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Approved: Ben Lukas Boysen

By | Published on Tuesday 17 March 2020

Ben Lukas Boysen

Composer and producer Ben Lukas Boysen has announced the release of his third album, ‘Mirage’, later this year, and with it a change of direction musically. While on earlier albums ‘Gravity’ and ‘Spells’ he attempted to mask their programmed elements – particularly on the latter – he approaches ‘Mirage’ in entirely the opposite direction.

“A lot of the elements and instruments you hear on the album are either not what you think they are, or exactly what you think they are but they behave differently, or they’re elements you definitely know but they are hidden, processed, or morphed into something else”, he explains. “With ‘Spells’ and ‘Gravity’ I was trying to hide the machines. On ‘Mirage’, I’m trying to hide the human”.

Some of the humans being hidden on the record include cellist Anne Müller and saxophonist Daniel Thorne – both of whom have featured in this column in their own right. Both appear on the album’s lead single ‘Medela’. Although – as promised – their presence is not always apparent, but it is still entirely integral to the track.

‘Mirage’ is set for release through Erased Tapes on 1 May. Listen to ‘Medela’ here:

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