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RIAA says latest Senate hearing on copyright safe harbour confirmed the system is
The Weeknd hits back at A Lonely Night song-theft claim by British songwriters
Judge upholds much of the record industry's billion dollar win in Cox case, but orders recalculation of damages
Yeasayer's song-theft lawsuit against Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd dismissed
6ix9ine's Gooba briefly removed from YouTube due to copyright claim
YouTube reinstates Man On Man video, after claiming it breached
Spotify pulls Kobalt into its legal spat with Eminem's publisher
Cancelled Ultra Music Festival sued over its refunds policy
Kendall Jenner returns $90,000 of her Fyre Festival fee
Madonna sued over cancelled Madame X show
StubHub faces class action in Canada too over its COVID-19 refunds policy
US Copyright Office finally publishes its safe harbour report, music industry sets out its copyright gripes
Emails ordered to be shared in Live From Abbey Road litigation
Sosa Entertainment boss calls Spotify's
Spotify makes bold claims in countersuit against the American indie label it banned
Hackers promise dirt on President Trump as well as music stars if law firm doesn't pay $42 million for return of stolen files
R Kelly's third attempt to secure prison release due to COVID-19 fears denied
Music industry wants right to intervene in Canadian web-blocking court case
Congressman welcomes FTC report on US ticketing market, says his BOSS Act is the solution
Apple sued over Amazing Stories sync
Entertainment law firm confirms hackers have stolen 756GB of emails and contracts
Austrian court forces more seller transparency onto Viagogo
Spinrilla hits back in ongoing takedown notice dispute with the RIAA
Appeals court cuts Quincy Jones' win in Michael Jackson dispute by $6.9 million
Jason Mraz settles dispute over Coors Instagram post
The Weeknd hits back in Yeasayer sample dispute
Criminal trial over 2010 Love Parade stampede abandoned without conclusion
Clubs and venues ally with other companies in COVID insurance dispute with Hiscox
Amazon hits out at its inclusion in US government's notorious markets piracy report
US record industry's stream ripping battle back in court