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Songwriters call for full transparency around US song royalty rate settlement deal
Taylor Swift says Shake It Off song-theft accusers don't even have the right to sue
Lorde “told off” after revealing voting plans on Instagram
Stream-ripper Yout circumvents YouTube's technical protection measures, court concludes
Authorities can’t find ex-Iced Earth frontman Jon Schaffer as they attempt to sue him over Capitol building insurrection
Music industry welcomes new laws in California restricting the use of lyrics in criminal proceedings
Fat Joe sues his accountants over allegations they misappropriated millions
Court rules against SXSW in dispute with insurer over COVID cancellation class action
Judge declines to issue summary judgement in second song theft case over Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud
Rammstein secure injunction to stop Viagogo sales of tickets for upping tour
Judge approves Shakira’s tax evasion trial
Meta criticises Epidemic's copyright lawsuit over
Mr Probz sues Sony Music again in ongoing royalties dispute
Pandora hits out at comedy rights agency Spoken Giants in ongoing dispute with Lewis Black
Class action lawsuit filed by former Pollen employee in the US
American industry welcomes the launch of radio royalty proposals in US Senate
Triller Verzuz Timbaland and Swizz Beatz is settled
Festicket formally falls into administration
Live sector cautiously welcomes energy price cap, but says more action still needed
LA District Attorney says more evidence required before abuse charges can be brought against Marilyn Manson
Now Warner Music sues Bang over the unlicensed music in its TikTok videos
Arbitration provision in Ticketmaster's terms back in the spotlight in Ninth Circuit appeals court
50 Cent sues plastic surgeon, denies he had penis enlargement
New proposal to allow BTS members to serve South Korea without joining military
Setlist: Lizzo’s keeping her $5 million cancelled festival fee
Bang infringed Sony Music's rights in social media videos, court confirms
Billy McFarland ponders how to pay back defrauded Fyre Festival investors
DNS resolvers hit out at the music industry's web-blocking orders
R Kelly found guilty of six charges at end of Chicago sex abuse trial
PACE welcomes court ruling on the live music tariff of Belgian collecting society SABAM