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A whole load of Friday-style Jacko

By | Published on Friday 9 October 2009

There’s been some interesting gossiping on the HitsDailyDouble website regarding the Jackson family’s efforts to have John Branca removed as an executor of Michael Jackson’s estate.

As previously reported, former Jacko legal advisor Branca was appointed co-executor based on the most recent will made by the late king of pop. While cooperating with Branca in the short term, the Jackson clan have been trying to persuade the courts to give Jacko’s mother Katherine Jackson more say over the estate, and are expected to call for the attorney to be removed of his responsibilities completely. They will cite various fallings out between Jacko and Branca over the years, though it’s thought the legal man has a letter signed by the late pop singer not long before his sudden demise rehiring his services.

Anyway, HDD questions why Katherine Jackson is so keen to have Branca removed. They report that some reckon her husband Joe or son Randy may be piling on the pressure, both said to be keen to access more of the Jacko fortune than they are likely to get on Branca’s watch. HDD point out that Randy, in particular, had his own legal squabbles with Michael over the years, and was known for looking to his brother for handouts on occasion.

The US industry website also wonder if the Jackson family attorney Londell McMillan might not also be pushing Katherine to demand Branca’s removal. McMillan’s motive, some sources seemingly say, is that the administration of the late Jackson’s affairs is going to generate millions in legal fees. McMillan, perhaps, would rather those fees went his way rather than to Branca and any legal reps he hires on the estate’s behalf. HDD say: “McMillan’s agenda is easily discernible, according to insiders: the attorney is desperate to wet his beak”.

Finally in idle Jacko-related speculation – this time away from the will – HDD are also commenting on the fact that it is overall AEG boss Tim Leiweke who has been commenting on Jacko-related issues of late, rather than AEG Live chief Randy Phillips.

AEG came under the spotlight after Jackson’s demise, of course, as the promoters of the planned This Is It residency at London’s O2. It was Phillips who did the media run as questions were asked about the demands the promoter had made of Jacko, on their appointment of his personal medic Conrad Murray, and on just how much money the live music firm stood to lose from the cancelled O2 production.

But some felt that Phillips – a showman himself in some ways – hammed up those media appearances too much, with some saying he exaggerated the extent of his personal friendship with Jackson. Whatever, as tickets for the ‘This Is It’ documentary film went on sale recently, it was Leiweke who was doing the media interviews. HDD say: “Phillips has virtually disappeared from public view since embarrassing AEG boss Tim Leiweke and top dog Phil Anschutz by exposing what critics are describing as his “self-serving” character – Leiweke has resumed his role as the voice and face of the company, as he should have been all along”.

Finally two other quick bits of Jackson-related news.

First the aforementioned Dr Conrad Murray, whose administration of dangerous prescription drugs seemingly killed Jackson, is facing legal troubles unrelated to his high profile former patient. An arrest warrant may be issued for Murray after he defaulted on child support payments. Authorities in Nevada are chasing the medic for the money on behalf of a California woman with whom he has a child. It’s thought officials may even call for Murray’s medical licence to be revoked in relation to the defaulted payments, which apparently they can do under Nevada law. With reports the LAPD is about to present its case against Murray in relation to Jacko’s death to the District Attorney as soon as next week, the medic’s lawyers could have a very busy month ahead of them.

And finally finally, the Jackson brothers have responded to a routine that appeared on an Australian talent show in which a bunch of white Aussies blacked up and donned afro wigs to spoof the Jackson Five. An additional member of the Jackson Jive group pasted white make up to his face and posed as Michael Jackson. The comedy routine captured the headlines after one of the guests on the Aussie TV show – Harry Connick Jr – said he thought the spoof was offensive, giving it a zero score and declaring he wouldn’t have guested on the programme at all had he known that routine would appear.

Asked about the incident by Access Hollywood, Marlon Jackson thanked Connick Jr for expressing concern about the routine, but said he didn’t believe the spoofers were trying to disrespect his family. Marlon: “Man, if they turned up looking like that in the United States! They probably weren’t trying to be offensive about it or anything of that nature with the family. We thank Harry for [speaking out], but we also understand that they weren’t trying to be disrespectful for the family”.