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Adult Mom accuses indie label Tiny Engines of
The Weeknd has move to dismiss song-theft lawsuit dismissed denied
Madonna sued over late stage times
Neil Young's US citizenship application delayed due to marijuana use
Judge pauses arbitration order in Michael Jackson Estate v HBO dispute
UK competition regulator provisionally approves Live Nation's MCD deal
Spinal Tap settle with Universal Music, though StudioCanal litigation continues
Universal adamant it doesn't have to share 2008 fire insurance pay-out with artists
BTS's Jungkook quizzed by police after admitting fault in car crash
UK court says TuneIn needs music licences for non-UK stations
US government investigating TikTok's two year old acquisition of
Setlist: Lizzo, PledgeMusic, Kurt Cobain
The Grammys goes legal against the Christian Grammys
Katy Perry sued over Katy Perry clothes and Katy Perry photo
Online piracy is declining among young internet users
Taylor Swift's reps confident revived Shake It Off lyric-theft case can be defeated
R Kelly ordered to use music royalties to pay outstanding child support payments
Ninth Circuit revives Shake It Off lyric-theft lawsuit
Both sides make new legal filings in Peloton v the music publishers
Setlist: US radio royalties, Lil Peep, Apple
Lizzo goes legal as debate continues over who the
Macklemore and Ryan awarded legal costs in
Nelly settles litigation over allegations of sexual assault in the UK
House Of Representatives passes the CASE Act
MU says any new measures to combat sexual harassment in the workplace need to also protect freelancers
Michael Jackson estate call HBO's appeal in 'Leaving Neverland' dispute
Justin Bieber settles lawsuit over Instagram post
Juice WRLD on the receiving end of latest multi-million dollar song-theft lawsuit
Magistrate judge recommends vicarious infringement element of labels v Charter case be allowed to proceed