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Justin Bieber sued for posting a picture of himself on Instagram
Chuck D files lawsuit in music publisher dispute
Tax evasion charges against Sigur Rós dismissed on double jeopardy grounds
New South Wales state coroner to recommend overhaul of drug polices at music festivals
MegaUpload lawsuits postponed yet again
Fyre Festival ticketholders hope to get Ja Rule back as a defendant on their $100 million lawsuit
Ryan Tedder sued in dispute over collaboration with country musician Zac Brown
Setlist: US radio royalties, Lil Peep, Apple
Katy Perry appeals $2.7 million Dark Horse song-theft ruling
Lil Peep’s mother sues First Access Entertainment over rapper's death
Prosecutors say R Kelly has history of intimidating victims, which is why he shouldn't get bail
Taylor Swift song-theft case not like Led Zep song-theft case, say Swift's accusers
Olivia Neutron-John drops name following cease-and-desist from Olivia Newton-John
Krept recovering after being
Universal close to settlement with Spinal Tap, though wider Vivendi case continues
US lawmakers approach Spotify about its Apple gripes
Setlist: Robert Fripp, Notorious Markets, Tegan & Sara
MGM Resorts agrees $800 million settlement with victims of Route 91 Harvest festival shooting
New Zealand appeals court overturns ruling stopping Commerce Commission from securing a Viagogo injunction
Takedown notice against Trump's Nickelback video was sent by Warner Music
Stream-ripping, Cloudflare and Telegram all appear in US record industry's updated piracy gripe list
One Liners: R Kelly, Live Nation, 6 Music, more
Judge denies Jay-Z's request to give deposition off camera, but comes up with novel solution to leak fears
Californian judge says insurers not obliged to compensate concert stabbing victim
Spotify seeks to have Eminem mechanicals case dismissed on jurisdiction grounds
New York court allows boosted copyright case against Peloton, sought damages double to $300 million
Missing data shouldn't stop labels presenting its evidence in Cox copyright case, judge reckons
Tough questions for the plaintiffs in latest Stairway To Heaven song-theft court hearing
Kanye West close to settlement with EMI Music Publishing
Congressional committee says copyright safe harbour shouldn't be included in new US trade agreement with Canada and Mexico