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Approved: Charlotte OC

By | Published on Thursday 21 November 2013

Charlotte OC

Throwing some long-desired moonlight on the ever ‘liter’ world-of-pop, it’s Charlotte OC, who’s going to post her new EP, ‘EP’, on 25 Nov. Blackburn-born Charlotte O’Connor co-wrote it herself, in Berlin, with producer/mixer Tim Anderson, both suffusing its lux, luscious notes with subtle spots of the morbid, even the ‘odd’.

Like in lead single ‘Hangover’, which, rich and lithe as it seems, and indeed is, is bedded in the conceit that OC is a kind of love-vampire draining her lover of his… love. Like a love cocktail. After which she presumably has to drink a lot of water… or… hate?

Anyway, it’s a dark and strange idea for a pop artist to be pitching, so have a go at unravelling it now, if you want: