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Approved: Elaine

By | Published on Tuesday 22 March 2022


South Africa’s most streamed female artist, Elaine, now has her sights set on the rest of the world, and she’s getting that endeavour off to a very good start with R&B ballad ‘Shine’.

“’Shine’ is exactly what it feels like to loosen your grip and let go of fear, more particularly the fear of love, in all its forms”, she says. “At the time I wrote it from a place of heartbreak – watching someone you love not love themselves or love you the way you love them, but wishing them the best regardless because you see the light in them”.

“Making this song was special because I make a lot of sad girl music, but this time I expressed my pain in a different way which was refreshing”, she adds. “I can’t wait to share the rest of the album with you all. Get ready for sad girl season, it’s about to get real emotional”.

Currently working on that album, she adds: “I’ve got a completely different story to tell. I’m a representation of every African girl that doesn’t want to be boxed in”.

Watch the video for ‘Shine’ here:

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