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Apple has 27 million Music subscribers, unveils HomePod

By | Published on Tuesday 6 June 2017

Apple Music

Apple Music now has 27 million paying subscribers, up from 20 million the last time the tech giant did some subscriber maths in public last December. Actually, in February Apple’s Eddy Cue said it was now “well past 20 million”, but that is more semantics than maths, so it officially doesn’t count. And this is all about counting.

The latest stats brag about Apple Music came during the tech giant’s WWDC conference yesterday, where it also unveiled the HomePod, its competitor to Amazon’s much-hyped Echo and Google’s Home device, with a bit of Sonos competing thrown in for good measure – mainly to justify the higher price point.

Like Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can talk to the HomePod – which has Siri installed – and ask it to do shit for you at home. That includes musical stuff, which is very much at the heart of Apple’s ask-it-to-do-shit-at-home device, and which – the tech firm says – will play you any sounds you select in a quality fashion. Siri will also do her best to select tunes for you and answer music-based pub quiz questions.

Apple’s HomePod will arrive in the US, UK and Australia in December – the US price point being a reassuringly expensive $349.