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Absolute Label Services upgrades its portal, adds plain English notifications

By | Published on Tuesday 30 May 2017

Absolute Label Services has announced an upgrade to its client portal which, the label services company reckons, makes it “the most holistic and user-friendly data analysis tool available to the music industry”.

Absolute has directly distributed its clients music to digital platforms for a while now, providing the labels and artists it works for access to the flood of data that comes back from the download and streaming services via its Absolute Project portal. The portal also pulls in physical product sales and distribution data plus chart, airplay, gigging and social media information.

The upgraded service also offers a thing called Absolute Insider, which aims to help labels and artists navigate all the data available to them. Absolute says that the Insider function is “an intelligent system that is able to monitor developments in a campaign, identify the most significant changes and notify the user in plain English”.

Kobalt’s AWAL also recently added plain English summaries of the data its platform is crunching, though Absolute reckons its service goes further because it pulls in a wider variety of data and can therefore offer advice on a wider range of distribution and marketing points. Clients can also opt to receive some or all of these updates by email.

Absolute’s Simon Wills says: “This latest update makes the Absolute Project portal the most powerful and relevant data analysis tool available to independent artists, managers and labels in the music industry today. We want to ensure our clients have unrivalled access to everything at a free access point; that way we help each other make the best of a campaign”.

Stressing the wide range of data his company’s portal pulls in for its clients, Wills continues: “We understand that big data needs to be manageable data. We created Absolute Insider so that our partners are kept up to date with the most significant developments of their campaign through easy-to-digest news items and advice. Of course, they can always log on to the web portal if they want to drill down and view things in full detail”.