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Approved: Desire

By | Published on Tuesday 23 October 2018


Formed in 2009 by vocalist Megan Louise with Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker, Desire released their debut – and to date only – album, ‘Desire’, in 2009. Two years later, they gained wider recognition when one of their tracks, ‘Under Your Spell’, was used on the soundtrack to Ryan Gosling movie ‘Drive’.

Although the odd new track has appeared here and there on other soundtracks since then, the project has mostly been quiet for the best part of the last decade. But now they’re back with the first single from a second album, which is set for release next year.

“‘Tears From Heaven’ is a song about crossing the divide between being a voyeur on the sidelines of your own life and taking action to make your own destiny”, says the singer of the new single. “Heaven is a metaphor for life after death. A leap into the great unknown”.

“If you never knock on the door”, she goes on, “it will never open. In the song, the tears represent raindrops pouring down from the clouds washing away all of the dirt and confusion. The mundane obstacles of the daily routine are pushed aside for a clearer vision of what’s to come”.

Listen to ‘Tears From Heaven’ here:

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