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AIR Studios saved, as neighbouring planning applications dropped

By | Published on Thursday 19 October 2017

AIR Studios

North London’s AIR Studios appears to have won its campaign against a planning application its owners said could put the recording studio out of business.

As previously reported, the owners of a residential property next door to the studio – which was founded by Beatles producer George Martin in 1969 – had applied for planning permission to excavate a new basement.

Current AIR owner Paul Woolf said that this work would cause vibrations and noise that would make it impossible to record in the studio, which is often used for orchestral work on film soundtracks, for several months. Being out of action for this long would put the operation at risk of permanent closure.

But last week it was announced that two planning applications and additional appeals against AIR’s objections had now been dropped by the studio’s neighbours.

Although the studio noted that “there is nothing to stop new applications of a similar nature”, it added that “we are so relieved and so incredibly thankful to all of you who have supported us over the last couple years”.