All new MySpace previewed

By | Published on Tuesday 25 September 2012


MySpace posted a video preview yesterday of its all new look, the actual launch date of which is tbc.

The current owners of the one time social networking phenomenon have been promising a radical relaunch ever since they acquired the website off Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in 2011, though, despite some redesigns and a refocus on music, the platform remains very much as before, and as clunky as ever to use. However, work has been underway for sometime now on a ‘designed from scratch’ MySpace v2 that would be free of the technical limitations that have dogged the site since it well and truly lost the social networking race to Facebook.

From the speedy video preview posted yesterday, it’s not entirely clear what services the new look MySpace will offer, how it will work, or how it will specifically integrate with Facebook and Twitter (though such integration is hinted at), though it certainly looks a lot sleeker than past MySpace incarnations, and music does still seem to be very much part of the equation (as does Creative Director Justin Timberlake).

Obviously MySpace carries a lot of brand baggage as well as the technical baggage that hindered its growth, and many will ask why the former social network is needed in 2012 – what will it offer that Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr don’t already provide between them?

Though, with media coverage of Facebook these days almost exclusively concerned with privacy issues and share price gloom (even if both aren’t entirely justified), perhaps autumn 2012 is the right time for a MySpace revival. It would be rather remarkable if Timberlake and his business partners at Specific Media could actually pull that off.

See the preview here: