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Approved: Colour

By | Published on Tuesday 26 January 2016


Colour released their debut single, ‘Strangers’, last year. Now, like they’re trying to build some sort of momentum or something, they’re back again with another one. When will it stop? Not soon, I hope. Because, see, Colour are a very good band indeed. That’s basically what I am trying to tell you in an overly wordy way here. I hope that is clear.

That new single I mentioned, ‘Nowhere’, is sixteen seconds short of four minute’s worth of musical joy that would sit comfortably among your Everything Everything and Foals CDs. If CDs were still a thing you bought. Are they? I don’t know. I’ve not met you so don’t know about your music format preferences.

Anyway, ‘Nowhere’ has got some great guitar work on it, of the sort that makes you think, “that’s clever, and also fun”. You would probably enjoy singing along with it too, if you were to learn the words and weren’t too inhibited. But I’ve not met you, so can’t comment on your word learning abilities or you inhibitions.

‘Nowhere’, by the way, is out on 19 Feb. Listen to it here:

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