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Australian court rules that Viagogo misled consumers
Court Of Appeal upholds Royal Opera House hearing damage ruling
Fyre Festival trustee wants to know source of Netflix and Hulu footage
Jackson Estate boss indicates further legal action might follow over Leaving Neverland, though libel isn't an option
Justin Bieber sued after knocking over photographer
Russell Simmons accuser says the Def Jam co-founder is hiding out in Indonesia
EU Council gives European Copyright Directive the final nod
Setlist: Ticketmaster, online harms, Donald Trump
Inquest into the death of Radiohead drum tech recommends changes to live sector processes and regulation
UK competition regulator investigating AEG Facilities and SMG merger
British Columbia proposes new anti-touting laws
Twitter takes down Donald Trump campaign video for unlicensed music use
New Zealand Commerce Commission can appeal ruling over Viagogo injunction
UK government proposes regulator to deal with online harms, though not piracy matters
Setlist: IFPI stats, iHeart, The Weeknd
Ticketmaster sued over UK data breach
British songwriters sue The Weeknd in new song-theft case
Live music companies removed from lawsuit over Barry Manilow's duet with a dead Judy Garland
Viagogo exec travels to Australia to fend off resale market restriction proposals
Dispute over Tom Petty estate goes legal
R Kelly's lawyer accuses State Attorney of acting improperly
GMR's radio industry legal battle to relocate to California
Italian ticketing firm calls for anti-touting rules to be enforced, except perhaps the personalised tickets one
France could implement article thirteen this summer via new anti-piracy law
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The record industry's love affair with DRM
Vodafone blocks piracy site in Germany without court order
Sigur Ros charged over tax evasion in Iceland
Boris Johnson says European Copyright Directive is
European Parliament passes the Copyright Directive
The record industry comments on the bloody Copyright Directive