The Jacksons v AEG Live Timeline

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February 2009
Jackson planning massive live comeback?

March 2009
Jackson to announce O2 shows
Jackson announcement today
Michael Jackson reveals very little
More Jacko dates expected
Jackson reveals O2 dates
Jacko residency up to 30 nights
Jacko residency extended to 50 plus dates
Fifty Jacko shows sell out
Jacko plotting US and Japan farewells
AEG may self-insure Jacko residency
Jacko tops all of Tixdaq’s ticket resale charts
Martin failed to get tickets for Jackson gigs
PETA worried about Jacko’s O2 residency
Jacko rumour round-up

April 2009
Jackson told to bulk up for comeback

May 2009
Will.i.am says Jacko’s voice is great
Michael Jackson is sued shocker – promoter says This Is It violates contract
Jacko show will be ace, honest
Jacko doctor denies skin cancer claims
Jacko comeback put back five days
Jacko fans petition for postponement rethink
More Jacko speculation

June 2009
Akon expects Jacko to mime
Jacko claims he only wanted to do ten O2 shows
Is Jackson fasting to beat skin cancer?
Jacko happy with 50 shows, say AEG
Jackson has Neverland-style plans for London residence
Jackson in no fit state to perform, says former publicist
Jacko to provide children for deaf fans
Allgood file lawsuit over Jacko dispute
Jackson wants disabled child on stage, says Sun
More Jacko tickets go on sale


June 2009
Michael Jackson dies
An awful lot of tributes
Mega memorial planned
Jacko tributes continue

July 2009
AEG boss talks tribute concert
Memorial service being planned for LA’s Staples Center
BBC admits it received complaints over Jacko coverage
1.6 million Jacko fans register for memorial tickets
Jackson family split on memorial and burial plans
Smash Hits returns to pay tribute to Jacko
Jacko memorial event stuff
US politician hits out at the celebration of "pervert" Jacko
Jacko fans and auction sites try to thwart memorial show touts
Jackson remembered at all-star memorial
Mega viewing for Jacko memorial

August 2009
Jackson to be buried
Jacko – Insurance, drugs, brain and burial
Jackson burial delayed

September 2009
Michael Jackson buried
Randy pissed off by helicopters over burial


June 2009
Implications of Jacko’s death on his business partners
Ticketing agents promise full refunds
AEG announce refund process for Jacko ticketholders

July 2009
More on those tickets
Jacko fans petition against ticket scam
AEG talking to Sony Pictures about Jacko documentary
Jacko tribute off as DVD deal is done – rumours

August 2009
Jacko ticket scam deadline today
Jacko – No to post-mortem results and yes to film release
Jackson merch deal approved, exhibition questioned, burial announced
Jacko film and Warhol painting news

September 2009
Yet more Jackson – Wills, films and Madonna tributes
AEG boss talks Jacko movie

October 2009
Amazon to have This Is It digital exclusive
iTunes will sell This Is It
Jackson premiere takes place worldwide

November 2009
This Is It screenings extended

December 2009
This Is It DVD gets January release


June 2009
An awful lot of Jacko – investigation begins
Even more Jacko – Father shares foul play theory
Jackson autopsy rumours not true, coroner says

July 2009
More on the drugs that may have killed Jackson
Nanny denies pumping Jackson’s stomach
Drug agency involved in Jacko investigation
Former Jacko doc denies prescribing drugs
Police chief hasn’t ruled out foul play in Jacko investigation
La Toya – Michael was murdered
Jacko toxicology results may be ready this week
Jackson senior – Michael could never have done 50 shows
Mail hack calls on Dr Murray to talk to La Toya
Jacko nurse – He was like a living corpse
Jacko death focus returns to the doc
Are LA police planning a murder charge over Jacko?
Jacko news – Sony/ATV, Jermaine’s thoughts, Neverland
Offices of Jacko doc searched
AP told propofol did kill Jackson
Another helping of Jacko news – Murray investigation, will update
Dodgy prescriptions at heart of Jacko investigation

August 2009
Aide administered fatal drug to Jackson, reports claim
Jacko – No to post-mortem results and yes to film release
Jacko’s doctor posts video online
Jacko death investigation documents released

September 2009
More Jacko – coroner’s report, conspiracy video, parenthood
LAPD’s Jacko investigation nearly complete

October 2009
Jacko was "fairly healthy", autopsy reveals

November 2009
A load of Jacko – LAPD take it slow, Janet accuses the doc, Joe appeals

December 2009
No charges likely in Jacko death investigation until new year

January 2010
Jacko doc facing criminal charges

February 2010
Jackson doc could be charged with manslaughter today


June 2009
Jacko finances still to be untangled
Jackson sales boom in the US too

July 2009
More from the Jacko file – the will
Michael Jackson’s will leaves everything to family trust
Jacko business advisor talks to AP
Katherine Jackson loses control of Jacko’s estate
McCartney on those Jacko will rumours
Administrators given court clearance to start negotiating on behalf of estate
Jackson family move to get Katherine named as trustee
Jacko news – Sony/ATV, Jermaine’s thoughts, Neverland
Another helping of Jacko news – Murray investigation, will update

August 2009
Jacko merchandising deals on table
Jacko – Insurance, drugs, brain and burial
Jacko – No to post-mortem results and yes to film release
Jackson merch deal approved, exhibition questioned, burial announced

September 2009
More Jackson – Mum’s pay day, legal settlements, Jackson TV
Yet more Jackson – Wills, films and Madonna tributes
Jackson estate sue the Heal The World Foundation

October 2009
A load more Jacko – estate developments and litigation
A whole load of Friday-style Jacko – estate disputes, AEG remarks
Time for some more Jacko – estate wrangling, Murray docs, pap collision
Jackson executors given more powers
More on the Jackson estate’s alleged Universal talks

November 2009
Jackson senior wants allowance from Jacko estate
Rift in Jackson clan over Jacko estate
Jackson executors confirmed
A load of Jacko – LAPD take it slow, Janet accuses the doc, Joe appeals
Murray to sue over unpaid fees, AEG say no contract
Jacko police request warrants stay sealed until January
Jacko doc docs released

December 2009
Jacko estate attorneys want to be paid

January 2010
Another lawsuit for Jacko estate to consider

March 2010
Sony does $200 million deal with Jacko estate
Jacko estate confirm Sony deal

April 2010
Jacko trustees knock back seven legal claims

June 2010
Joe Jackson wants Jacko estate earnings made public

August 2010
AllGood lawsuit dismissed, Murray trial decision scheduled

February 2011
Jackson owed $400 million when he died

April 2011
Jackson estate reaches settlement with Heal The World Foundation

September 2011
Jackson estate will pay $30 million to his mother and children

December 2011
Michael Jackson estate executors renegotiate fees


February 2010
Jackson doctor charged
Conrad Murray returns to work
Murray to change story over Jacko death

March 2010
Murray didn’t mention propofol to paramedics
More Murray speculation
Jacko’s drugs bag had eleven containers of propofol
Jacko bodyguard dismissed by Jackson family

April 2010
Murray keeps medical licence for now

June 2010
Murray’s medical licence not revoked

July 2010
Seven Jackson doctors escape charges

August 2010
AllGood lawsuit dismissed, Murray trial decision scheduled

January 2011
Allegations stack up against the doc in Jacko death prelim hearing
Conrad Murray to face full trial over Jacko death
Murray still pleading not guilty, trial date set

February 2011
The Conrad Murray case – To note or not to note

March 2011
Conrad Murray trial rescheduled
Murray lawyers ask for more security camera footage

April 2011
Murray defense to say Jackson committed suicide
Murray prosecutors want to bring in his lady friends
Doc Murray trial – was a third person involved?

May 2011
Conrad Murray trial postponed


February 2010
Joe Jackson wins access to Jacko medical files

March 2010
Jackson Senior prepping wrongful death suit

April 2010
Jackson Senior’s lawyer says Conrad Murray guilty of murder

June 2010
Jackson Senior files wrongful death lawsuit against doc

October 2010
Joe Jackson wants up to $500 million from Murray lawsuit

December 2010
Joe Jackson re-files wrongful death lawsuit against Murray

January 2011
Conrad Murray lawyers call for Joe Jackson lawsuit to be dismissed

June 2011
Murray requests Joe Jackson lawsuit be dismissed

July 2011
Joe Jackson wants to add AEG Live to his Murray lawsuit

February 2012
AEG removed from Joe Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit

August 2012
Joe Jackson drops Conrad Murray lawsuit


September 2010
Mrs Jackson sues AEG, Jacko doc sues Jacko doc
AEG Live hits out at Jackson lawsuit

January 2011
Katherine Jackson stands by her AEG Live lawsuit

February 2011
Katherine Jackson’s AEG lawsuit allowed to proceed

June 2011
AEG’s Jackson death lawsuit scheduled for September 2012

November 2011
Will civil trial reveal more about Jackson death?

April 2012
Jacksons told to give AEG more information in ongoing lawsuit

May 2012
Jackson v AEG lawsuit unlikely to reach court until next spring

July 2012
AEG demands access to more of Michael Jackson’s medical records


August 2009
Jacko – Insurance, drugs, brain and burial

June 2011
Insurers sue over Jackson death and This Is It policy

September 2011
Murray prosecutors urge judge to ban Jackson files being handed over

January 2012
Jackson death still in courts – Lloyds, Murray, Klein

September 2012
AEG ends legal dispute with Lloyds over This Is It policy

January 2014
Jackson Estate settles with This Is It insurers


February 2011
Cameras to be allowed to film Murray trial

June 2011
Murray defence want to see all ‘This Is It’ rehearsal footage

July 2011
Murray hearing delayed to allow for more video viewing
Murray lawyers want jury sequestered
Sony moves to have This Is It footage removed from Murray trial
Jackson rehearsal footage not to be shown at Murray trial

September 2011
Murray case judge rejects a load of defence witnesses
Murray prosecutors urge judge to ban Jackson files being handed over
Murray defence want postponement pending sequestering appeal
Murray trial jury selection to go ahead as planned


September 2011
Jury selection begins, media circus not present: Murray trial update
Did Jackson drink fatal drugs?: Murray trial update
Defence want to show This Is It announcement: Murray trial update
The jury is in place: Murray trial update
Press Conference footage not allowed: Murray trial update
Misplaced trust cost Michael Jackson his life: Murray trial update
Doctor called PA before paramedics: Murray trial update
Michael Jackson doctor hid vials and saline bags: Murray trial update

October 2011
He never mentioned the propofol: Murray trial update
Jackson doctor was desperate and devastated: Murray trial update
Four gallons of propofol sent to girlfriend’s home: Murray trial update
"Michael’s sick" said manager to doc: Murray trial update
Defence toughen up: Murray trial update
Michael said "give me ‘milk’ so I can sleep": Murray trial update
Did painkiller withdrawal cause insomnia: Murray trial update
Circumstances do not support self-administration: Murray trial update
It was like leaving a baby sleeping on a kitchen top: Murray trial update
Klein’s Demerol may have caused Jackson’s insomnia: Murray trial update
A slight delay: Murray trial update
"Saying yes is not what doctors do": Murray trial update
Self-administration theory is "crazy": Murray trial update
The defence fight back: Murray trial update
A pharmacological never-never land: Murray trial update
He wanted residency: Murray trial update
A generous and kind doctor: Murray trial update
Jackson was probably dependent on Demerol: Murray trial update
Self-administration the credible theory: Murray trial update

November 2011
Star defence witness accused of contempt: Murray trial update
The defence rests: Murray trial update
Final arguments: Murray trial update
Guilty: Murray trial update


November 2011
Jackson estate urges broadcaster not to air Conrad Murray doc
Conrad Murray moved to jail’s medical facility
Murray trial expert ordered to pay $250 for disobeying judge’s rules
No additional tests – Murray lawyers return to court
Murray prosecutors push for maximum sentence
Full four year sentence for Conrad Murray

December 2011
LA District Attorney may push for harder jail time for Murray


December 2011
Conrad Murray lawyers begin appeals process
Jackson’s dermatologist faces medical board hearing
Conrad Murray wants publicly-funded lawyer for appeal
Conrad Murray lawyer criticises jail conditions

January 2012
Jackson death still in courts – Lloyds, Murray, Klein
Murray lawyers re-present self-administration theory
US body commends Conrad Murray prosecutors
Murray prosecutors drop restitution claim
Murray asks to be released from jail pending appeal

February 2012
Conrad Murray has medical licence withdrawn in Texas
Conrad Murray prosecutors object to bail application
Murray says courts should have considered Jackson’s state of mind
Murray denied bail

March 2012
Murray drops 30 pounds because of jail food and water supply

July 2012
Murray lawyers file appeal

October 2012
Conrad Murray could be out of jail by Christmas

April 2013
Conrad Murray speaks (and sings) as Jacksons v AEG reaches court
Murray comments again as Jacksons v AEG Live case approaches kick off

October 2013
Conrad Murray plans to fight to get medical licence back
Conrad Murray is out of jail

November 2013
Conrad Murray “held Michael Jackson’s penis every night”

December 2013
Jackson estate sends cease and desist letter to Murray
Hearing set to consider Conrad Murray appeal

January 2014
Conrad Murray conviction upheld by appeal court


September 2012
AEG execs expressed concerns about Jackson prior to his death
AEG livid over leaked emails, Jacksons allegedly blamed
AEG maintains that Jacksons had role in embarrassing email leak

October 2012
AEG asks judge to ban leaked emails from Jackson legal battle

November 2012
Jacksons not behind AEG emails leak, says judge


November 2012
AEG faces new lawsuit over This Is It
AEG hits out at Jackson PA’s lawsuit


January 2013
Conrad Murray resisting efforts to make him testify at Jacksons v AEG

February 2013
Judge likely to let stripped back Jacksons v AEG case to proceed

March 2013
AEG emails unsealed as Jackson court battle looms
Jacksons suing AEG for $40 billion

April 2013
Conrad Murray speaks (and sings) as Jacksons v AEG reaches court
Jackson family’s all-star witness list revealed
Jacksons v AEG will not be televised
Jacksons request to see visitors logs of Murray jail
Jury in place for Jacksons v AEG Live
Murray comments again as Jacksons v AEG Live case approaches kick off


April 2013
"The truth is Mr Jackson fooled everyone": Jacksons v AEG Update

May 2013
"Murray’s finances may have played a role": Jacksons v AEG Update
CMU Beef Of The Week #155: The Jacksons v AEG Live
"There was nothing anatomically wrong with him": Jacksons v AEG Update
"What was this doctor planning to do?": Jacksons v AEG Update
"I kept saying that Michael is dying": Jacksons v AEG Live Update
"I was supposed to exhibit tough love": Jacksons v AEG Update
"Never in a million years": Jacksons v AEG Update
"I know this statement is not accurate": Jacksons v AEG Update
CMU Beef Of The Week #157: The Jacksons v AEG Live (Part Two)
"Does this mean you get to meet the freak?": Jacksons v AEG Update
"He passed with flying colours": Jacksons v AEG Update
"Don’t be a Dr Nick": Jacksons v AEG Update

June 2013
"I just expect doctors to be ethical": Jacksons v AEG Update
"In retrospect, that’s not 100% true": Jacksons v AEG Update
More AEG emails dissected: Jacksons v AEG Update
"He is shooting him up with something": Jacksons v AEG Update
"It creates an inherent conflict of interest": Jacksons v AEG Update

July 2013
Ortega takes the stand: Jacksons v AEG Update
"I should stick to my job": Jacksons v AEG Update
"There are people behind it all": Jacksons v AEG Update
"They would like to blame somebody else": Jacksons v AEG Update

August 2013
Conrad Murray comments on Jacksons v AEG via leaked phone message

September 2013
AEG execs removed as defendants on Jackson case
AEG decides not to call Katherine Jackson
"He wanted to redeem Michael Jackson": Jacksons v AEG Update
AEG opposes bigger courtroom for closing arguments in Jackson case
"No AEG, no Murray, Michael’s still here": Jacksons v AEG Update
"It was his money, his doctor, his choice": Jacksons v AEG Update

October 2013
Not liable – Jacksons v AEG Update
Jackson family planning to appeal ruling in AEG lawsuit


November 2013
Jackson family file appeal in AEG case

December 2013
Jacksons present arguments for appeal in AEG case
Katherine Jackson disputes legal costs claimed by AEG

January 2014
LA judge dismisses Jacksons’ call for retrial in AEG case

April 2014
Katherine Jackson ordered to pay at least $800,000 towards AEG legal fees

Last updated: April 2014