 May and run until 7am on 2 May featuring gigs in key music venues across the city.

The running order for Carling Live 24 is as follows:

7am: The Von Bondies, Barfly
11am: Franz Ferdinand, Islington Academy
2pm: Starsailor, Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush
6pm: Feeder, Hammersmith Apollo
9.30pm: Scissor Sisters, Brixton Academy
3am: Aftershow party, secret venue.

Tickets for the two evening gigs will be £10, tickets for the daytime events will be given away by Carling's own music site and Xfm.

Commenting on their involvement in the event, Grant Nicholas of Feeder told reporters yesterday: "We are really excited to be involved in this great live music event. We are coming out of the studio especially to give fans the chance to see us play our only confirmed UK gig this year. It should be a great evening."


LIVE REVIEW: Sophia at the Islington Academy on 30 Mar
At the Academy's bar riots are on the verge of breaking out as thirsty punters are told they will have to wait for a drink as the bar has run out of glasses. Presumably the venue had underestimated how popular this gig was going to be. To be fair, I had too. I was just a little surprised to see the venue packed out for a band I hadn't been aware of until a couple of weeks ago. Then again, this band have quite a history. Firstly, Sophia's main man Robin Proper-Sheppard was a founder member of the God Machine - but when another band member died from a brain tumour that group was disbanded. Second, Sophia have, believe it or not, released three albums. Which might explain the size of the crowd - and certainly guarantees a decent length set. Their sound, especially vocally, is very like the melancholy of the Red House Painters; and the bitter-sweet romanticism of the Go-Betweens is also an influence - for a guide, current single 'Oh My Love' is a typical example of their type of gloom rock. Towards the end of the set Robin gives us an anecdote; he was writing a new song and his daughter wanted him to take her to the park. She says, "All your songs sound the same anyway, they're all slow and sad." He introduces 'To The Sea' saying, "Well this one is kind of fun it's about going to the seaside and doing fun stuff." There is a definite undercurrent of sadness running through Sophia's music but actually their songs don't all sound the same. For the encore they crank it up and rock out big style with the heavy fuzzy Jesus and Mary Chain-esque guitars of 'If A Change Is Going To Come'. The lyrics run, "Life's a bitch. and then you die." How true, but you can still enjoy yourself listening to sad songs along the way. JW


A warning from the techie community regards the use of WinAmp, one of the most popular PC music players. Word is that there is a loophole in the player which has allowed some crafty people to develop music files which, when played through your WinAmp player, give hackers access to your hard drive. We have no idea how it works, but we're told a number of such 'booby trapped' files are circulating on the web. The best advice is to upgrade to the new version of the WinAmp player which, we are assured, closes that loophole. You can get that from


A new film called 'Let's Rock Again!', due to be premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York next month, will feature some of Joe Strummer's last ever concerts. The film was made by Strummer's friend Dick Rude who followed the singer and his band the Mescaleros as they toured the US and Japan in late 2002. The film features live sets and conversations between Rude and Strummer. Apparently the film also shows the band's contrasting fortunes around the world - with scenes in Japan where fans are unable to control their sobbing when they meet Strummer, to some filmed in Atlantic City where Strummer tries to handout flyers to oblivious passers-by.

Commenting on the film, Rude says: "Initially we made this movie so we could get his music out to more people. As it went on, I wanted to show what he was talking about - going from hero to zero and then back again. But what I ended up achieving that was an intimate portrait of somebody who was a hero as a human being in a working class way. We're looking at an ordinary guy who came across as a hero on an ordinary guy level."


The increasingly dull Courtney Love drugs charge court case is due to rumble on after an LA judge refused her legal people's attempts this week to have various pieces of evidence - including urine samples - dismissed. Had the judge allowed that to happen the prosecution's case would have collapsed. As it is the case now continues and Love will face trial on 16 Apr. This case still relates to that incident last October when Love was found acting erratically outside an ex-boyfriend's house seemingly under the influence of illegal drugs.


Although Canadian, Nelly Furtado's family are Portuguese - which makes the decision by organisers of Euro 2004 (taking place in Portugal) to ask Nelly to perform the tournament's official song a little more logical. Furtado will perform the song, 'Forca', at the opening of the final on 4 Jul.


This from the gossip file. Rumour has it Beck has married his pregnant girlfriend Marissa Ribisi. The story has been published by the New York Post who quote a "well-placed source" as saying the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in Santa Monica last weekend.

Talking of mindless gossip - J Lo's mum has reportedly won a rather grand $2,421,291.76 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine in Atlantic City. Although the casino's owners denied knowing if winner Guadalupe Lopez was any relation to Jennifer, both US Weekly and People magazine seem pretty sure she is her Mom!


According to the Sun, Everton and England soccer star Wayne Rooney will have a walk on role in an up coming Busted video after meeting the band in Manchester.

The paper quotes a friend of the footballer as saying: "Wayne is a big fan and doesn't care who knows it. He last met the lads a few weeks ago and they got around to talking about how he would have been ideal in a video for their cover of 'Teenage Kicks'. But they have now come to a gentleman's agreement that he will definitely get a part in a video. Wayne is over the moon and can't wait to take them up on the offer. They have told him not to worry about any acting skills as it will be a small part. He may be an England international and one of the most promising footballers but he's still as excited as a little boy at Christmas."


MTV are planning a new music reality series - but don't worry, it's not another Pop Idol. This one, called 'Breaking Point', will follow A&R execs from Island Records as they do the gig circuit in a bid to find the next big thing, and then follow the bands they sign as they go through the motions of making that first album. The show hopes to give exposure to artists who are going about the 'making it big' thing via the more traditional 'gig-till-you-die' route.

MTV's Chris Sice told reporters: "Breaking Point is the antidote to the prime time talent contests that have dominated over the past few years. It's an eye opener for anyone who ever entertained dreams of rock stardom and an entertaining look at the characters behind the hit records."


LA rockers Amen have had to cancel two in-store appearances and a Birmingham gig because frontman Casey Chaos has been taken ill. An announcement is expected today as to whether any more appearances / gigs will be affected. The band's new album 'Death Before Musick' is released this week.


Radio 2 have somehow recruited Brad Pitt to narrate a documentary on the career of the late great Nick Drake - who died twenty years ago after a short but influential music career.

The Pitt narrated programme will go out on 22 May and will trace the singer's short life, plus include the first play of a "lost" Drake track called 'Tow The Line' and Norah Jones' version of his song 'Day Is Done'.
Commenting on the programme Pitt told reporters: "I was introduced to Nick Drake's music about five years ago, and am a huge admirer of his records. When Radio 2 approached me to get involved in this project, I was delighted to be asked and pleased that I was able to fit it into my schedule."

Radio 2 boss Lesley Douglas added: "I am thrilled to welcome Brad Pitt to Radio 2 to present what promises to be a unique and unmissable profile of the life and music of Nick Drake. Drake is regularly cited as an influence by some of Radio 2's core artists, including REM, Paul Weller and Badly Drawn Boy and to have a genuine fan like Brad Pitt to present the programme will make it a compelling listen."


Forget Dylan and Counting Crows - the Delays have been confirmed as appearing at London's Fleadh Festival too! The 20 Jun festival appearance will follow the top band's up coming UK tour, which looks like this:

29 Apr: Birmingham Academy
30 Apr: Sheffield Leadmill
1 May: Glasgow QMU
2 May: Northumbria Uni
4 May: Manchester Uni
5 May: Liverpool Uni
6 May: Bristol Fleece
8 May: Cardiff Engine Rooms
9 May: Oxford Zodiac
11 May: Norwich Waterfront
13 May: London Astoria
14 May: London Astoria
15 May: Southampton Uni


ALBUM REVIEW: Noodles - Fuzz Hill (AAD Records)
Fresh from SXSW, Noodles release a new five-track mini-album - a perfect example of Japan's dalliance with a genre known as guitar pop. It's an oddly English sound: the lighter side of The Primitives and Lush in a roomful of melody and just a dash of sadness; shoegazing with a pinch of Nirvana. While they may not be as well known as Cornelius' old genre-creating band Flipper's Guitar, Noodles flirt with dirty-clean riffs and gorgeous harmonies in a way that sticks them head and shoulders above other guitar pop bands. The title track's jolty verse becomes a jaunty chorus, like darkness becoming light, or Mr Topsy-Turvy turning his hat upright. 'Empty Girl' is down on its luck, and 'Black Clover' bimbles between English and Japanese lyrics quite sweetly. They've been at it for the best part of a decade, but let's hope to slurp some Noodles in the UK soon. DR
Release date: 7 Apr
Press contact: Chie Arai (


That long running legal row between Bertlesmann and two of its former execs over the booty the major secured when it sold off its stake in AOL Europe a few years back is over. As previously reported Jan Henric Buettner and Andreas von Blottnitz claimed they were owed millions for their role in BMG's joint venture with AOL which became so profitable for the German giant after it flogged the ISP off. Bertlesmann disagreed, even when a US court sided with the former employees last year, and the media group was expected to appeal. However Bertelsmann have now agreed to pay the pair $194 million to end the dispute.


That thirtieth anniversary of Abba's winning appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest didn't create the complete Abba reunion some hoped. Rumour had it all four members of the group would be in the same room together for the celebration because the previously reclusive Agnetha Faltskog has a new album to promote.

However Faltskog, who funded the new album herself, decided to pull out of her London visit (and a planned Parkinson appearance) at the last minute, meaning she wasn't on hand to attend the fifth anniversary of the Abba musical Mama Mia with Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad to celebrate that three decade anniversary last night.

With such difficulty getting the four former Abba members even in the same room, any hope of an actual musical reunion of the group is, of course, pretty pointless. Bjorn told reporters last night that the group would not reform even if the most recent fee offer ($1 billion!) was doubled, explaining: "It is never going to happen again. I think it is a bit too long now. We split up in 1981. People haven't seen us as a group since then and it would come as such a disappointment to them."


Following those comments made to Radio 1 last month about just how evil major record labels are, it appears rapper DMX's label grievances are actually quite personal. Word is he has said he will not record any more music for label Def Jam because they have, he alleges, neglected to pay him any of the $144 million he reckons the Universal imprint made out of him last year.

Reiterating his frustration with the major label system, he has told reporters: "The highest paid artist gets 18 cents on the dollar, it's straight robbery. They still own your music and they ask for maybe 27 songs for each album and they only use about 16 and the rest they give away. It's robbery man, I can't be part of it anymore."


How quickly we forget - sometimes. While Will Young continues to go from strength to strength, even the second single from his successor to the Pop Idol crown is struggling. Word is Michelle McManus' new single 'The Meaning Of Love' is unlikely to go even Top 20 this week. Midweeks suggest The Rasmus, Special D, Beyonce and Narcotic Thrust are all selling much better.

Albums wise Anastacia, Guns 'n' Roses and Usher are still dominating though Atomic Kitten's entirely missable greatest hits should go top five on Sunday. But let's get to the important stuff shall we? Delays are also doing very well for an act of their size and should go top twenty with debut album 'Faded Seaside Glamour' - it's a great album, go on, buy a copy, let's get it top ten.


It's that time of year again! Any students / graduates looking for internships in the media or music industry watch this space, we'll keep you updated on opportunities here in the Daily as they arise, and will be publishing our full internship guide very soon in the CMU Weekly.

First up, music PR company ZZonked (based in Stratford, London) are looking for students interested in 2-4 week full time internships. Zzonked specialise in promoting funk, hip hop, leftfield electronica, urban and dance artists (as well as the odd seminal DJ and top 10 dance smash!). Artists they represent across their press, club and radio departments include Mr Scruff, Lemon Jelly, Roots Manuva, The Orb, Biz Markie, The Streets and Gorillaz.

Zzonked are looking for people interested in entry-level internships - they are full time posts so are best for someone living in London or able to commute into town on a daily basis. The role will include cuttings, assisting with mailouts and general administrative work, as well as the opportunity to contribute to national publicity campaigns. Although voluntary posts, travel costs will be reimbursed.

Anyone interested should email a CV and covering letter to with the word WORK EXPERIENCE in the subject line (email apps only - so no phoning!)

Any other labels or agencies with work experience opportunities they would like to advertise here should send details to


Talking of internship opportunities - two quick messages from closer to home!

UnLimited is recruiting student journalists interested in experiencing the Edinburgh Festival from the inside. It's a well kept secret that come August we also publish the main Edinburgh Festival newspaper - and each year we recruit 30 students from across the UK to form our review team. Again these are voluntary posts and people will need to be in Edinburgh during August. But we run an excellent training course in July for all recruits and ThreeWeeks reviewers have access to everything at the biggest festival of theatre, comedy, music and art on the planet. Anyone interested should send a CV and a 100-150 word review of something you have seen / heard / read in the last year to

Secondly, we are also offering 2-4 week internship programmes throughout the summer for any students looking for experience in working in the media / music arena. Anyone interested should send an email to and we will send you full details of the internships currently on offer.

And that's all the intern stuff for now, promise.




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