Latest music and media law news

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Record labels' legal dispute with TuneIn to go to appeal
US government sides with Global Music Rights in radio dispute
Jason Mraz sues Coors Light over Instagram video
Joycelyn Savage denies speaking out against R Kelly in new video statement
Arbitrator sets out agreement to settle feud between Ramone heirs
Genius goes legal in lyrics dispute with Google and LyricFind
Spinal Tap creators confirm StudioCanal dispute continues, now entering discovery phase
Industry-approved anti-piracy system will be discussed as Labels v Cox Communications case finally heads to trial
Domain registry sale could finally mean an end for The Pirate Bay's .org domain
MegaUpload founder again denied access to illegally gathered evidence, lawyer argues extradition case should be blocked
Campaigners call on UK competition regulator to investigate Viagogo's StubHub deal
TikTok looks to boost US operation to allay regulator concerns
Jay-Z sues over hip hop themed AB(Jay)Z kids book
Marc Jacobs pushes back again in its t-shirt dispute with Nirvana LLC
Patreon shuts down account claiming to be set up by R Kelly girlfriend
IMPALA gearing up to oppose Tencent's bid to buy 10% of Universal Music
Slipknot's dispute with former percussionist arrives in New York court
Photographer sues Prince estate for copyright infringement
The other Shake It Off lyric-theft case returns to court
Labels want court in Charter copyright case to ignore the professors
Scooter Braun says Taylor Swift resisting Big Machine resolution, as her fans send his family death threats
R Kelly 'girlfriend' comes forward with allegations of abuse
UK regulator investigating Hasbro's acquisition of EntertainmentOne
Former PledgeMusic CEO threatens legal action after musician makes allegations of improper conduct
Latest round of radio royalty proposals launched in Washington
Dr Luke says Kesha lawyer lied under oath, lawyer calls Luke a
Songwriters and artists call on US court to uphold Copyright Royalty Board's streaming rate increase
US publishers and societies start to disagree on consent decree reform
Californian law change will likely revive child abuse lawsuits against Michael Jackson companies
Web-blocking begins in Canada