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US appeals court fast-tracks hearing on Tyga's banned shoes
Marilyn Manson sexual assault lawsuit dismissed over statute of limitations
Bestival boss in court over Ticketline advances
Judge sides with insurer in SXSW insurance dispute
Travis Scott faces new claims of negligence over stampede at 2019 Rolling Loud festival
Bandcamp and Google confirm temporary agreement as dispute over in-app payments proceeds
Setlist: Live at Wide Days
Former MegaUpload execs who did deal with the prosecution could still face a ten year jail term
Australian appeals court upholds AUS$7 million judgement against Viagogo
Cloudflare says European Commission's Piracy Watch List should only focus on actual piracy sites
Fyre Festival fraudster out of prison
New York Senate passes new laws to restrict the use of rap lyrics in criminal proceedings
US court says Toni Basil is sole owner of Mickey masters
Grease parody show deemed fair use by US court
Alan Parsons awarded nearly $5 million in dispute with former manager
French performer and label groups reach voluntary agreement regarding digital remuneration
Swiss collecting society sues Snapchat
Setlist: Live at The Great Escape
Vans accuses MSCHF of breaching injunction over Tyga's trainers
Two former MegaUpload execs reach deal with prosecution to avoid extradition to the US
Young Thug denies racketeering charges
Congress members not hugely impressed with Spotify's response to Discovery Mode concerns
BMG welcomes mechanical royalties increase in the US, regrets not speaking out sooner
Pandora responds to comedy copyright lawsuits, dubs comedian rights agency a 'cartel'
R&S Records welcomes tribunal ruling after dispute with former consultant
Copyright owners and ISPs in Sweden ally to simplify web-blocking
New inflation matching settlement on US disc and download song royalty rate welcomed
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five’s The Kidd Creole sentenced to sixteen years in prison for manslaughter
South Korean culture minister calls on politicians to exempt BTS from military service
Kanye West sued over sermon sample on Donda