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Approved: Aidan Knight

By | Published on Tuesday 17 November 2015

Aidan Knight

People talk a lot about good summer records, but I think more important to me are good winter records. And in Aidan Knight’s UK debut ‘Each Other’, I think I’ve found the album to guide me through the cold months ahead. It’s certainly doing the trick right now, and I’m fucking freezing.

‘Each Other’ is a record that feels close and warm, and one that appears simple until you start unpicking the various layers. I could listen to the hi-hat on the single ‘All Clear’ on its own for hours. It’s mesmerising. Added to the full recording it draws you into Knight’s own world.

Latest track, ‘The Arp’, is almost seven minutes of slowly unfurling music with dramatic twists and turns that are presented in anything other than a dramatic way.

The album is out on 22 Jan through Full Time Hobby. Listen to ‘The Arp’ here: