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John Lydon's lawyer calls on court to block the use of long forgotten
European Commission ramps up pressure on EU states to implement the copyright directive
Russian stream-ripper opts to just ignore the record industry's lawsuit against him
US government sells Wu-Tang's single copy album
Britney Spears files request to remove her father from conservatorship
Bad Wolves and manager Allen Kovac hit back at lawsuit from former vocalist
Songwriter groups formally call on US Copyright Royalty Board to reject NMPA's mechanical royalty rate proposals
R Kelly prosecutors ask court to hear more testimonies alleging further abuse, bribes and threats in New York trial
Another round of anti-piracy web-blocks instigated in the UK
Setlist: Anarchy in the High Court - it's the Sex Pistols!
John Lydon lawyer says he wasn't aware of 1988 band agreement until a previous licensing dispute
John Lydon says he doesn't remember signing
Damon Dash launches Roc-A-Fella NFT auction (again)
Sex Pistols are probably
Taylor Swift seeks summary judgement in her ongoing Shake It Off lyric-theft dispute
Fyre Festival ticket holders likely to get just $281 in compensation
Sony Music sues Gymshark over unlicensed recordings in its social media videos
European Commission to launch study into impact of EU court ruling on
Live industry criticises government U-turn on COVID passports and continued lack of cancellation insurance
BMG welcomes Parliament's streaming report:
EU Advocate General rejects calls from Poland to annul safe harbour reform in Europe
John Lydon is a
Setlist: The things people still get wrong about streaming - dissecting the Economics Of Streaming report
Court cuts back legal claims against Chance The Rapper by former manager
Sex Pistols in court over sync deals and a 1988 band agreement
Sexual assault lawsuit against Diplo withdrawn
Fewer than 20% of night-time businesses intend to use COVID passports
UK Parliament calls for
DCMS Committee Economics Of Streaming Report: Lots of quotes
Britney Spears asks court to