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Lady A the singer says she can't co-exist with the band Lady A
Setlist: Lady A sue Lady A over who is the real Lady A
YouTube doesn't have to hand over email and IP addresses of infringers, says EU court
R Kelly prosecutors request jurors be kept anonymous in New York trial
Furloughed Live Nation exec sues over allegations of discrimination
Lady A sue Lady A over the name Lady A
6ix9ine sued for $5.3 million over cancelled show
COVID-19 VAT break will apply to live music, culture minister confirms
Tom Meighan issues statement following assault conviction
MVT welcomes government clarification on planning reforms and the possible impact on venues
Kasabian's Tom Meighan pleads guilty to assaulting ex-fiancée
Scottish music industry forms taskforce to ensure it benefits from COVID funds
Swedish appeals court upholds Pirate Bay web-block
Setlist: Music magazines stay off the shelves
Eminem publisher pulls Harry Fox Agency into its Spotify battle
YouTube sued for not making Content ID more widely available to independent music-makers
US should wait to see how EU reforms work out before radically changing its safe harbour, says US Copyright Office
Music Venue Trust raises concerns about government's 'project speed' plan to overhaul planning rules
Kevin Risto seeks class action status for legal dispute with US session musicians royalty fund
TikTok insists it complies with all data protection laws after being banned in India
Music industry allowed to intervene on landmark web-blocking case in Canada
The Rolling Stones team up with BMI to stop Trump's use of their songs
Ticket-buyers try to prove Ticketmaster terms are non-binding
Setlist: The COVID crisis pushes the live industry to the brink
UK regulator launches more in-depth investigation into Viagogo's StubHub acquisition
Justin Bieber sues over sexual assault allegations
Backed by TaP Music, Chicago house pioneers sue Trax Records
Artist groups call on Congress to investigate Live Nation's controversial post-COVID memo
SoundExchange wants remuneration rights of US performers in UK put in post-Brexit trade deal
Fyre Festival ticket-holder lawsuit seeks default judgment and $7.5 million in damages