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Approved: Corridor

By | Published on Thursday 26 September 2019


Corridor may be about to release their third album, but their new music has the urgency of a band on their debut. This is thanks, in a large part, to the fact that new album ‘Junior’ was written with, well, urgency. Signing to Sub Pop earlier this year, the band set themselves a tight deadline to get the record out before 2019 was over, and then quickly set to work, writing much of it in a single weekend.

Of course, speed often doesn’t mean quality, but it is amazing what you can get done with a deadline looming and Corridor really nailed it. The singles ‘Topographe’ and newly released ‘Domino’ show this off. The latter is led by a riff built out of two interplaying guitar lines, it runs on motorik beats that lift it off the ground until it’s roaring up and away.

“People are often glorifying what being an artist or a musician can mean”, says frontman Jonathan Robert. “Art doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. There can be angst, stress and so on. It can have a negative, direct impact on the people closest to you. ‘Domino’ is about navigating just that”.

The band will play a one-off UK show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on 6 Nov. Watch the video for ‘Domino’ here:

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