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New York court dismisses former Universal exec's lawsuit against his ex-lawyer
Another VPN agrees to instigate anti-piracy web-blocks in the US
Major labels sue hosting company over webpage of the youtube-dl stream-ripping tool
Every Time I Die split after four of five members quit
Houston Police Department seeks more Astroworld footage via new website
Yet another legal filing in the long-running Shake It Off song-theft legal battle
COVID Passport requirements could end in England this month, NTIA wants move to apply UK-wide
CAA’s ICM takeover on hold due to antitrust investigation
Now Coachella is annoyed about Bookchella
Setlist: Yet another song theft case? You got it!
Nevermind baby re-files child pornography lawsuit against Nirvana
Cox Communications says labels were wrong about supposedly missing evidence in billion dollar copyright case
Nicole Scherzinger brands Pussycat Dolls lawsuit “meritless”
Travis Scott sued over artwork used on unofficial compilation
Chris Brown and Drake hit back over No Guidance song-theft claim
Dark Horse litigation back in court, but judges cautious of over-extending copyright
Cardi B defamation case against YouTuber gets underway
Spotify successfully blocks Potify trademark application
UK government responds to consultation on new anti-terror measures at venues and events
Jury selected for Cardi B’s defamation action against YouTuber
Boutique collecting society GMR agrees provisional settlement with US radio industry
RIAA says stream-ripper's legal claim depends entirely on sneaky wordplay
Bob Dylan urges court to uphold ruling in dispute with former collaborator’s estate
Stream-ripper says judge got it wrong when proposing $83 million damages bill
Nevermind artwork lawsuit dismissed - but likely to be re-filed this month
Setlist: Five music controversies to expect in 2022
Judge declines to extend restraining order against Live Nation in Coachella trademark dispute
Taylor Swift has one last go at getting the Shake It Off song-theft lawsuit dismissed
Nirvana seek dismissal of Nevermind baby lawsuit
Global-linked investment entity given approval to buy up to 14.99% of iHeart