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At what point, do you think, does someone really become a star? Is it the number one single? The multi-platinum album? The worldwide arena tour? Or is it when former collaborators arrive on the scene and start accusing you of not paying them?

If it's the latter, then Lady Gaga has truly arrived. Following the news last week that she is being sued by her former producer, co-songwriter and boyfriend, Rob Fusari, this week someone else came forward to say that he was owed money. More on him in a sec.

Fusari, of course, claims that it was he who transformed Gaga into who she is today, writing a number of her songs and thinking up her stage name. He also says that the pair set up a company together to handle her business affairs, in which he has a 20% stake, but that it and he were cut off once fame and fortune looked to be within her grasp. Thus, he is suing for $35 million.

The Lady's lawyer Charles Ortner responded this week, claiming Fusari was just Gaga's agent, and what's more he wasn't licensed to be an agent at the time (which you have to be in the US), so all agreements between the former couple are null and void. But the producer's lawyer, Robert S Meloni, argues he was much more than Gaga's agent, and that the couple were full-on proper business partners, adding: "Rob was no more of an 'agent' for her than she is a Roman Catholic nun".

Which is all very interesting, but not quite as much fun as the new claim made by bassist Tommy Kafafian, who played on Gaga's album 'The Fame', and co-wrote her song 'Disco Heaven'. He says he is also owed money relating to his dealings with the singer, but, unlike Fusari, he told reporters he won't go legal. Instead, he says his revenge will be to become more famous than she is, until "Lady Gaga can't walk down the street without seeing my face or hearing my music". It's a plan that can't fail.

So, the Gaga is doing well in terms of gathering "she owes me money" claims. But does that make her truly famous? Personally I think it's the arrival of an "I sent you a demo of my song and you stole it" lawsuit that really means you've made it these days. And that's more of second album thing.

Anyway, what of this week's CMU Weekly, I hear you say. What delights therein lie? Well, you are a bunch of very lucky people, because this week's Powers Of Ten playlist is compiled by none of than top funny man Adam Buxton, one of CMU's very favourite people on this whole blummin planet.

He has a new show starting on BBC 6music next month in which he will compile a special themed playlist especially for his listeners each week. Coincidence? CMU's "we told you about our playlist feature and you turned it into a bloody radio show" litigation surely has to follow. Which is good news for Adam, it means he's really made it.

Andy Malt
Editor, CMU

PS: No CMU Weekly next Friday, it being the most Good of Fridays. But the good news is Adam's playlist is so good, it'll keep you going for a fortnight. As for news snippets and web tips next weekend, you'll just have to OD on chocolate instead.



So, last week producer Rob Fusari sued Lady Gaga for $35m, which he claims he is owed for his work writing songs for her and coming up with her stage name. This week Gaga's people claimed Fusari was just her agent, and an unlicensed agent at that, rendering any contracts from the time invalid. But his lawyer said: "Rob was no more of an 'agent' for her than she is a Roman Catholic nun". Elsewhere, a bassist also said he was owed money by Gaga, but rather than going legal he plans to get his revenge by becoming more famous than her.
Gorillaz are reportedly still waiting for Eddy Grant to get in touch with them, after he claimed last week that Damon Albarn and his cartoon buddies had used his 1977 track 'Time Warp' as the basis for their latest single 'Stylo', without permission. The band's manager, Chris Morrison told BBC Newsbeat: "Nobody has officially approached me about any contravention of any copyright. When I'm approached, I'll deal with it".
Four people were injured on Monday after 200 Buddhists threw rocks at the headquarters of Sri Lankan broadcaster the Maharaja Broadcasting And Television Network. The group were protesting against an upcoming live performance by Akon sponsored by the company, after taking offence to the video for his song 'Sexy Chick', which features scantily clad women dancing in front of a statue of the Buddha. The Sri Lankan government later said it would not grant the singer a visa, so the gig was cancelled.
Jim Marshall, a music photographer with over 500 album covers to his name, has died aged 74. His pictures of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and Jimi Hendrix's famous guitar burning exploits, and his photos of Woodstock two years later, ensured widespread attention for his work. Meanwhile, his personal friendships with many of the big artists of the era ensured him some uniquely candid shots. Aaron Zych, manager of Morrison Hotel Galleries, which hosted one of Marshall's last exhibitions, said: "Jim's work is legendary. As far as music photographers, he is the godfather".
No less than 94 MPs have now signed an Early Day Motion tabled by Labour man Tom Watson calling on the BBC to reverse their plans to shut down 6music and the Asian Network. Though Tory culture man Ed Vaisey, who told CMU he digs 6 after the Guardian implied he was pro the station's axing, is yet to add his name to the Motion. Don't forget the Save 6 protest is this Saturday, outside the BBC's Broadcasting House in London at midday.
An AC/DC concert at an Austrian airport could be jeopardised after local officials raised concerns there might be unexploded bombs on the land where the 80,000 fans are set to congregate for the event, the first of its kind to be held on the site. Local officials say the airport was heavily bombed during World War II, and there might be unexploded bombs on the site which may be dangerously disturbed if the gig goes ahead. Bomb disposal experts are now evaluating the area.

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Adam Buxton
Adam Buxton, of course, needs no introduction, but this space isn't going to fill itself, so let's have one anyway. He first appeared as the presenter of Channel 4's 'Takeover TV' in the mid-90s, before teaming up with school chum Joe Cornish for 'The Adam & Joe Show', a world of TV and movie spoofs made with soft toys and 'Star Wars' figures, expertly crafted comedy songs, pranks and general silliness.

More recently, Adam and Joe have been found presenting the Saturday morning show on BBC 6music. Although the show is currently on hiatus while Joe directs his first feature film, 'Attack The Block', from next month Adam will be back on the station every Sunday with his own show, 'Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape'.

With the help of a guest and his listeners, he will take a weekly topic or theme and make a compilation tape full of relevant songs for all us 6 fans to enjoy. The first Mix Tape is called 'Øddens' and is based around the theme "weird yet accessible music". The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt will join Adam for half the show to add his contributions to the mix.

You can hear that between midday and 2pm on 4 Apr, aka Easter Sunday. But to get you in the mood, we asked Adam to create a sneaky little mixtape as part of the CMU Weekly Powers Of Ten feature. And he only went and bloody did it!

01 Guided By Voices Echos Myron
  It took me a while to get into get into GBV but when it happens, it's a strong bond! It's no wonder people get evangelical about them. This is a fairly conventional one for them but so tight and punchy.
02 Scott Walker The Old Man's Back Again
  'Scott 4' was another album that I had to wait for the right time in my life to enjoy, but now it feels as though it's always been there. Check out the bass, winding and grooving about on this song!
03 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Hysteric
  This sounds almost like something from the Bangles or their ilk, so silky and 80s is the whole production, and there's something unpalatable about the lyrics: "flow sweetly, hang heavy, you suddenly complete me" ...urgh! Despite all that, really lovely, I think.
04 Talking Heads The Great Curve
  I've loved this song for most of my life but every time I hear it there's something new there. Complex rhythmic and melodic patterns interconnecting thrillingly. An amazing band at their best.
05 Chuck Berry Nadine
  You almost ignore this because it feels so simple and so effortless, but the lyrics! The delivery! It's poetry, innit.
06 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names Seems To Be On My Mind
  Young Swedes sounding pleasingly like The Monochrome Set and taking their name from the lyrics to 'People' by The Silver Jews (which would be on here if Spotify had it).
07 Van Morrison St Dominic's Preview
  Despite apparently being one of those songs in which Van bollocks on about how shitty the music industry is, this is a peach from a very underrated album of the same name. It's a great, country rock epic that you could imagine Scorcese using for some gangster montage.
08 Spoon Black Like Me
  I like a lot of their stuff, very tuneful and straightforward on the one hand (almost Stones-ish to start with) but surprising and oddly structured on the other. Not a long song but one that feels like a journey nonetheless. There's a video I shot of lead singer Britt Daniel playing this on YouTube. I was so excited I could barely keep the camera still. Every time I watch it I get the chills! I love this band.
09 Neil Young Birds
  A masterpiece of concision and understatement. Like the best sad songs this leaves you completely uplifted. Fun fact: If I were to arrange my death like Edward G Robinson in 'Soylent Green', I'd have this playing as I checked out.
10 The Fall Dr Buck's Letter
  Mark E Smith is one of the few genuinely funny people in rock and is on good form on this track in which he reads out sections from an interview with Pete Tong, featuring a list of things the house record playing genius never leaves home without. Spotify only has a live version, but on the studio recording Smith starts to chuckle at one point, apparently amused by the banality. "I was in the realm of the essence of Tong", he concludes winningly.
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Noel Gallagher describes that 2008 on-stage attack in Toronto via a statement to a Canadian court where his attacker is awaiting sentencing: "I ended up in a heap on the floor. I had no idea what had happened. I would describe the sudden impact and shock as feeling as if I had been hit by a bus. I have been told that I will never really recover from the damage, and still feel painful twinges"
Boy George says a 30th anniversary Culture Club reunion could be on the cards: "It really depends on the reasons for doing it. With all these reunions you get to a point where you start remembering why you left. Who knows, maybe next year we could do something but I don't know if it would be a prolonged thing. There's a part of me that thinks I should do it, but we'll see. It's all about my mood at the time"
Cheryl Cole ruins the current round of Girls Aloud split rumours by saying that they're going to record three more albums: "We did sign a three album record deal just before we all did our own thing. The last time we did anything together was when we supported Coldplay at Wembley, which was only September, so it hasn't even been a year. We haven't really spoken about anything yet"
Dave Grohl on recording the new Foo Fighters album in his garage: "One of my favourite records was our third one, which we made in my basement in Virginia. We had sleeping bags that we nailed on the wall for soundproofing. The general vibe on that record is really comfortable. I'd go upstairs and make chilli and come downstairs and do a vocal on a couch. It's the same idea"
Producer Larry Crane discusses responses to news of his remastered version of Elliott Smith's debut album: "I'm getting pretty much bashed around there on message boards for something nobody's heard. My first thought was: 'Am I doing the right thing?' I said to my girlfriend: 'My god, should I be doing this?' She said: 'Are you making it sound better?' I said: 'I guess.' She said: 'How can that be wrong?'"
The Wurzels react to the government's tax increase on cider: "We are all very upset that Scrumpy Cider is being hit by such a tax rise. We would like to offer our 50 years of experience of Cider drinking, and of playing within a cider community, to the government in an advisory capacity and the public can be assured that we would obviously register our interests in Cider before any lobbying commenced "
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  ChatRoulette piano improv. ChatRoulette is generally a terrifying place that we don't recommend you visit. However, when you're not faced with looks of confusion and random men masturbating, you might find a piano player improvising songs about you. The original was an unknown musician called Merton, followed by Ben Folds, who did it live on stage last weekend - www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfamTmY5REw
  Peggy Sue mixtape. Peggy Sue have released a free compilation of their early work featuring songs from their early single and EP releases, ahead of the release of their excellent debut album 'Fossils And Other Phantoms',. The band's album launch takes place at The Garage in London on 29 Mar with support from Dan Michaelson and The Mariner's Children - soundcloud.com/brilliantlydifferent/sets/peggy-sue-abodyofwork
  RebekkaMaria. Describing the music of Rebekka Maria Andersson is no simple task. Lykke Li is the obvious reference point for quick comparison, but it completely misses how varied her amazing voice and smart pop sound are. While at times you can see why she was recently booked to support Mika, at others it makes about as much sense as The Knife supporting Boyzone - www.myspace.com/asinrebekkamaria
  Fang Island. Hailing from Brooklyn, Fang Island describe their sound as "everyone high-fiving everyone" and claim their main aim is to "make music for people who like music". What either of those things mean is up for debate, but the band's sound mixes the slightly unlikely combination of Jay Reatard, Marnie Stern, Andrew WK and Thin Lizzy. You can stream their debut album for free on their website - digital.fangisland.com/album/fang-island
  Cappo - Gilgamesh II video. CMU favourite Cappo has released a video for 'Gilgamesh II', a track from his forthcoming second album 'Genghis', which is due for release on 4 Apr, via Son Records. Rocking some mean harpsichord and his usual great vocals, this track shows off exactly why we love this Nottingham-based rapper so much - www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U9VC1dshPE
  Love Is All - Kungen. Swedish indie poppers Love Is All will release their third album, 'Two Thousand And Ten Injuries', on 5 Apr, via Polyvinyl Records. The album was written and recorded while the band were between record deals, which, they say, gave them a sense of freedom they had not experienced for many years. Explains bassist Johan The results are apparent in album track 'Kungen' - www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl1PqiluWic
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  Q1 How did you start out making music?
ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT: "We were pals at school and we liked the idea of starting a band. We were never interested in playing other people's songs, the focus for us was always on creating our own music, even though we couldn't play that well. We used to go and write songs at night in a graveyard near [guitarist] Dorian's house. There was no mystical intent behind this, it was simply the only place we could go to avoid waking people up and then we progressed to rehearsing in the cellar of [frontman] Sam's mother's farmhouse"

Read more of Archie Bronson Outfit's answers

  Q2 What inspired your latest album?
WOODEN SHJIPS: "I'm more inspired to write individual songs, so there are different sources of inspiration for our album. Generally, I would say living and growing in the city is a big influence, and specifically the city of San Francisco"

Read more of Wooden Shjips' answers

  Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
ANDREW WK: "I eat a very, very large meal. Usually packed with bread and peanuts. Or maybe a curry with a lot of spices. Once I feel I can't eat anymore, I drag myself into the bathroom and just sit on the toilet and wait. At the moment of defecation, I receive a divine inspiration, which I attempt to scribble down on the roll of toilet paper. I then take these notes and use them wipe myself, before flushing the entire mess down the drain. Whatever I can remember of my notes the next day, I record, and a song is born"

Read more of Andrew WK's answers

  Q4 Which artists influence your work?
BOE WEAVER: "We are lucky enough to be surrounded by really dedicated and talented crate diggers. This means that almost on a weekly basis we receive CDs/vinyl/tapes packed full of super rare and super good music. The tracks are mostly without names and ALWAYS without the artist info, so I guess a short answer would be that we are inspired by lots of different music but we don't know who any of it is!"

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  Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
SHY CHILD: "Oh hi. Hi there. Welcome. Welcome to my home. Sit down, right over here. Sit right here in front of my stereo. There you go. Would you like a glass of milk? No? OK. How about some purple drank? Theeeeere you are. Would you like to enjoy a compact disc with me? On my CD player? It has a laser in it. OK. Here we go... ready? I'm about to hit play on the CD player. But before I do, I would like to add that I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself as you experience these Traxxxformers from planet Cyberfunkkk. OK. There. It's playing. Mmmm. God that's good. Yes. God yes"

Read more of Shy Child's answers

  Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
PAPERPLAIN: "This album gives people a chance to hear Paperplain and to get hold of the songs. As for the future, I have no ambitions or expectations, so I'll wait and see where 'Entering Pale Town' lands me"

Read more of Paperplain's answers

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#12: Team Bieber v The Filth
I'm sure lots of you think several people should be locked up for unleashing the Justin Bieber phenomenon on the world, but probably not for failing to fulfil what is seemingly a new constitutional duty in America: sending out a tweet when told to do so by the police.

Yes, Bieber's manager, Scott 'Scooter' Braun, has been charged in relation to a shopping mall event that was due to feature the squeaky-voiced hair cut that is Justin B last November, where 3000 teenage fans went a bit crazy as they awaited the popster's arrival.

So much so that police tried to cancel the event, but struggled to clear the Bieber fans who weren't convinced the pop teen wouldn't soon be in the house, partly because he'd sent out a tweet - picked up by fans on their mobiles - announcing "on my way to Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY to sign and meet fans! I'm pumped, see u there".
Police then demanded that the still-to-arrive popster send out a new tweet confirming to his fans that the mall appearance had, indeed, been cancelled. They asked a rep from his label Island Def Jam to send the tweet, but he didn't have access to the Bieber Twitter account. They then called Braun to tell him to send the tweet, but he said he wasn't near a computer. Presumably Bieber himself wasn't contactable.

The police claim neither Island Def Jam man James Roppo nor Braun seemed to take the mall issue seriously. Officers seemingly threatened to put out an arrest warrant for Braun if he didn't get tweeting to Bieber's fans. The manager allegedly responded to the effect that he'd appreciate it if they spell his name right on the warrant. This presumably angered police, who promptly arrested Roppo instead. When Roppo called Braun from his police cell, the manager managed to get to a PC to tweet to the Bieber massive that the mall event was definitely off.

Roppo has been charged with a series of misdemeanours, including endangering the welfare of children and obstructing governmental administration, and his case is pending. Now Braun has been formally charged also, and reportedly faces a year in jail if convicted, which seems rather extreme for failing to tweet, but there you have it. His lawyer said yesterday that Braun responded to the police's tweet demands as quickly as he could, and should therefore not be held liable for anything that happened back at the mall.

As news of the charges against his manager reached the media this week Bieber tweeted his support for Braun, and was then seen wearing a t-shirt bearing the words 'Free Scooter'.

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