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In today's CMU Daily:
- China pledges to support piracy battle
- Eminem evicts cyber squatters
- Orbital call it a day
- Anderson confirms solo gig
- Jacko prepares for court
- Top hip hop names booked for Urban Music Seminar
- Blue boy and Spice Girl to host party in park
- Holland launches sheet music collection
- iTunes sign up Disney tunes
- Prodigy recruit Juliette Lewis
- Kylie live DVD planned
- Skinner on holidays in the sun
- Another rapper jailed
- Live Review: Wall Of Sound's 2 Cultures Clash Launch
- More rawkus Libertines shenanigans
- No Take That reunion says Robbie
- Ballboy return
- BMI boss stands down
- Viacom profits up
- Chasez on strip joints



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP (1): Skolbeats, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America
OK, you'd have to be very very committed to follow this tip - but boy what a party - and word is fifty thousand revellers will be attending. Five years ago Skol (yes, as in Skol Super found near park benches) set up a festival, and they have never looked back. This year's all nighter has such a good line up, it's best just to list it:

On the outdoor stage there's balistic Basement Jaxx live, the awkward Fischerspooner live, techster Dave Clarke live, XRS, Benny Benassi, X Press 2, Richie Hawtin, 909 and Final Scratch.

In The End tent you'll find Frenchman Agoria (DJ set), Jonas Rocha, house legends John Acquaviva and Derrick Carter, and superstar techno wiz Darren Emerson.

Manchester's Bugged Out, curiously, represents with Phil Kieran, C1, Renato Cohen, techno head Josh Wink, Anderson Noise and Mauro Piccoto

The Movement Junglist Arena has Photek, DJ Patife, Roni Size, DJ Marky and the Scratch Perverts.

And finally the Skol club presents Lexicon Avenue, Hernan Cattaneo, The Absolutely Sasha and Danny Howells.

If all that takes your fancy and you live something of an international jetset lifestyle book your tickets - (11) 6846-6000. You'll have to be quick, gates open tomorrow at 2pm, and it all kicks off at 4pm running until 9am Sunday morning. Then again they're a few hours behind us there, so book your flight now and you might just make it!

More at, press info from BullDozer 020 7377 9494

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP (2): Dedbeat 4 at Pontin's Holiday Village, Hemsby
OK, a bit closer to home this one, though again you need to rush cos it starts later today and tickets are going "ded-fast" (sorry). As always, well worth the drive to Alan Partridge country, though the duffers aren't doing day passes, so it's a bit all or nothing. I went to the first one a few years back - it was well wicked and that was a bit of a trial run really. Very alternative style of doing things, and reports from last year's event suggests it's still a winner. Again, line up speaks for itself:

Beat Ranks: Warrior Biz Markie, KRS 1, legend vocalist Gwen Mccrae and the awesome Amp Fiddler. Plus Ninja Offshoot Big Dada Records presents Ty, Infinite Livez, Lotek Hi-Fi, Sage Francis and try-and-sue-me-another-day Danger Mouse.

Pulse Ranks (this is where I'd be): Theo Parrish, the Detroit bod Drexciyan DJ Stingray, the almighty Plaid, crazed techster Luke Vibert and Si Begg with Tipper. Also Clone Records feat Detroit In Effect, Dexter and Alden Tyrell Serge, plus AI records feat Claro Intellecto, Yellotone and FZV.

Slump Ranks: The Dub Cartel Soundsystem feat Reggae Masters Don Letts & Dan Donnavon; Tigerbeat Records feat Kid 606, Knife Hand Chop and Com A; Breakin' Bread feat the top Scottish geezer Keb Darge; and Wang feat Radioactiveman & Silvah Bullit with Octagon Man and the awesome if slightly self indulgent Talvin Singh.

Fri 23 - Sun 25 Apr, Pontins Holiday Village, Hemsby, Norfolk, £95 (incl chalet), tickets: 0870 1611 626 or

Put your club night/ event up for the tip -


Following that research we reported on earlier this week suggesting that 82% of music fans in China regularly download music, and 62% never anticipated paying for it, the Recording Industry Association of America yesterday confirmed that the Chinese government has made a commitment to tackle music piracy there.

The agreement has been negotiated by the US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade and will tackle both online and physical CD piracy - both of which are rife in China. US cabinet officers met with Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Yi and got a commitment that the Chinese government will introduce measures to significantly reduce physical goods piracy, issue a new Supreme Court Interpretation to ensure that physical and online pirates face criminal prosecution and amend China's laws and ratify modern international conventions so that sound recordings transmitted on the internet are protected.

Confirming the new agreement RIAA boss Mitch Bainwol told reporters: "This is a landmark announcement and a real victory for composers, record companies, artists and other copyright owners in China. Now we look to the Chinese government to ensure that future deeds match present words and commitments. Immediate action by the Chinese authorities to address these problems is critical. We will be closely monitoring implementation of these new commitments".

Richard Denekamp, chairman of the IFPI's Asia Pacific Board added his support for the moves: "It is important that the Chinese government will recognise that IP protection is about nurturing an industry in a market driven economy, and is not an ideological debate. By protecting China's cultural industry it will give it a chance to make its mark on the world stage, as so many other Chinese industries have already done".


Now - don't go a registering unofficial 'Eminem' domain names - it's not clever, and besides the United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organization will be on your back.

Mr Mathers yesterday became the first hip hop star to successfully evict cybersquatters. Slim Shady objected to a British company from running a ring tones website under the name Although the site clearly stated it was in no way affiliated with the rapper, Eminem's people felt the use of the name was a misuse of his trademark.

The, who have settled similar domain name disputes for Madonna, Celine Dion and Robbie Williams, ruled that Tim Mcintosh and Visitair Ltd had indeed acted in bad faith when they registered the domain a year ago and ordered the company to hand over the domain name to Eminem.

Mcintosh and Visitair now have ten days to appeal the decision before rights to the name are transferred over to Slim Shady's people. The ringtones website was down this morning.


Orbital boys Phil and Paul Hartnoll have announced they will be calling it a day in Jun - wrapping things up with their Glastonbury set. As a finale they will release a new long player - 'The Blue Album' - on 21 Jun. They then play Brixton Academy on 25 Jun before that final Glastonbury set on 27 Jun.

Announcing their decision Paul wrote on his website this week: "I think we feel that Orbital has run its course. We're both pursuing different avenues with our music. And we've been sat, as brothers, in the same room for 15 years now - and studios are always confined spaces - I think it's time for a change. It's nice to know that we're finishing, it's not many bands that do that. They tend to just fade away. And it's nice to have our last gig at Glastonbury. It's gonna be a party set, a best of Orbital. We're not gonna sit there and try and promote the new album."


Well, we're guessing CMU's Jane won't be around at the end of the first week of May. Brett Anderson has announced he will play a solo gig as part of a royal music festival in Copenhagen on 7 May. The set is part of the Rock 'n' Royal festivities which celebrate a royal wedding taking place there. Anderson will perform both solo material and some Suede classics. Since Suede split last year Anderson has been working with former bandmate Bernard Butler on solo material.


Just in case there was any doubt, Michael Jackson's lawyers confirmed the singer will plead not guilty to all child abuse charges when he appears in court on 30 Apr. As reported yesterday the grand jury who have been investigating the prosecution's evidence in private this week gave the green light for a full public court hearing - which will officially begin next week. Reminding reporters that "Michael Jackson, like any other person accused of a crime, is presumed to be innocent," Jacko's legal team said yesterday: "Mr Jackson and his attorneys are confident that after a trial on these charges, Mr Jackson will be fully exonerated and that the allegations contained in the indictment will be shown to be patently false. Michael is looking forward to his day in court and wishes to thank the millions of fans throughout the world who continue to support him during this difficult period".


Def Jam founder Russell Simmons and Run DMC's Reverend Run will both be in attendance at this year's Urban Music Seminar, which takes place on 7 May. Full details of this year's event are yet to be announced - more at


Well, here's something to get excited about. Geri Halliwell and Blue's Duncan James will be hosting this year's Party In The Park on 11 Jul. A friend of the pair told the Sun: "This is a massive deal to land and could be the start of big things for them as a team. Duncan and Geri get on brilliantly, there's a real spark between them. Duncan presented the show last year and everyone was happy with his performance. But getting Geri is a bit of a coup - this is the first major presenting role she's had. As a double act they have something different to offer."

As always Prince Charles will be in attendance at the Hyde Park event staged in aid of the Princes Trust. It will be broadcast by Capital Radio and on Five.


Mr Jools Holland will be at London music store Chappells of Bond St on Monday to officially launch a new book of his compositions (ie the sheet music). 'The Hand That Changed Its Mind' features eighteen of Jools' songs arranged either as piano solo or melody, chord and lyric. Needless to say there's a forward from Jools himself. The book signing and photo call will take place at 1pm at the music shop at 50 New Bond Street. Press info from PPR.


Despite a parting of company between Disney and Pixar Studios earlier this year, Pixar exec Steve Jobs has managed to forge a deal between Disney and his other big project - Apple iTunes.

Disney is making the music from its classic movie soundtracks available via iTunes exclusively until Sep - after which the studio is likely to do deals with other digital download platforms. The music from Disney classics like Mary Poppins, Jungle Book and the Lion King (yey - you've gotta like 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King') plus music from Disney/Pixar joint ventures like Toy Story and Finding Nemo will all appear.

Announcing the deal Jobs said: "Now iTunes users can add these timeless Disney songs to their music libraries and enjoy them wherever they go on their iPods. This exclusive access to the classic songs from films like The Lion King, Toy Story and Mary Poppins, to name just a few, is going to make many of our iTunes users very happy."


Actress Juliette Lewis - most recently seen in Starsky and Hutch - will appear on the new Prodigy album, due out later this year (we hope!). Word is Lewis will sing on several tracks - adding fuel to rumours Keith Flint won't appear on the next Prodigy record. A friend of the actress told the Sun: "The boys were delighted with the result and want her to do more. She not only sounds good - her name will also bring the band loads of publicity."


Well, it seems that now money can buy 'Money Can't Buy'. A DVD of Kylie Minogue's Hammersmith Apollo album launch show performed to an audience of competition winners last Nov will be released in Jun. The DVD will feature performances of thirteen tracks, including some not featured on the ITV broadcast of the show. Special features will include multi-angle screen visuals for 'Slow' and her upcoming new single 'Chocolate', a behind-the-scenes documentary, promotional videos and a DVD-Rom section. The DVD will be released on 28 Jun.


Streets boy Mikee Skinner has told the Sun he had never been on holiday in the sun until he had chart success with first album 'Original Pirate Material'. Since then he has visited Ibiza a number of times. Skinner: "Any time I ever had any money I spent it on music. But I've had the whole teenage holiday intake in two years. I'll be back to Ibiza this year, probably many times. It's wicked. Just sitting there drinking beer with nothing better to do than get wasted."


Perhaps they should build a jail just for rappers. Warners signed rapper TI was jailed for three years on Wednesday for committing a probation violation relating to an old drugs charge conviction. The new sentence starts immediately, though he can apply for a work-release programme after a year - which might enable him to work on a follow up to his number two US album 'Trap Muzik'.


LIVE REVIEW: Wall of Sound's 2 Cultures Clash Launch on 21 Apr
It was an important night for two reasons. Firstly there was the launch of an amazingly eclectic and beat driven album that has a prime position already reserved in my collection to be filled as soon as that jiffy bag arrives. Second, it was a celebration of the kind of project we love here at CMU - one where two quite different music scenes meet.

Headed up by Wall Of Sound and Jamaica's Gee Jam studios, this album is set to be the very portrait of what can be done with a bit of imagination and some cross-cultural collaboration. It is a d 'n' b/house meets reggae/dance hall album that sees some of the biggest playaz of both genres come together to create an album with so many powerful tracks on it that I don't know what to do with myself... from my personal favourite track 'Ole Ole' done with City HiFi and featuring Bling Dawg, to an amazing national anthem that just about confirms its ranking in the books.

The beauty of this album is that you could expect to hear it played in the clubs of Ibiza as much as you could expect it to pop up in a dance hall in Jamaica. And the dazzling thing is the breadth of the stars on both sides, with the likes of: Jacques Lu Cont, City HiFi, Roni Size, Jon Carter, DJ Gregory, kid 606, Soulchild, Cassius, Mark Rae, West London Deep, Switch, Mekon, Howie B, Alborosie and Justin Robertson gracing the mixing boards of Gee Jam studios and working with the likes of: Horace Andy, Earnest Ranglin, Miss Thing, Patra, Buju Banton, Ward 21, Bling Dawg, General Degree, Ce'Cile, Junior Reid, Spragga Benz, Big Youth, Danny English, Tanya Stevens, Junior Mervin, Determine, Nadine Sutherland, Innocent Kru, Patrick Anthony and Barrington Levy.

Allowed in to the Jamaican High Consul no less to get a taste of the project whilst binging (it's a new buzz word honest) on rum and fruit cocktails I'm pleased to report the output is worthy of the names behind it - it's a rhythmically refined and elaborate album - awe-inspiring. More importantly, it encourages you to reconsider both the genres featured, and how they relate. Jamaican music of all kinds - from reggae/Raga to Dance Hall/Ska - has been influencing music over on the colder side of the world for years of course - from the Clash and the Buzzcocks to the D'n'B and breaks scene. And if you listen closely to more contemporary music from Jamaica you can see influences from our side of the ocean sneaking its way into the dancehall scene on the streets and back roads of Kingston. With that in mind this is one of those projects that just makes perfect sense once you experience it.

The only downside? Having heard some highlights, chatted to some of the producers, and waxed lyrical over the rum about how cool the Banksy artwork is, I now have to wait three months for the album to be completed. But a bit of perfection never did anyone any harm - and in the meantime I'll keep that slot in my record collection well dusted for when the finished goods appear. Meantime if you want a sampler for yourself - speak nicely to the people at Wall of Sound. Respek! BS.

Look out for an interview with Wall of Sound's Mark Jones about the project in next week's CMU Weekly (ie not the one out imminently, the one out in seven days time).


Well, you can't knock the Libertines on entertainment value.

Somewhat confused reports of exactly what happened at and just outside The Underground club in Stoke On Trent on Tuesday night after a showcase hosted by Libertine Pete Doherty to mark the launch of the debut single from the singer's side project Babyshambles. Featuring a number of bands rated by Doherty, and songs performed by him and fellow Libertine Carl Barat, from what we can gather the venue was heaving all night but trouble began when Doherty started pulling on some drapes that covered the venue's ceiling while performing with Babyshambles. The crowd apparently followed suit successfully pulling the entire drape down. Things then became more rawkus and a bit of the venue's wall fell in!

But that was just the start. According to the NME both Doherty and Barat then invited fans to join them in the car park outside the venue where - joined by numerous fans who had failed to get into the event - they performed a few acoustic numbers aloft the band's mini bus. The crowd got rowdy, roads got blocked, police got called - that kind of thing. Once dispersed Barat reportedly returned into the venue to assess the damage his fans had caused.

One fan at the event told the NME: "What a night, what a cracking night! Stage invasions, club got wrecked, gig was stopped, ended up having a street party with Pete on guitar...Total rock and roll!". Despite the rowdiness there doesn't seem to have been any outrage as yet, with the promoter behind the night simply saying the event "ended in can what only be described as rock and roll manner!"


Talking of Stoke - over to the Robbie Williams file (OK, weak link).

First up, Robbie has told the Sun that rumours - apparently started by Gary Barlow - that some kind of Take That reunion, featuring Robbie, was being scheduled for the end of the year are, to put it lightly, untrue. Williams told the paper: "A Take That reunion? I'm afraid there's more chance of Hell freezing over".

Meanwhile, Williams has endeared himself to locals in the West Sussex town of Kirdford near the Whithurst Park mansion where he is recording new material. Robbie apparently showed up a local park and asked if he could join in with some local teenagers during an organised football kick around session. When told by one of the organisers that the kids pay 50p to take part he handed over the cash. One local told reporters: "The children were really excited. He's been around the area a lot recently and is always very friendly".


CMU favourites ballboy return next month - still shunning capital letters from their name and song titles! New single 'past lovers' is the latest to come from recent album 'the sash my father wore and other stories' - it also features a duet with Laura Cantrell apparently recorded at John Peel's house last Christmas and a new song called 'the angel'. More info on that and upcoming gigs at and


The president of American performing rights organisation BMI - Frances W Preston - will step down in August and will be replaced by current exec vice president Del Bryant. Preston, who has been president of the organisation for eighteen years, announced her departure at a conference in Las Vegas, and confirmed she will continued to advise the organisation in the position of 'President Emeritus'.

Preston: "I will continue to offer my insights and counsel to BMI during a transitional period through the end of year as President Emeritus. I also look forward to continuing to assist BMI in the future in areas where my experience and network of personal and business relationships can be of value".


Well, providing they are willing to stand by their convictions, media conglom Viacom should be able to afford to take on the FCC. As previously reported the media group have said they will fight the US media regulator over their plans to fine their radio group Infinity over supposedly indecent comments broadcast on the Howard Stern show. Assuming that battle will be expensive (they run the risk of a $1.5 million fine) it is useful to know the group have seen an increase of 60% in net income in the first quarter of 2004 based on a 12% increase in revenue.


That other former Nsyncer JC Chasez has been telling Radio 1 his opinion on strip bars: "I actually cannot stand strip bars. I mean I have my fun flirting and everything like that but they just don't appeal to me. I just feel like everybody's a sucker in there you know. You're paying and paying and paying and for what? Oh she really is looking at me. Yeah, whatever! Don't get me wrong, I like skin as much as the next person but I think mystery is a very, very sexy thing. I think people always want what they can't have".

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