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Article thirteen talks postponed because of disagreements in EU Council
Setlist: R Kelly, HMV, Rihanna
Viagogo claims it is now compliant with UK regulator's rules as deadline passes
Music industry says proposed article thirteen compromise a backwards step
Beyonce's lawsuit against Feyonce merch company dismissed
Rihanna sues her dad for fraudulently exploiting her brand
Government responds to music industry's Brexit concerns - sort of
Norwegian crime agency investigating Tidal data fiddling allegations
Local residents vow to fight on after London council does deal with Live Nation over Wireless noise restrictions
Police question two women over claims they are being held hostage by R Kelly
UK music industry faces significant risks if May's Brexit deal passes, PM is warned
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The music industry v YouTube
Michael Jackson estate brands new abuse documentary
Aussie music industry seeks web-blocks against stream-ripping sites
Appeals court upholds $2.4 million ruling in Bob Marley coffee case
Music industry hits out after grassroots venues are denied small business rates cut
No criminal charges for R Kelly in Dallas, as Lady Gaga announces withdrawal of 2013 collaboration from digital music services
State Attorney calls for alleged R Kelly victims to come forward
New US documentary puts R Kelly abuse accusations back in the spotlight
Ed Sheeran and LMFAO copyright cases will proceed to jury trials
American radio industry and Global Music Rights spar over subpoena in BMI case
Setlist: Tencent, Kraftwerk, Neil Young
Spotify settles Wixen's $1.6 billion mechanicals lawsuit
New Zealand's Supreme Court agrees to hear final MegaUpload extradition appeal
US magistrate judge advises safe harbour be denied to ISP Grande Communications
Beef Of The Week #435: Beefs Of The Year 2018
Music industry says UK government's
Gwen Stefani still faces injured fan lawsuit, but Live Nation is off the hook
New inquest into Radiohead drum tech death to open in March
Damages bill cut in New Zealand political party's copyright battle with Eminem