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In today's CMU Daily:
- New Elliot Smith album being mixed
- T In The Park sells out
- Judge sides with Cranberries singer over nanny - sort of
- Young rapper's people distance themselves from shooting
- Numbers London date
- George Michael most played on UK radio
- Album Review: Iain Archer - Flood The Tanks
- Beastie Boys add tracks to itunes
- Happy birthday iTunes
- Keane add lunchtime gigs to sell out tour
- Elton reckons American Idol viewers are racist
- Callum is Skint
- Clear Channel appoint new marketing exec
- Time Warner profits up after record label sale
- Debate continues on the accounting Prince's free CDs
- Hawkins not impressed with Tarantino
- Kitten girl gets solo deal
- Britney shuns bar on Justin grounds


The father of the late Elliott Smith has announced his son's final studio album will be released in Sep or Oct this year. Writing on a fan site dedicated to the singer Gary Smith said: "We are beginning the final mixing and production phase in mid-May. An announcement as to which label will issue the set will be made by the end of the month."

The fact that the album may not be released by DreamWorks, to whom Smith was signed at the time of his death last year, relates to an unusual clause in the singer's contract which was allowing Elliott to release his next album on an independent label of his choosing.

That said, DreamWorks have heard a lot of the working material from the new album, with the label's A&R man Luke Wood telling Billboard last year: "He was really having fun experimenting with recording. And as always with Elliott, the lyrics were incredibly poignant and very consistent and very beautiful."


Another day, another festival sell out - oh, to work in the live sector at the moment.
Scottish promoters DF Concerts yesterday announced T in the Park has completely sold out in record time. With ten weeks to go until the two day festival - which takes place at Balado near the Scottish town of Kinross - all tickets have now been sold, even though capacity was increased by 5000 this year.

Confirming the sell out, the festival's promoter Geoff Ellis told reporters: "For T in the Park to sell out in the fastest time in its eleven year history is an incredible achievement. The increased demand for tickets this year is due to a number of reasons. The stature and breadth of artists is impressive and no doubt the best line up we've ever had - with Bowie, The Strokes, The Darkness, The Pixies and many more, people are travelling from far and wide to enjoy it. But thanks must also go to our hugely loyal T in the Park fans - people are returning from last year and, having heard how great 2003's event was, those who previously missed out have made sure that they've snapped up their tickets early."

A spokesman for the event's long term sponsor, Tennants (theirs is the T in the name), added: "All of us here at Tennent's Lager are thrilled with the news that T in the Park has completely sold out. Once again, we have not only broken last year's record, we have totally smashed it! To sell out ten weeks before the event is testament to the status of T amongst UK and European music fans."

The news of the sell out came as Big Brovaz, Groove Armada, Goldie Lookin' Chain and Amy Winehouse were added to the bill. T in the Park takes place over the weekend of 10 and 11 Jul.


The previously reported court case between Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan and her former nanny Joy Fahy ended with neither side really winning - though both took home some complimentary remarks from the judge, so that was nice.

As previously reported Fahy was suing O'Riordan claiming the singer and her husband mistreated her while she looked after their son, finally unfairly fired her midway through a family holiday in Canada. O'Riordan denied all allegations, claiming Fahy has walked out on her job without warning.

The judge hearing the case in Dublin yesterday said Fahy had failed to prove any of her allegations against O'Riordan, though he did agree that the couple had failed to return some of the nanny's belongings after she left their service and ordered O'Riordan to pay Fahy 1500 euros in compensation.

As for the compliments, the judge said Fahy's allegations regarding O'Riordan's parenting skills were unfounded, adding: "The defendants are exemplary parents. They are clearly devoted to their son."
On Fahy's nannying skills he said: "she is a competent, caring childminder of exemplary character".


The management of up coming teenage rapper J-Kwon are distancing themselves from a shooting that took place near by a video shoot and have said they will co-operate with police investigations into the matter.

Four shots struck a police van on Tuesday near by the video shoot - the police were undertaking crowd control after a fans of the rapper gathered around the shoot. No one was hurt, and police admit the shots were most likely not actually aimed at the officers. Police are now looking at video footage filmed by J-Kwon's people which they hope may identify suspects in the shooting.

J-Kwon is the latest teenage rap talent in the US - his debut album 'Hood Hop' peaked at number seven in the Billboard chart.


San Francisco disco-punk trio Numbers reach London on their UK tour tonight before the finale in Nottingham tomorrow - they are in the UK promoting new album 'In My Mind All The Time' (as reviewed in yesterday's Daily). Details as follows, press info from Mingo PR.

Thurs 29 April (that's tonight!)
Electrowerkz, Torrens Street, London
Entry £6, support from Dynasty Handbag, Trencher and Max Tundra (DJ set)

Fri 30 April
The Liars Club at The Social, Pelham St, Nottingham
Entry £5, support from Dynasty Handbag and the wonderfully named Science! Bastard!


A new survey by the royalties collecting body PPL has confirmed that George Michael has been the most played artist on British radio in the last twenty years. PPL track what is being played on UK radio stations as part of its royalty collecting process, and according to their statistics the collected airplay of Michael's solo work, and the Wham! catalogue, put him ahead of other much played artists like Elton John and Robbie Williams.

Radio industry trade body, the Radio Academy, will now honour George for his achievement. Commenting on the award Michael told reporters: "I can't believe it. I've only made six albums in 22 years so I don't know how this happened. I'm the luckiest writer on earth."

Elton and Robbie follow Michael in the survey of most played artists. Also in the top ten are Phil Collins, Cliff Richard, Mick Hucknall, Paul McCartney and Bryan Adams - the latter owing his place in the top ten to the phenomenal radio play received by the track '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' when it dominated the British charts for sixteen weeks in 1991. There are just two female artists in the top ten - Kylie at four and Madonna at six.


ALBUM REVIEW: Iain Archer - Flood The Tanks (PIAS Recordings/Bright Star)
I first discovered Iain Archer through his recent single 'Boy Boy Boy' - one of those unexpected treasures, a sweet, melodic song. That is included here and, along with previous single 'Running In Dreams', is part of an accomplished, well crafted and intimate collection of songs. It's gestation period has been long and unusual. Archer was originally from Bangor in Northern Ireland but moved to Glasgow where he recorded two well received folky albums. But unhappy with the direction his music was taking he ended up working in a hostel for the homeless in London. Fortunately fate intervened in the shape of Snow Patrol, who needed a guitarist. Working and writing with Snow Patrol (including recent hit 'Run') and playing with Reindeer Section was just the boost Archer needed. The Patrol's Gary Lightbody also contributes to this album, as does rising Rough Trade artist Jacob Golden. As for the sound - well the gentle wistful songs such as 'Not Yourself' and 'Does This Have A Name' recall the idiosyncratic style of Robert Wyatt; and if you like Ryan Adams or Damien Rice you're sure to enjoy this album. Perhaps, like Rice's 'O' album, 'Flood The Tanks' will be a slow burning success - it certainly deserves to be.
Release date: 3 May
Press contact: PIAS IH


The Beastie Boys will release material from their forthcoming album 'To The 5 Boroughs', as well as their entire back catalogue, via iTunes. Fans will be able to get their first taste of the new album when new track 'Ch-Check It Out' premiers via the service.


Talking of iTunes, Apple are celebrating the first birthday of their iTunes service in the US and have done so by announcing over 70 million songs have now been downloaded from their platform, that a further 2.7 million are currently downloaded each week, and they reckon the total number of annual downloads will double in their second year.

Commenting on the success, Apple boss Steve Jobs told reporters yesterday: "iTunes has exceeded our wildest expectations during its first year, charting a new direction for the music industry. The unbeatable combination of iTunes and the market-leading iPod offers music fans a seamless experience for discovering, buying, managing and enjoying their music anywhere."

To celebrate the anniversary Apple have added a collection of previously hard to find Motown tracks to their catalogue, and are making tracks from artists like Foo Fighters, Avril Lavigne, Courtney Love, Annie Lennox and Jane's Addiction available for free.

The company has also released an updated version of its iTunes software which adds certain extra functionality and, perhaps more crucially for the industry, closes off certain loopholes that hackers had discovered in the platform's digital rights management system.

Despite the continued success in the US, Apple is still to confirm when its planned European and Australian services will launch.


With their UK tour fully sold out, Keane have been fitting in intimate lunchtime gigs. They played an afternoon set in a Birmingham pub on Tuesday prior to their gig in the city - and word is they have similar events planned for when they are in Manchester, and for when they return to Birmingham on 27 Apr.


Elton John has hit out after three promising black singers were voted off the American Idol show. Replicating the thinking that followed the time that British viewers voted favourite Javine off the Popstars show, the US media has been speculating this week that viewers who voted Jennifer Hudson off the American version of Pop Idol were influence by racial prejudice.

Speaking at a press conference in New York to launch an upcoming tour, Elton, who was recently a guest judge on American Idol, told reporters: "The three people I was really impressed with just happened to be black, young female singers. They have great voices. The fact that they're constantly in the bottom three - and I don't want to set myself up here - but I find it incredibly racist."

While Fox, who broadcast the show, have remained quiet on the racist viewers argument, Simon Cowell yesterday told reporters: "My gut feeling is the girl who got kicked out wasn't the American Idol. I don't think she was the best singer."


According to the Sun, Jamie Cullum is skint. Despite signing a £1 million deal with Universal Records he says he only received a £20,000 advance, and that most of that went on paying off a student loan and other debts. Cullum is quoted as saying: "I made about £20,000. After paying off my student loan, which was £12,000, and the payments on my car and money I owed my dad, I had enough money to buy myself an iPod and an acoustic guitar. So now I'm fucking skint again."


Former EMAP Performance projects manager Jenni Cairns has joined Clear Channel as the Marketing Director of their UK Music division.

Confirming the appointment Cairns told CMU: "I am delighted to join Clear Channel. This is an incredibly exciting time for the music event industry. Our goal is to create innovative and effective ways to reach the consumer, develop partnerships and take Live Music event marketing to a new level of excellence. It's a great challenge and I look forward to helping make it happen."

Clear Channel's Music Division boss Paul Latham added: "The appointment of Jenni to the position of Marketing Director underlines Clear Channels' commitment to provide all the artists, agents and managers that we work with access to the best talent and cutting edge marketing initiatives."


Well, if you're running an entertainments conglom and you want to make a big profit, seems the best strategy is to sell off your record labels. Time Warner, who have suffered from some seriously poor finances of late, yesterday posted a net profit for the first quarter of $961m (£530m) - up on $396 for the same quarter last year. Much of that increase is down to the high profile sale of Warner Music to Edgar Bronfman Jnr, plus a better-than-expected performance from internet division AOL.


Still much talk in the American industry as to how those copies of Prince's new album 'Musicology' which are being given to everyone who attends a Prince gig should be accounted for. The main US chart body SoundScan decided to count each giveaway CD as a record sale - presumably because the record label had sold them to the gig promoter who then gave them away. But there is much discussion as to whether units which are provided to the consumer for free should be included in the chart count.


More ranting from the Darkness' Justin Hawkins - this time regarding the direction of Quentin Tarantino. The film director was guest directing an edition of US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live - on which the band were performing. Hawkins explains: "We were supposed to do two songs, Growing On Me and I Believe In A Thing Called Love. But Tarantino wanted to end with a fight scene - so he cut the songs: So we said, 'Bring him to us and tell us why,' and he sent somebody else to talk to us, which we found insulting. He took away our airtime and then didn't bother to come and explain why in person. I thought about going in there and slapping him about a little bit."


Joy oh joy - former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost has signed a solo deal, though it's with a new independent label set up by the former manager of the girl group, Martin O'Shea. Rumour has it that O'Shea set up the label - Integral - because the majors were shunning Frost, though other rumours say the singer and her manager want to pursue a more innovative route musically and no major would finance that.

Former band mate Liz McClarnon, meanwhile, is reportedly being woo-ed by various majors - and is likely to sign with BMG any day now. Lucky BMG.


And so to the inane gossip section. According to the Sun Britney Spears this week told her people to find a new venue for a post-concert party in Manchester after she discovered the original venue - the plush Sugar Lounge - is a favourite haunt of Justin Timberlake (who's often found partying round Manchester of course). Given a good night out for Britney normally involves an impromptu wedding, perhaps her people should book the village hall in Gretna Green.

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