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Eventbrite investor group seeks to take lead in lawsuit over Ticketfly statements
Genius accuses Google of ripping off its lyrics
RIAA's latest anti-piracy push results in two more sites going offline
Universal master tape fire revelations could result in litigation
Setlist: FTC, Universal, DJ Khaled
Ticketing regulation back on the agenda in Congress after FTC debate
Britney Spears secures new restraining order against former manager
Woodstock 50 venue cancelled over after payment deadline missed
Fewer bots and more transparency demanded at FTC session on the American ticketing market
Alleged conspiracies and safe harbour technicalities dominate MegaUpload's Supreme Court hearing
Stairway To Heaven case to return to Ninth Circuit appeals court, with more judges taking part this time
DJ Khaled could sue Billboard over chart position
MegaUpload extradition case reaches New Zealand Supreme Court
Viagogo boss says company will be compliant with law
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The Pirate Bay, the piracy site that refuses to sink
R Kelly pleads not guilty to new sexual abuse charges
Eventbrite faces shareholder lawsuits over Ticketfly integration
Eventbrite sued over Ticketfly promotional photo
US Department Of Justice confirms another consent decree review
One Liners: Carmen DeLeon, SoundCloud, The Black Eyed Peas, more
US judge dismisses lawsuit over the big Ticketfly data hack
Australian judge rules stream-ripping sites are involved in
Spanish collecting society SGAE fined 2.95 million euros for anti-competitive conduct
Russell Simmons denies rape allegations under oath
Setlist: SGAE, RIAA, Richard Ashcroft
New charges added to R Kelly's sexual abuse case
Iron Maiden sue makers of video game Ion Maiden
CISAC expels rogue Spanish society SGAE
Record industry forces file-hosting service offline
Apple sued over iTunes data sharing