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According to the latest records, Adele’s latest record is set to break records

By | Published on Monday 23 November 2015


So here’s some news everybody: people are buying the new Adele album. Who would have thought?

As previously noted, it’s looking likely that ’25’ could take the ‘first week sales record’ in the US from *Nsync, who have held that accolade since the release of their long player ‘No Strings Attached’ all the way back in 2000. Pre-release orders from both fans and retailers already suggested that Adele’s new album could surpass that *Nsync LP’s first week achievements Stateside, and sales data from the weekend confirms that could well happen.

Meanwhile, back here in the UK, could Adele’s new record pass the half-million sales mark in just one week, something only previously achieved by Take That in 2010 and Oasis in 1997? Oh, well, now, here’s the thing, she might just do that.

’25’ had passed 300,000 units by Friday night, putting her ahead of where Take That’s ‘Progress’ was on its first day, but behind the 424,000 copies ‘Be Here Now’ sold on its first day out. To take the overall ‘most first week sales’ crown in the UK, Adele would have to top the 695,761 copies ‘Be Here Now’ went on to sell in its first seven days. Could she do it? Well, could she? Who knows? Not me. I gave up time travelling, I’m afraid.

So we’ll have to wait and see, I guess. But what does this tell us about the state of music today? Erm, that every so often, once in a while, when things happily align, a superstar artist comes along with an album that shifts mega-mega-units. Just like in those olden days.

Of course, it’s nice that it’s an indie-signed artist that is shifting the mega-mega-units this time. Though arguably both *Nsync and Oasis came out of the indie label world too, even if their record companies had sold stakes to the majors by the time their mega-selling records came along.