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Last night I went to a secret meeting of the MICroscope Sonic Resistance and was immunised against sonic viruses.

No, I haven't fallen foul of some terrible cult, it was all part of the live show to accompany Riz MC's debut album, 'MICroscope'. The performance fuses live music, theatre, live and pre-recorded visuals, magic and audience interaction to create something unlike any gig you've been to before.

It's not really theatre, it's not really a gig either, it's something else entirely. It's an incredibly ambitious show of a type often talked about but rarely attempted, and Riz pulls it off incredibly well.

Aided by fellow rappers Maxwell Golden and Redinho, the story weaves its way through various songs from the album, mainly with the aide of backing tracks, though space is made in the story for Riz to rap over live cello, violin and guitar during a power outage, and there's a live freestyle and beatboxing segment to reboot the computer system following a particularly confusing scene where Riz is uploaded to the internet.

It's difficult to really do the show justice in words (though I gave it a go here), it's something that really needs to be seen. Luckily, it will be touring around the release of the album in September, so keep it in mind.

You can check out the show's online companion (which will reward you with three free tracks from 'MICroscope') here: www.rizmc.com/lab

As well as that, you might like to take a look at this week's CMU Weekly, which I've lovingly prepared for you. Unless this is your first time reading it, you should know how it works by now. If you are new, ask the person next to you. This week's playlist comes from the rather marvellous Scottish broadcaster Jim Gellatly, a man who knows his music.

Andy Malt
Editor, CMU



Despite winning awards, plaudits and pretty respectable RAJAR listening figures for a digital-only station, and despite benefiting from plenty of cross-promotion from the other NME media, NME Radio went off the air last Friday. It seems the company behind the service, DX Media, couldn't make the operation commercially viable. NME owners IPC Media will continue to operate a back-to-back music service online for the time being, but without any of the presenters that won NME Radio many of its fans.
Slash was forced to stop a show in Milan last week when a fan climbed onstage and tried to knock him to the ground with a rugby tackle. The former Guns N Roses guitarist was kicking off a rendition of 'Sweet Child Of Mine' when the on-stage attack took place. Slash wasn't hurt, though his guitar wasn't so lucky. Adopting the show must go on ethos, Slash got back up after being knocked to the ground and went to resume his guitar playing, only to find the neck of his guitar had been snapped. Fortunately a replacement was on hand.
Kid Cudi has been arrested in New York on charges of criminal mischief and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The rapper was arrested after a run in with an unnamed woman at her NYC apartment. Cudi allegedly pulled the woman's door off its hinges and smashed her cell phone against a wall. Presumably the rap man had some drugs on him when police responded to the door vandalising and phone smashing incident. Despite the arrest, Cudi was still able to make his slot at last weekend's Bonnaroo Festival in Tennesee.
Simon Cowell has signed an artist from outside his various TV show ventures for the first time in six years, bringing producer Labrinth, who was behind Tinie Tempah's 'Pass Out' and 'Frisky' singles, into the Syco fold. As well as signing as an artist, Labrinth and his manager Marc Williams will also run their own Syco imprint, Odd Child, to which they will be signing artists themselves. The producer is due to release his debut solo single, 'Let The Sunshine', later this summer with an album to follow, and is also working on new material for Pixie Lott and JLS. He's also reportedly set to work with Cheryl Cole, Jay-Z, and Rihanna in the near future.
A ban prohibiting the public display, advertising and sale to anyone under eighteen of the original version of Rammstein album 'Love Is For All' has been lifted in Germany. Sale of the album was hindered last November when the snappily titled Federal Office For The Examination Of Media Harmful To Young People banned the album from being put on public display in German record shops, mainly because of the long player's depictions of sado-masochism and the explicit nature of some of the artwork.
Our favourite story of the week now. Police in Ocean City, Maryland were sent to a local bar last weekend after a member of the public reported seeing sixteen year old Justin Bieber propping up the bar and enjoying an alcoholic drink. It was only when officers confronted Justin and asked him for his ID that they discovered the drinker was, in fact, a 27 year old gay woman called Katie. She wasn't too phased, though, telling TMZ it (ie being mistaken for Bieber) happens "all the time". In fact, it's a much more common problem than you'd think.

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Jim Gellatly
Scottish radio presenter Jim Gellatly will be a familiar face (or at least voice) to many of you, thanks to his reputation for being the man to go to if you want to know what the next big thing in Scottish music is going to be. And if there was any doubt, you only have to look at the list of artists Jim is credited with giving first radio play to, including KT Tunstall, Glasvegas, Biffy Clyro, The Fratellis, The Enemy and The View.

Jim previously appeared on Xfm Scotland, presenting the now defunct station's local edition of 'X-Posure', and subsequently on BBC Radio Scotland. He currently presents a weekly podcast, 'Jim Gellatly's New Music', which features new, mainly unsigned, bands with a Scottish bias, and contributes to 'The Sunday Late Show' on Aberdeen's Original 106. Over the summer he's also handling Saturday afternoons from 2-6pm on Clyde 1 in Glasgow, with a show called 'Jim Gellatly's A-Z Of Rock & Pop'. Aand, as if that little lot didn't keep him busy enough already, from 4 Jul he begins a new hour long show on Amazing Radio from 3pm.

We asked Jim to delve into his brain (and Spotify) to pull out ten tracks for a Powers Of Ten playlist. Having done just that, Jim told us: "For starters, I hadn't been on Spotify for a while as I've been getting a bit obsessed with mFlow! I do love how these music platforms are now integrating with the social networks. I sort of fear that a tweet about a particular slice of exciting new music may actually have more impact now than playing a track on a specialist radio show".

He continued: " Most of the stuff I'd normally have chosen is just a bit too new to have found its way onto Spotify, but it was actually quite nice dipping in and selecting a bunch of tunes from the past that helped shape my tastes. Hopefully I've balanced the old stuff nicely with new stuff. Doing this was good practice for my new show on Amazing Radio, as I'm effectively going to be creating a weekly playlist from what's on offer at amazingtunes.com. It goes without saying that if I was to do this playlist again tomorrow it would be totally different".

01 Time Zone feat John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa World Destruction
  This takes me back to the days when singles had a proper chart life. I used to cut out the chart position from Record Mirror and stick it in a scrapbook. I think I was genuinely gutted it never really breeched the Top 40. It was Lydon's involvement that drew me to the track, but it was probably the tune that first drew me towards hip hop as well. Contender for best record EVER!
02 Frightened Rabbit Swim Until You Can't See Land
  Frightened Rabbit are fast developing into the most important Scottish band around. Dealing with so many up and coming acts, you notice the same names cropping up in terms of influence/inspiration. It used to be bands from the States and south of the border, but now the Scottish music scene seems to be discovering its own voice. Biffy have certainly played a major part, but I'm spotting more and more bands now citing the Frabbits as a key influence.
03 Pearl And The Puppets Mango Tree
  I love Pearl... but am I alone in thinking Lena (the German Eurovision winner) sounds a bit like her?
04 The Redskins Kick Over The Statues
  It was probably the height of rebellion to have a copy of The Redskins' 'Neither Washington Nor Moscow' at a Scottish public school in the 80s, but it certainly opened my ears to a lot of the soul music that influenced them.
05 Tommy Reilly Take Me Away For The Night
  Like Pearl, Tommy's an artist I've known for a while now. This one's a total slice of pop heaven, and proof that there is life after the TV competition and doomed record deal.
06 That Petrol Emotion Big Decision
  I genuinely thought, at one time, that they were better than The Undertones (the O'Neill brothers' previous band). Saw them back together at T In The Park last year which was a bit of a (manic pop) thrill.
07 Billy Bragg Shirley
  I cried when he played this last year at the Wickerman Festival... maybe not too cool to later tell him that.
08 Phil Campbell Boom Town Rats
  Phil's been around for ages, but after signing to EMI (and getting dropped) on TWO occasions he's released a wonderful new album under his own steam.
09 Grum Can't Shake This Feeling
  I know Leeds claims him as well as Scotland, but either way, Grum is the new Calvin in the same way Calvin was once the new Mylo.
10 Age Of Chance Kiss
  Talking of Leeds... the best cover version ever.
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Joe Jackson blames his wife Katherine for the death of their son: "[After Michael's death] Katherine was weeping uncontrollably and highly upset. But I didn't give her a hug because I was mad at her crying. I kept thinking about the times I had stood in front of her saying something was wrong. If she'd done what I asked, Michael would be here today. I am incensed with her"
Jay-Z refuses to publish his autobiography (which was written four years ago) as he feels it reveals too much about his childhood and his father: "It's too much. For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed, so I was learning a lot of things I didn't know as a child. It's not anything I haven't said in the past, in songs. It's just more detailed... You can say exactly how everything went"
Joe Cornish announces the much anticipated return of Adam & Joe to BBC 6music for three shows over the Glastonbury weekend: "We can't wait to serve you with top notch music and piping hot, ill-prepared waffle. In fact, we're already hard at work ill-preparing the waffle mix. And although Adam did spill a lot of it on the carpet, he's managed to scrape most of it up, and we think it's probably still useable"
Brandon Flowers says recording a solo album without his bandmates was a lonely process: "This started out [as a Killers album] - it just became something else when I realised I wasn't ready to take a very long break and a couple of the guys were. It was weird without union and The Killers and that way of doing things and friendship. At times it was a little bit lonely"
King Creosote says he will no longer release music on any format other than vinyl: "[Digital music is] something I don't feel comfortable with. I am retiring from anything online, and digital music entirely. If you download 1000 songs, how can you value them? People see music as some sort of service you get when you get broadband and everything around music has been devalued as a result"
Never ever ever ever accept a gift from Ke$ha: "You know what, sometimes I'll walk my dogs and fill bags full of massive dog shit. Then I'll wrap them as Christmas presents and give them to people"
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  Kode9. Dubstep producer and head of the Hyperdub label, Kode9, has compiled the latest installment of !K7's highly regarded 'DJ-Kicks' compilation series, which is out next week. As well as a mix of dubstep, UK funky, broken beat, grime and R&B, the compilation also features a new track from Kode9 himself, called 'You Don't Wash (Dub)', which !K7 are giving away as a free download - www.kode9-djkicks.com/exclusive/
  School Of Seven Bells. We've been playing the new School Of Seven Bells album 'Disconnect From Desire' a heck of a lot since it arrived in the office earlier this month. It's released next month, along with a new single, 'Windstorm'. You can hear a remix of that track by A Place To Bury Strangers on SoundCloud now - soundcloud.com/fulltimehobby/school-of-seven-bells-windstorm-a-place-to-bury-strangers-remix
  Chatelaine. Five years since Curve split, it's very good to hear frontwoman Toni Halliday's voice on some new music once again. Three years in the making, Chatelaine's debut album, 'Take A Line For A Walk', is stripped of Curve's wall of sound production, Halliday's voice is still as strong as ever and she has found new places to travel both musically and lyrically, though Curve fans won't feel left behind - www.chatelainemusic.com
  Thomas Truax. As we have informed you on approximately 507 separate previous occasions, Thomas Truax is amazing. Both his live performances and his studio recordings, aided by a family of self-invented instruments are completely idiosyncratic and inherently lovable. Taken from new album 'Sonic Dreamer', 'Beehive Heart' is available to stream and download for free now - soundcloud.com/charmfactory/thomas-truax-beehive-heart
  Ranger3. The opposing styles of Irish folk musician Ronan Burke and neo-classical composer Jim Perkins pull in different directions but balance each other perfectly, creating something beautifully unique. A perfect example is new single 'Pendulum', which clearly began as a simple folk song but has been pulled apart and reassembledto create something altogether more interesting - soundcloud.com/bigoandtwigetti/pendulum
  Gallops. It's refreshing to hear a post-rock band who are as much about being fun as they are pissing about with different time signatures. Gallops make post-rock that bounces, thanks to a rhythm section, who I imagine eat too much Haribo, and a synth player who makes the kind of sounds you might find on a 1960s edition of 'Tomorrow's World' predicting the music of 1985. Yes, that good - www.myspace.com/thegallopsband
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  Q1 How did you start out making music?
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS: "When John and I were teenagers we both got in to home recording, overdubbing one cassette recording in to another. It just expanded from there"

Read more of They Might Be Giants' answers
  Q2 What inspired your latest album?
RIZ MC: "It was recorded over two years, but the consistent vibe, both musically and lyrically, is, I guess, about being comfortable with not fitting in. It's about trying to be authentic and dealing with the social politics of that. It's about negotiating these things to try and connect with something sincere and real in yourself and others. And failing!"

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  Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
JOE WORRICKER: "Well all the songs excluding one from the album were written when I was extremely hungover and high on coffee. I kind of found that the more affected I was the more emotional I became and it helped me write random stuff. Sometimes it's chords, melody, words, or an emotion first, it differs every time"

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  Q4 Which artists influence your work?
O'SPADA: "We all have different inspirations, from Prince to Wu Tang Clan to Daft Punk to Al Jarreau. In the beginning, that was quite frustrating because we couldn't agree on a sound. But now, it feels like a strength because it prevents us from imitating anyone else. Either way, we don't discuss other artists that much when we make our music"

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  Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
TRASH KIT: "Let the music speak for itself - we encourage interperative dance moves!"

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  Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
THE RIALTO BURNS: "The future will decide itself. As long as the album doesn't find itself in the bargain bucket in Oxfam, we'll be happy"

Read more of The Rialto Burns' answers
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#23: Kelly Rowland v Dolphins
Swimming with dolphins is one of the most enriching, life-affirming moments any human being can experience. So say some people. Not Kelly Rowland, though. This week's Beef Of The Week comes with a stern warning: Never swim with dolphins.

It all started on this week's 'Graham Norton Show' on BBC One, when Bill Bailey recalled his experience swimming with dolphins, telling Norton: "It's scary. It's not nice. It's not the thing you think it is. People think it's gonna be a lovely, sort of like, Sealife Centre and you put your arm round it. But the dolphins aren't happy about it. Don't swim with a dolphin".

Backing him up, Rowland announced: "Never swim with a dolphin. I mean, mine pooped in my face".
Explaining the experience, she continued: "They were like, 'Oh pet the dolphin, it's so soft'. So we're petting the dolphin and it's all soft and then they're like, 'Now go into the water and see how smooth its belly is'. So we go in the water and see how smooth its belly is and it was like [here Kelly makes the internationally recognised sign for a dolphin pooing in your face]'".

Just to ensure she'd made her point firmly enough, she concluded: "I will never swim with a dolphin again".

Asked if it smelled bad, Rowland pointed out: "I can't smell under water, I'm gonna drown".

Lookit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUm6QmEzyXQ
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