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A dozen Winehouse songs will remain private

By | Published on Monday 21 November 2011

Amy Winehouse

There are at least a dozen more unfinished Amy Winehouse songs that won’t be released, according to Island Records’ Darcus Beese.

As previously reported, the Universal division will next month release a collection of Winehouse songs, including demos, covers and two previously unreleased tracks. But Beese has admitted to Music Week that the record company is sitting on at least another dozen tracks which, he says, are of a high quality, but won’t be released because Winehouse didn’t want them to be aired in public.

Meanwhile Winehouse collaborator Salaam Remi, one of the producers who has compiled the new record, says that he feels that, when he played the album to the late singer’s family, it helped them better deal with her sudden passing.

Remi told Billboard family members expressed concerns about listening to the posthumous album, fearing it would be too upsetting, but added: “As the songs were playing they just started smiling and said: ‘She wrote this? When did she do this? What happened?'”

He added: “I felt they spent so much time chasing her around, they didn’t realise how gifted and talented Amy was. Not just when she passed at 27 but at eighteen when I first met her. It made everyone that knew her feel so much better about her passing, and her life as well. This record is about balancing out all of the bull in things that may have just been uncool, and saying ‘this person existed'”.