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Nicki Minaj wins one element of her Tracy Chapman copyright dispute, but the wider case will go to a jury
Kanye West publishes his Universal Music contracts as anti-label Twitter rant continues
Lady A sues Lady A over the name Lady A
Facebook secures music deals for its gaming app
Microsoft out of the running to buy TikTok US
RIAA stats show record industry mainly COVID immune thanks to streaming
UK government's Operation Moonshot could get full-capacity gigs back up and running - but experts question how realistic the plans really are
European court says American performers should be getting their share of Irish radio royalties
Fortnite maker again asks a judge to force Apple to reinstate the game in its App Store
TikTok employee seeks preliminary injunction against Trump's big ban
Ford accuses music library Freeplay of
Taylor Swift fails to shake off the Shake It Off litigation again
New series of CMU weekly webinars announced
Chinese government announces new rules that will hinder sale of TikTok US
Walmart teams up with Microsoft in TikTok US bid, as Bytedance puts shutdown contingencies in place
TikTok's new American CEO quits amidst the app's political drama
Nicki Minaj's Sorry claims ignore both the facts and the law, reckons Tracy Chapman
Donald Trump's TikTok ban is unconstitutional, says TikTok
Apple hits back in Epic Games dispute, as Microsoft takes sides
Live Nation can't force AEG to hand over emails in Hyde Park concerts dispute
Over 120 organisations call on government to extend freelancer support for creative sector
Nicki Minaj lawyers say Tracy Chapman copyright lawsuit could stifle the creativity of artists
Fortnite maker ramps up anti-Apple rhetoric in new legal filing
Donald Trump gives ByteDance 90 days to sell TikTok in the US
Live performances allowed again in England, though social distancing rules will make staging them tricky
US Supreme Court asked to intervene in Stairway To Heaven copyright dispute
Genius lyric-theft complaint against Google fails, because it's a copyright case without a copyright owner
Artists demand Jeff Bezos answer questions about Twitch's (lack of) music licences
TikTok says Donald Trump's big ban ignores legal process
Donald Trump begins the process that could effectively ban TikTok in the US