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US advocacy group backs artists in termination rights case against the majors
Another Local Radio Freedom Act proposed in the US
Michael Jackson estate goes legal over HBO documentary
Final draft in hand, music industry reps call on EU law-makers to pass the European Copyright Directive
Group bidding to set up new US mechanicals society dispute rival's
New Zealand declines to issue interim injunction against consumer confusing Viagogo
Settlement agreed in Rhapsody mechanicals class action
European Commission deletes blog post that laid into copyright directive critics
Grand jury reportedly convened to consider latest R Kelly abuse allegations 
LMFAO song-theft case to be split into two court hearings
Judge says Miley Cyrus lyric-theft case shouldn't be dismissed on summary judgment
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The battle against secondary ticketing
European Commission lays into the tech sector over copyright directive lobbying, as everyone else comments on the final draft
Video reportedly showing R Kelly having sex with underage girl handed to authorities
Karen Elson and Liz Phair speak out against Ryan Adams, as FBI launches investigation into communications with underage fan
Copyright Directive remains controversial as final draft agreed
21 Savage to be released from custody today, pending deportation hearing
Artists and songwriters urge EU to bring Copyright Directive to
EU Council overcomes deadlock on European Copyright Directive, as IMPALA clarifies its position on the copyright reforms
Kanye West sued over prayer sample
Setlist: HMV, Spotify, Terminators
Copyright directive talks could resume after France and Germany compromise over reach of article thirteen
US Copyright Royalty Board confirms 44% increase in streaming royalty on songs
New lawsuits seek to force labels to return old recordings to artists
21 Savage confirms he is British, says he's lived in the US since he was seven
Campaigners call for an end to 'gang injunctions' against drill artists
Tekashi 6ix9ine admits gang membership
21 Savage arrested, accused of being British
Code-sharing community questions if Deezer can force block of stream-ripping tool
Kanye settles