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Approved: Ambar Lucid

By | Published on Tuesday 3 November 2020

Ambar Lucid

Ambar Lucid is back with new single ‘Head Down’, wasting no time getting back to releasing new material following the release of her debut album, ‘Garden Of Lucid’, in April. Wrapped in dream-like R&B production, the new song makes a forthright plea to engage directly with the world’s ills.

“When I was writing ‘Head Down’ I wanted to write a song about the importance of being present”, she says. “Many people, including myself, can easily disconnect and distract themselves by getting lost in whatever it is they do on their phones. Because of that we may miss the messages and lessons the universe is trying to communicate with us”.

“I wanted to express the eerie feeling that is present when I choose to snap out of dissociating”, she goes on. “Everyone feels so far away because of the distance constantly being on a phone has created. This song is a reminder to put your phone down and examine the things occurring around you in the present moment”.

‘Garden Of Lucid’ showed a young artist with plenty to offer both in her songwriting and crafting a sound for herself. There are no signs of that letting up with ‘Head Down’. Listen to the track here:

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