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Amanda Palmer announces new album, There Will Be No Intermission

By | Published on Wednesday 12 December 2018

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer has announced her third solo album, ‘There Will Be No Intermission’, which she says is her most personal to date.

“I’ve never been nervous about releasing a record before, but this one is different”, she says. “The rise of global fascism alongside the spreading fire of #MeToo has forged a louder megaphone for all women, and we’re all seeing that radical truth is infectious. I feel more urgency than ever to share the naked truth of my experiences”.

“The kind of stories that I’m sharing on this record – abortion, miscarriage, cancer, grief, the darker sides of parenthood – have been therapeutic and frightening to write”, she admits “But every time I play them for my friends and fans, the nodding heads of empathy have lit a fire under my ass to record and release them”.

“Most of these songs were exercises in survival”, she goes on. “This isn’t really the record that I was planning to make. But loss and death kept happening in real-time, and these songs became my therapeutic arsenal of tools for making sense of it all”.

The first single, ‘Drowning In The Sound’, is out now, written using comments from fans posted on her blog. Listen to the song here:

‘There Will Be No Intermission’ is set for release on 8 Mar.