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Approved: EinarIndra

By | Published on Wednesday 20 January 2016


Sometimes it’s good to wipe the slate clean and start again. Something Icelandic producer EinarIndra – or Einar Indra, if you like – found out the hard way. All of his early work was lost to hard drive failure. Swearing off technology, he worked entirely acoustically for a while, before tentatively stepping back into the electronic world (and presumably buying a back up disk) to make what would become his debut album, ‘You Sound Asleep’, released in 2014.

The result of all this is a sound where every element is carefully placed, including the bits that hook into your skin while you’re distracted looking at the delicate parts on top that you’re worried might fall. Although the production is electronic, his music takes cues from his foray into the acoustic world. ‘Sometimes I’m Wrong’, the first track from his upcoming second album, is a prime example of this.

Built out of a skeletal piano part, the track is slowly layered up with ever more forceful electronic sounds, with everything eventually twisted and pulled apart. This is all quietly held together by Indra’s soft vocals, which shrink and swell with the music.

Listen to ‘Sometimes I’m Wrong’ here:

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