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Approved: Circe

By | Published on Thursday 26 November 2020


With storytelling lyrics and a cinematic pop sound, Circe’s debut EP ‘She’s Made Of Saints’ opens a door into a world still under construction, with grand plans for the future. Each track is perfectly self-contained, but also feels like a block to build something bigger.

The EP’s most recent single is ‘Dancer’, of which she explains: “‘Dancer’ is a song that grew from a documentary I watched about The Source Family cult from California, examining a radical experiment in 1970s utopian living. One of the young girls involved from the cult had a line in an interview about how she gave up all ownership of herself for the cult leader, ‘Father Yod’, even dancing”.

“That line always stuck with me”, she goes on. “The thought someone could surrender their own movement and body – ultimate freedom. I waver on this dangerous line between interest and intrigue into cults, particularly the 60s and 70s ones based around Hollywood. It’s always been a fascination for me that there is a surreal romance to these set-ups, in contrast to some horrific actions”.

‘She’s Made Of Saints’ is out now and you can watch the video for ‘Dancer’ here: