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Approved: Churches – Lies

By | Published on Wednesday 18 July 2012


Featuring members of Glaswegian bands The Twilight Sad, Aereogramme and Blue Sky Archives, and with a name like Churches, it would be reasonable to expect this band to be proffering some sort of downbeat rock. Which would be no bad thing. But sharp departures in sound are more fun, and makes the bombastic pop of their lone available track, ‘Lies’, all the more exciting.

Actually, the first time I heard ‘Lies’ I had no idea about any of the trio’s musical backgrounds, faced purely with a SoundCloud link and an order to “listen to this”. I did. Then I listened again, just to make sure it was as good as it first appeared. Then I left it a few days and came back just to be sure it wasn’t a trick. It wasn’t. It is very good.

It helps that people singing in a Glaswegian accent comes quite high up the list of my favourite things, and I’m quite a sucker for overcooked synths when they’re handled right. If they added a massive beat underneath we’d have a deal. Oh, they have? Well let’s just get on and watch the incredibly lo-fi video: