Another Thriller lawsuit for Jacko

By | Published on Thursday 7 May 2009

The actress who played Michael Jackson’s girlfriend in the legendary video to ‘Thriller’ is suing.

No, not for the trauma it all caused (the trauma of the ‘thriller’ obviously, not having to pretend to be Jacko’s girlfriend), but because she says she was promised a cut of the profits from the video but has yet to receive a penny. Ola Ray has sued Jackson and his production company for breach of contract.

Ray’s lawsuit follows the previously reported litigation filed by John Landis, the video’s director, who says he is due 50% of the profits from the video, but has not had a financial report or royalty cheque in years.

You sometimes really do wonder about the people who manage the affairs of people like Jacko – you’d think he’d be able to hire at least one person to keep on top of all these past agreements wouldn’t you? Or would said person have to deliver so much bad news to Jackson s/he’d be fired in a week?