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Approved: All Back No Front podcast

By | Published on Tuesday 16 October 2012

All Back No Front

As both a radio show and a podcast Jon Hillcock’s ‘New Noise’ was always essential listening for anyone looking to navigate a route through the tricky and often treacherous world of new music. Countless Approved columns have sourced songs straight from ‘New Noise’ tracklists because Hillcock is very good at finding the best new music. That’s all over now though, because in August ‘New Noise’ died.

But never fear! ‘New Noise’ is gone, but only to be replaced by ‘All Back No Front’, an almost identical podcast. OK, it is the same podcast, no longer named after a Refused track but rather a Seinfeld reference – and one that matches the DJ’s accompanying live music night, launched earlier this year. It still features the same deft selection of new music separated by Hillcock’s uncommon knowledge of the subject and self-deprecating humour remain, now with an added guest contributor feature to boot.

If you’ve never listened before (I thought I told you it was essential), now is the perfect time to start, as everything’s been reset – you can say you were there from the beginning, should you wish. Amongst the tracks on this week’s edition come from Death Grips, Dam Mantle, Cold Pumas and Fantastikoi Hxoi. If some of those names went over your head, don’t worry, that’s part of the fun.

Listen to episode one here: