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Approved: Eliza Shaddad

By | Published on Tuesday 19 June 2018

Eliza Shaddad

Following a series of EP releases, Eliza Shaddad is set to release her debut album, ‘Future’, later this year. Warming things up, she’s released two tracks from the record, both of which point to a slickly written and well-produced long-player.

Picking up from where previous single ‘White Lines’ left off, new track ‘My Body’ comfortably sinks into a soft groove, setting things up for the sort of subtle but arresting melodic shift Shaddad is highly adept at. The song, she says, is about “being betrayed by your body. Knowing full well that you need to be alone, but doubting it every night”.

Its accompanying video, adds director John McCrae, is “a reflection of Eliza’s restless state. Shooting on different cameras and incorporating layering and animation helped show the transitions in, and out, of consciousness and the blurring of these worlds – lost in thought, until thought becomes dream”.

Watch the video for ‘My Body’ here:

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