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Prolific ticket touts found guilty of fraud
Music industry again calls on UK government to include copyright in online harms debate
UK competition regulator bans Viagogo and StubHub from integrating while merger investigation is pending
SoundExchange reckons US performers are being treated unfairly with international ER payments
Warner claims ad income on Dark Horse commentary video over musical segment it said wasn't protected by copyright
Tekashi 6ix9ine sued over Stoopid opening
Setlist: Top ten legal battles – The Kraftwerk sampling case
Judge rules in Dr Luke's favour on some elements of his long-running Kesha dispute
Madonna accuses London Palladium of censorship after dropping curtain on overrunning show
Recording Academy insists on arbitration for its Dugan dispute
Soundgarden hit back at Chris Cornell's widow in dispute over masters
PRS Deputy Chair hits out at expansion of buyout deals in audio-visual commissions
US appeals court rules that Drake's Jimmy Smith sample is definitely fair use
R Kelly's ex-girlfriend reportedly speaking to prosecutors
New Zealand Supreme Court knocks back Kim Dotcom's appeal over illegally gained evidence in the MegaUpload case
Cox Communications begins process of appealing
Setlist: European Copyright Directive, German digital pie, tax cuts for music venues
US Recording Academy crisis continues as ousted CEO dubs investigations
US radio industry settles rate dispute with collecting society BMI
StubHub warned it is breaching UK consumer law (again)
Peloton's countersuit against the music publishers dismissed
Future of London's 100 Club assured with 100% discount on business rates
Lawyers in R Kelly sexual abuse lawsuit quit the case
US appeals court says no private copy levy due on in-car recording devices
Alan Parsons sues former business partner over Project shows
Music industry responds to government's copyright (no) directive announcement
RCN seeks to have the music industry's Cox-style infringement lawsuit dismissed
Voluntary anti-piracy initiative in Russia extended for another year
Back and forth continues between the US Recording Academy and its ousted CEO as the Grammy Weekend goes through the motions
UK government confirms it won't implement the European Copyright Directive