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Jay-Z accuses photographer of infringing his image rights
Judge dismisses Ice Cube's lawsuit against Robinhood
Live industry laments
Other official comments on the new delay in lifting COVID regulations
The Jesus And Mary Chain latest artists to sue their former label over US termination right
Pras charged over alleged involvement in foreign-funded lobbying campaign in relation to Malaysian embezzlement scandal
Recording Academy accused of backtracking on promises of transparency in former CEO's arbitration
NMPA hits back at Roblox response to copyright lawsuit
With lifting of COVID restrictions set to be delayed, live sector calls for more data and financial support
Setlist: The music publishers' $200 million lawsuit against Roblox
UK's Brexit negotiator criticised over no-show at Parliamentary session on the bureaucratic barriers faced by touring musicians
Joe Biden cancels Donald Trump's TikTok ban, but China-owned app still being scrutinised by US officials
Live industry warns against delayed reopening, calls on government to release Events Research Programme findings
Judge erring towards dismissing Ice Cube's lawsuit against Robinhood
Music publishers sue Roblox for $200 million, pile more pressure on Twitch
Viagogo argues against class action status for lawsuit over its COVID cancellations policy
Frontier Communications latest US ISP to be sued by the major labels
Song-theft claim against Offset allowed to proceed, even though everyone's confused
Andrew Lloyd Webber promises
Two key lawyers withdraw from R Kelly's defence team ahead of August trial
The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison among 76 new artists joining call for ER on streams
Culture Secretary mocked over
Music industry remains concerned about European Commission's late-in-the-day guidance on safe harbour reform
Setlist: YouTube's four billion dollar stats brag
US Congress members say Spotify's Discovery Mode raises
Marilyn Manson receives another sexual assault lawsuit
Capitol v Vimeo case back in court yet again
Stream-ripping site Yout gets web-blocks in Brazil dropped
Setlist: The music industry's