Latest music and media law news

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The company of legendary songwriter Harry Warren files its own lawsuit over illegal recordings on iTunes
British man arrested over illegal hacking and distribution of unreleased music
Setlist: Deezer, consent decrees, YouTube
Alternative views from within the music industry feature among 877 submissions to the BMI/ASCAP consent decree review
CMA approves AEG/SMG venues merger
Both labels and Cox seek summary judgement in ongoing safe harbour case
Coldplay's Chris Martin among those demanding shared parental leave for freelancers
Field Day co-founder Tom Baker steps away from festival
Taylor Swift took offence at Microsoft's offensive Tay bot
Appeals court upholds fair use ruling in
South African ISPs criticise web-blocking proposals
Setlist: Top ten legal battles - Prince and the dancing baby
CMA drops legal action against Viagogo, says site is now compliant with UK law
Soundgarden lawyers want court to force Universal to share fire files
Third lawsuit filed over Fyre Festival footage in Netflix doc
Ariana Grande sues fashion firm for using lookalike model in social media marketing
Prosecutors cite R Kelly's marriage to Aaliyah as a reason to continue to deny bail
Fyre Festival bankruptcy trustee seeks to recover fees paid to artists
R Kelly requests to be allowed out of solitary confinement, prosecutors say he's not in solitary confinement
Setlist: Tencent, Tents, Baby Shark
YouTuber sues YouTube over missing alerts and closed channels
Gathering Of The Juggalos attendee sues after being run down by baseball bat-driven golf cart
Major labels sue yet another American ISP over its infringing customers
Cox wants access to reports on the label-approved Copyright Alert System it declined to participate in
Fitness firm admits music licensing challenges are a risk in its pre-IPO filing
One Liners: Soundgarden, Diplo, National Album Day, more
Chinese regulator investigating Tencent's exclusivity deals with the majors
Universal gives Soundgarden 24 hours to withdraw from class action over 2008 fire
US publishers question how Spotify and Amazon are applying America's compulsory licence on their discounted services
US senators want justice department review of competition in the American ticketing market