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5 Seconds Of Summer comment on MCR song comparisons

By | Published on Wednesday 19 August 2015

5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer’s Michael Clifford has conceded that his band’s latest single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ does sound a bit like My Chemical Romance’s 2006 song ‘Teenagers’. Which is something people have been saying a bit of late, see.

But it’s all down to the “12-bar blues” says the guitarist. Which, as I’m sure you all know, is one of the most prominent chord progressions in popular music. And that’s where the similarities start and stop. Oh, and the two records might be in the same key.

But anyway, Clifford told Billboard, “People were like, ‘You guys should sound more like My Chemical Romance’. Then we do sound like My Chemical Romance and people are like, ‘Why the fuck do you sound like My Chemical Romance?’ Ugh!”