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Apple Music launches new automated playlist based on friend listening

By | Published on Wednesday 8 August 2018

Apple Music

With everyone in such a frenzy to pitch their new tracks to the curators of the big playlists on the streaming platforms, it’s easy to forget that in the early days of streaming we were promised super personalised playlists lovingly created by cold-hearted robots.

Of course, all those now-crazy-powerful streaming service playlisters of the human variety do share their office space with a few curator robots, who will probably become ever more important as the streaming market matures. For its part, Apple Music has just added another automated playlist called Friends Mix which will update weekly with 25 songs based on the listening habits of any one subscriber’s many friends.

The new playlist builds on existing functionality for friends to share listening information within the Apple Music ecosystem. Not sure what happens when all your friends are on Spotify. Or if you don’t have any friends. Maybe they could create a new robot to pretend to be your pal.