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Kim Dotcom hits out after former MegaUpload colleagues plead guilty to running criminal enterprise
32,254 counterfeit CDs seized in raid on Merseyside piracy operation
Anti-piracy action in Brazil targets hundreds of websites and apps
IMPALA calls for French style agreements on fair digital remuneration instead of ER
Domino comments on Four Tet settlement, insists no precedent set
Dua Lipa sued (again) over sharing paparazzi photos
Ed Sheeran awarded £900,000+ costs following win in Shape Of You song-theft case
Domino Records settles Four Tet dispute, commits to pay 50% royalty on digital
Jimi Hendrix Experience dispute should happen in New York, says Sony
Warner Music sued again over international deductions
US music publishers are going after unlicensed apps, starting with Vinkle
Setlist: BTS on a break, but don’t call it a hiatus
Belgium introduces ER right on streams
Lil Wayne denied UK visa ahead of Strawberries And Creem headline set
ASCAP and BMI hit out at US radio industry plan to force combined rate court hearing
Young Thug and Gunna comment on their arrest on RICO charges
Jay-Z and Damon Dash settle dispute over Reasonable Doubt NFT sale
Rob Da Bank wins legal battle over Bestival loan
Britney Spears gets restraining order against first husband after he gatecrashed her wedding
300 and Atlantic chiefs call for wider Rap On Trial legal reforms
Movie companies in US web-block case hit out at Cloudflare
UK artists will no longer need a visa when touring in Greece
Prosecutors say R Kelly should be jailed for at least 25 years
Sony asks court to sanction Bang Energy over lost videos in social media marketing copyright case
Ditto Music seeks dismissal of Lil Yachty NFT lawsuit on jurisdiction grounds
Movie companies who got a US web-block order have asked for it to be stayed
Yout owner declines deal proposed by Brazilian prosecutors
Young Thug allowed to keep his lawyer as he fights racketeering charges
Van Morrison sues Northern Irish minister over Rolling Stone article criticising his anti-lockdown songs
Anita Baker thanks Chance The Rapper for helping out in her recent masters dispute