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Approved: Amanda Mair

By | Published on Wednesday 16 May 2012

Amanda Mair

Signed to one of Sweden’s most consistently good record labels, Labrador, Amanda Mair is due to release her eponymous debut album on 11 Jun. A slight departure for the label, the seventeen year old singer made a first appearance last year with her debut single, ‘Doubt’, and caught the ear of many an eager music publication.

Written and produced by Philip Ekström, frontman of labelmates The Mary Onettes, the album is filled with big pop hooks subdued by the delicacy expected of a Labrador artist. It’s an interesting mix of mainstream pop sheen and Swedish indie-pop twee-ness, a battle that is won and lost by each side at various points. Depending on your pop preference, you may root for one side or the either, though the album is at its best when it strikes a balance between the two.

Watch the video for latest single below (and download an MP3 of the track here).