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AEG partners with Snapchat

By | Published on Thursday 9 June 2016

AEG Live

AEG Live has signed a multi-year deal with Snapchat, which will see the social network cover the promoter’s festivals in Snapchat Live Stories. All of which are words that will probably make sense to some of you.

Snapchat Live Stories are basically short videos created by Snapchat using users’ photos and video from a specific location, which they can then slap advertising all over. And with Snapchat being the hot social network of the moment, this is a thing advertisers and brands like.

The partnership, says AEG’s Andrew Klein, is “unlocking the capability for our concertgoers to not only share their favourite moments with their fellow attendees, but also with music fans around the world”.

“Partnering with AEG Live helps us capture thousands of unique perspectives from the event, allowing our community to dive in to the story and feel like they are actually there – from backstage to the front row”, adds Snapchat’s partnerships guy Ben Schwerin. “This deal also provides a great opportunity for brands to align with music content and reach our audience”.

At least some of that statement is correct.