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Alt-J to remain a trio

By | Published on Thursday 6 March 2014


In electrifying news, Alt-J have said they’ll remain a three-piece, even in light of their ex-bassist Gwil Sainsbury’s exiting the band “very amicably” earlier this year. Apparently Gwil is simply irreplaceable, which I think we all knew anyway.

Quizzed on the situation by BBC Newsbeat this week, Alt-J’s keys player Gus Unger-Hamilton said: “I don’t think there would be any point in replacing him as a full member of the band. Maybe [we’ll] get someone else to play guitar on tour. But I think it would be kind of weird – ‘Oh, you’re now in the band?’ I don’t know how that would work”.

I’d say it’d probably work the way it always works, but what do I know?

Adding that life in the band “just wasn’t” for Gwil, Gus continued: “It is harder than people realise, being in a touring band, it’s a lot harder. When you’re touring, you are never, ever at home. You have long-term girlfriends, who might just not like travelling much. There’s a lot of ingredients which didn’t suit him too much”.

Looking forward, he said: “We’ve got lots to take our mind off losing Gwil. We’re a three-piece [now], you know. We’ve got a lot of work to do this year”.