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OfCom declines to take action against Capital Xtra following DJ Tiiny payola scandal
French government considering new anti-piracy measures
Danish anti-piracy group says web-blocks work, though piracy is also getting harder to monitor
K-pop music companies file complaint over new law they say only benefits BTS
Setlist: Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes recalled back to Hell
Nike and MSCHF reach settlement over Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes
Viagogo accused of
Kesha hopes new free speech laws in New York can help her defeat Dr Luke's defamation lawsuit
UK competition regulator launches new Digital Markets Unit
Maria Schneider criticises YouTube's repeat infringer policies in ongoing Content ID litigation
Ultra Music Festival sued again over postponement claims and refund policies
One Liners: Bluedot, Red Light, MegaUpload, more
UK government reveals more about its Events Research Programme to
Universal asks court to make Jane Petty and her lawyers pay their legal fees in relation to warehouse fire litigation
Fair use case over 'Grease' parody can proceed, court rules
Migos' Takeoff will not face criminal charges following sexual assault accusation
Satan Shoes maker responds to Nike lawsuit - it's all just
Katy Perry says Ninth Circuit should reject latest Dark Horse song-theft claims on Stairway grounds
Labels' lawsuit against stream-ripping sites and can proceed in Virginia, court rules
Ice Cube sues
Judge declines to dismiss new Ed Sheeran song-theft litigation that relies on newly registered Marvin Gaye copyright
Jane Petty's revised lawsuit over Universal's warehouse fire dismissed
Bob Dylan asks court to dismiss Jacques Levy estate lawsuit over Universal deal
Nike launches lawsuit over Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes
Court Of Appeal upholds ruling in majors v TuneIn case
Music industry welcomes commitments from Boris Johnson on addressing the post-Brexit touring problems
Charlie Walk accuses Universal of exploiting
Nipsey Hussle estate and Crips settle trademark dispute
Government defends its refusal to provide COVID cancellation insurance for the festivals sector
Spotify settles Sosa dispute